The Demon Lord’s building a city! ~The strongest Dungeon is a modern day city~

Maou-sama no machi-zukuri!~ Saikyou no danjon wa kindai toshi


Author: Tsukiyo Rui

Illustrator: Tsurusaki Takahiro


      Beings that create and control monsters and demons, beings that build and reign over malicious labyrinths, the chosen individuals to possess an overwhelming Unique Skill… They are the Demon Lords.

         Demon Lords entice humans to come into the labyrinth they’ve built and eat the humans’ despair as their nourishment.

          However, Creation Demon Lord Procell has decided that he will obtain people’s hopes and not their despair as nourishment, and built a happy town instead of a malicious labyrinth to collect human beings.

          This is the story of an eccentric Demon Lord, his inner thoughts, and his poker face.

Volume 1: [Creation] Demon Lord Procell
Prologue: The 500th Demon Lord

Volume 2: [Avalon], the city of Creation

Volume 3: [Rebirth]

Volume 4: The Last of the Four Great Elements

Volume 5: The Bride of [Creation]

Volume 6


51 thoughts on “The Demon Lord’s building a city! ~The strongest Dungeon is a modern day city~”

  1. Just asking, are you planning to upload the illustrations for volume 4 to 7? Can’t seem to find the illustrations for volume 4 but no dice for 5 and up


  2. When is the next chapter coming out and how often are updates?


  3. Alfha Robby said:

    If you love this novel then i’ll recommend this as well

    And as usual thank you foe your translation,
    Really appreciate it


  4. This is a pretty nice series let’s hope for more updates


  5. Hmmm
    I am the only one don’t like the fact that most of monster are created by procell is female
    I know it’s just for fan service but still uncomfortable that wight is the only male monster procell was created by medal


  6. feroferofero said:

    Thank you for translation 🙂 ah btw do you know when vol.4 of light novel series release? i want to buy it for collection hoho

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  7. Ano~ I may be being a dummy but~ I can’t find anything like an update schedule… if someone could point it out or something of the sort it would be appreciated~ even something as general as “once a week” would be a great help~ sorry for the trouble~


  8. It very disappointed when we can’t see skeleton army and griffin in war any more because they were replaced by zombie and dragon army.
    And i thought they will be the main force of lolicel in the first vol -_-


    • Why use inefficient forces to go to war? Thats just stupid.
      He had to train the skeleotns to even be able to properly make them hold guns. And even reload. They only managed because wight was still a lich.
      And dragons have long attack range such as breath. And could carry more people.
      Your basically saying its better to use world war 1 planes than the modern one. Not the exact words but you should get the message.


  9. Amazing novel !!! I hope this translation continues and is not halted in the middle like others.


  10. I’m really enjoy this wn. I want to thanks to this site for continue to translate this series till now, and onward 🙏🙏🙏


  11. The Butt Wizard said:

    Volume 5: [Author Spoils the Ending to the Entire Volume in One Word]


  12. I enjoy your site, but a number of your fans are faggots of the normalfag variety. Please continue translating these great works despite these fags, familam.


  13. emeralkat said:

    Now the only thing more that could be asked for on this page would be a showing how many more chapters are to come out in the current book (such as showing the chapter, but not having it be a link (as it obviously wouldn’t be translated yet). Doesn’t even need the title name (if that’s too spoilery), but it’s nice to go, “Oh, there are ___ many chapters left in this book to go,” and things like that.

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  14. Omega good job.


  15. actually this is already bug me long time ago but why the fuck the author decide to write another story.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t know either but I doubt that’ll be his last. At the very least, he’s still releasing updates on his earlier works.


      • 1 chapter every 3 days huh and is it just me since for some reason this story always spin up with Master is awesome and the infrastructure building is off screen and the author always use the same reason like elder dwarf create it LOL -_- reading this novel with the expectation of detailed city management is plainly stupid since its always about how amazing the MC is, and another one why MC doesn’t create diesel engine or tank or IFV (he could built it by smaller part and reconstruct it same with MOAB) the author clearly lack in development part.
        well i shouldn’t even expect anything since its the same author from elf tensei and cheat majutsu thus it’s may fault for even expect something decent from author.

        oh and here the english translation of this new web novel

        as always thank you for your translation.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I can’t say anything for future content but based on the ones translated so far, this story has a lot of checkboxes/genres/tags/whatever to fulfill that focusing on city building alone will limit it. If this story is going to be defined in one aspect, it’s the rules of their world such as how they are to conduct a war or how monsters obey their demon lords. To be more specific, the loopholes of those rules.
        Besides, so far, his city is just a month old.

        Even if he can create those things (his ability is limited to what is in his memory), I imagine there are other things he must create such as bullets. Besides tanks and engines will require fuel. Without a source for it, he will have to create those too. Tanks may actually be inferior for the price they have since even not-so-strong enemy monsters can pierce through it and that there exists magic metals more durable than earth metals.

        As for the Master is amazing thing, well, I’ve got no answer to that. It might be painful to those who don’t like the characters so far especially since in the beginning, MC is against weak and stupid enemies, further highlighting his awesomeness. However, at the very least, MC is not naive like other stories with “Amazing” MCs; he will not hesitate to kill nor will he frown on torture. They are monsters, they are what the world sees as evil.


      • from vey beginning i don’t even understand how the mc got memory about other world technology since he’s clearly not a reincarnator nor otherworlder thus i don’t really see any reason he doesn’t have memory or knowledge about it and beside MC could modify his creation and fuse it with magic etcetera like quina’s shotgun made of mithril thus i don’t really see any reason MC couldn’t as rorona to modify the tank and make use Magic Essense as it’s fuel and change its steel into adamantium with its suspension and transmission parts created by Mithril or create railgun or coilgun or sun convergen laser like arifureta.
        really wish he’ll introduce Mass Production and Automation industry instead using skeleton i mean wtf skeleton.

        if i really dislike that master is amazing thing i’ll already ditch this WN long time ago like i had done with tuski ga michibu and “knight’s and magic” thus i don’t really mind about character development or MC that have bland and naive personality or anything like that.

        and is it just me that this wn become more like bleach asspulls and repetative.

        well personally i think this WN is quite good but not really hype and make you excite for what will happen.

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      • The Butt Wizard said:

        Sorry if this is a spoiler, but I just have to explain this one. I think enough time has passed to make it fair game.

        He was created with memories and common knowledge selected from 21st century Japan (now long gone) but nothing else. That’s why he has no memory of who he was before: he wasn’t anybody. He is just the information itself and a preset personality, relative to Japan or thereabouts, put into a fresh body.


  16. can someone tell me when is the next update?


  17. will you make epub or pdf from this?


  18. What is the title of the volume 2?


  19. Hello, sorry I wanted to ask permission to translate this novel to the Spanish, obviously I will give you your respective credits.


    • Uhh, yeah, sure. A few light conditions though:
      Like me, recognize that the author has full authority over his works.
      Next, I think you, like the other readers, should take my translation with of salt as I am still fairly new to this. I am confident with my releases but sometimes it’s when one is most confident that they make the grievous of mistakes. Tl;dr refer to the raw whenever you can

      Aside from that, good luck!


  20. Uhmm.. More please?


  21. Just wondering, are there pictures in this novel, and if yes, can you upload them and place them inside a illustration webpage or something?


  22. Prologue link is broken.


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