The Swine Noble Carves Out His Own Future

豚貴族は未来を切り開くようです ~二十年後の自分からの手紙が全てを教えてくれました。どうやら俺はこのままでは婚約破棄され、廃嫡され、完全に人生が詰むようです。なので必死にあがいてみようと思います~

The Swine Noble carves out his own future ~A letter from myself 20 years into the future told me everything. Apparently, if I remain as I am, I will be disinherited, my engagement cancelled, and life as I knew it would be over. For that reason, I’ve decided to do everything I can to avoid that fate!~

Author:しんこせい (Shinkosei)


Herbert, the son and heir of House Unruh, has been abusing his position and living as he pleased. Because of spoiled nature and bulging belly, those around him have been mocking him with the name “Swine Noble”.

On a certain day, he received a mysterious letter. It claimed to be from 20 years into the future, and sent by Herbert himself through spacetime magic.

From that point on, Herbert’s life began to change—


Volume 1


TL note: I’ve decided to stop here at the end of the first volume. Thanks for reading!!

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