Chapter 16: R’lyeh Diva’s Battle

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~R’lyeh Diva’s point of view~


In the other dimension, a fierce fight was also unfolding.


“Geez, the patron sure is working us too hard. Everyone, take turns in reloading. Be mindful of running out of bullets. If our barrage lets up… we die.”

“””Yes, captain”””


While changing the magazine of her assault rifle, R’lyeh Diva confirmed the status of her subordinates.

She could tell that some were tired but could still somehow fight.

Including the newcomers that were purchased to have static levels before the war began, there were a total of 30 Ocean Singers under her command and not one had died yet.

However, their stock of potions and bullets were running low and that was a legitimate cause of concern.


Just by looking in front of her, she could tell that there were close to a hundred monsters here. Because these were the combined forces of six Demon Lords, the variety was high. There were many that were of the fish-type, lizard-type, and so on.


“What the heck, there’s all kinds of them.”


She complained so in a voice so low, her subordinates couldn’t hear.

The enemies before her, that numbered more than a hundred, were increasing in number still.


The other dimension was like the pitch-dark cosmos and was therefore completely open and devoid of any place to take cover or to hide in.

For someone that used a gun, such was a greatly advantageous situation.

And so, R’lyeh Diva and her subordinates continuously and one-sidedly barraged their enemies from long-range using their assault rifles. She knew though that once their enemies closed the distance, their demise was all but certain.


Their weapon of choice was the EDAR-04 Laevatein. It was an ED series assault rifle designed by Rorono the Elder Dwarf.

The other ED series weapons were top of the line, custom-made weapons for monsters like Kuina and Aura. Conversely put though, they were also weapons that were unusable to anyone but their intended users.

Meanwhile, the EDAR-04 was made with the concept of ultimate versatility in mind.

Since it was meant for mass production, instead of orichalcum, it designed to be made of Mithril. It was also designed to hold only two usable enchantments, namely [Acceleration] and [Rotation].

Because the [Acceleration] enchantment would activate only after the bullet had exited the barrel, it improved the power output without worsening the recoil of the weapon. Meanwhile, [Rotation] allowed the bullet to follow a straight and stable trajectory, resulting in a more accurate shot.

Moreover, a golem core was also installed to act as a power source and thus make the user be able to activate [Acceleration] and [Rotation] without expending their own magic power.


The EDAR-04 was a masterpiece that would exhibit satisfactory results no matter who used it.

R’lyeh Diva believed without a doubt that this was the best in the ED series. If asked, she would even say that Kuina’s favorite Curtana and Aura’s Durandal were disqualified as weapons and were nothing but toys.


In fact, thanks to the guns, her subordinates, the B rank Ocean Singers, were able to fight the enemy forces, even the A rank ones.


“Geez, if you have enough time to make those golems and other things, why can’t you make more of these??”


Unfortunately, however, there weren’t enough of the EDAR-04.

After the design phase for the weapon was completed, it was set to be mass produced. At the same time though, development for the Avalon-Ritters had also begun.

Because of that, only a total of 15 Laevateins were produced. Even though all were given to the intelligence corps led by R’lyeh Diva, it still wasn’t enough for everyone.


First off, the reason they were able to get all of the guns was because unlike the normal troops that had Kuina the Celestial Fox, Rorono the Elder Dwarf, Aura the Ancient Elf, Wight the Black Dragon of Death Siegwurm, Felsias the Celestial Wolf, and the many Avalon-Ritters, the intelligence corps didn’t have any high-ranking fighting force aside from R’lyeh Diva.

It was only natural then that the weapon of their choice were given to them.


Dimension-type monsters tended to have low fighting capabilities. Even though this was true for R’lyeh Diva and her subordinates, the good thing was that it also applied to their current enemies.


“Alright, that’s it, patron’s next [Creation] medal has to be for monster that can work here in the other dimension. Doing this all alone is just too much.”


Even while complaining, she did her work and looked after her subordinates.

R’lyeh Diva was an extremely capable monster. Nevertheless, there was only so much an individual could do.

Three of her subordinates were then hit by wide-range magic. They didn’t die but they were wounded enough to have lost their ability to wield their weapons. They were then instructed to fall back and drink some potions.

Up until this point, it had been a one-sided battle where the intelligence corps had been outranging their enemies with their guns. However, the enemies had hardened their defenses and pushed on enough that their magic attacks could reach R’lyeh Diva and her subordinates.


Due to the injured, the barrage became lighter. They started to fall back while still maintaining the barrage but the enemy’s advance was quicker than their retreat. More and more, the enemy’s magic attacks were landing ever closer.


This is bad.


R’lyeh Diva said so inwardly.

They had encounter many hardships but each time, they were able to do something and survive. This time though, things were looking too grim.

Moreover, when she looked carefully, she could tell that there were now even more A rank monsters in the enemy side. According to her simple investigation, there were about 20 A rank monsters.

Even if R’lyeh Diva was an S rank monster, there was nothing she could do against so many.

And then, another of her subordinate was injured.


Should I escape? This is a losing battle.


Try as they might, they could not win.

And if that was so, then instead of staying there and fighting, she thought it would be better to use her subordinates as shields and escape.

If the enemies were to take complete control of the other dimension, Procell’s normal troops would be exposed to unopposed attacks from the other dimension and leakage of information couldn’t be helped.


Losing R’lyeh Diva, an S rank monster, should be—in her opinion—the worst possible outcome of this fight for Procell and should therefore be avoided at all cost.

Ocean Singers could be bought again with DP and the guns could simply be remade but not her.


“But that just doesn’t make sense so I’ll just keep on fighting!”


She gritted her teeth and continued firing to make up for her injured subordinates.

While she fired her assault rifle wildly, she sang. The enemies had gotten close enough to use their magic but conversely, they had also gotten close enough to be affected by R’lyeh Diva’s song.


The otherworld songstress’s songs were songs that affected one’s heart.

The enemy monsters turned mad and began to rampage, unable to distinguish friend from foe.


Due to that chaos, the enemy frontline was pushed back. However, it came at a great cost.

R’lyeh Diva received numerous magic attacks and was left wounded all over.

Despite her tattered state, she nevertheless continued firing her gun so that her injured subordinates could gain some time to recover.

Her singing had left her throat sore, making singing anything more hurt.


Geez, this isn’t like me at all. Yeah, geez, it’s because of what I heard from Wight.


While enduring the pain to sing and while also pulling the trigger of her assault rifle, she remembered something from a little while ago.

She had once asked Wight to do something about [Creation] Demon Lord Procell’s softness and naivety. As she remembered, she then for the first time understood [Creation] Demon Lord Procell.



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