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Around the time Kevin was exhibiting early symptoms of [Breath of Campanella]—like coughing out a mixture of stone and blood—Herbert spoke with his father.

Herbert and his father were on speaking terms again for the past few months now, so setting up meetings like these wasn’t as difficult as before.

“I’ll lend you Rodeo…but no else; I can’t move our army. Otherwise, we will run the risk of making a mistake, should there be a shift within the kingdom.”

Herbert’s future self had taught him some [Stone Root] could be found in a place called [Chaotic Flugel]. This place was in the southern part of the Lindner Kingdom, in the territory under Earl Andrew’s control.

Put in another way, the ingredient could be found outside of the Unruh duchy.

“I understand, Father. I feel safe already knowing Rodeo is traveling with me.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. That said, Rodeo will get you back here—drag you back if he has to—in the case something does happen, so you don’t have to worry yourself too much.”

In reaction to Maxim’s apologetic face, Herbert was smiling.

Maxim didn’t know how effective this supposed cure to Kevin’s incurable disease was. As such, he couldn’t mobilize their house’s knight order, else he could give rise to unnecessary problems.

Maxim had his doubts, but he couldn’t ignore Herbert’s claim about a cure either. Still, the best he could offer Herbert was his permission as well as Rodeo’s company.

“Thank you, Father.”

Herbert was well aware of the challenges that his father faced, and as such, only had words of gratitude for his father.

“Rodeo, I’m in your hands. I might rely on you a little too much, but I’ll do my best to not be a burden.”

“It’s my first time to go to [Chaotic Flugel] myself, but I have a pretty good understanding of the monsters that live there. As long as nothing unusual happens, like us encountering some…demons, we should be fine.”

Rodeo, standing next to Maxim, vigorously struck his chest.


Herbert knew more than most just how strong Rodeo was. He has been training under Rodeo for a long time now, after all. He might have taken a break from training, but still.

And so, he was confident that with Rodeo around, there shouldn’t be too much problem even if they had to fight within the [Chaos Flugel].

“Father, about that other matter…”

“Ahh, yes. If they already know of your magic, I see no issue with them accompanying you.”

Rodeo was strong, but there was only so much he could do. With that in mind, Herbert suggested that they should add another person to their group. And that person was someone Herbert has been meeting increasingly more often lately for reasons other than their sparring sessions.

Yes, it was Marlon.

Marlon, the future hero, has also been making a name for himself recently. It has been confirmed that he held great aptitude for an unorthodox magic known as Light Magic. Fortunately for him, there were writings about it in the Lindner Kingdom left behind by a Light magician from long ago.

Thanks to that, Marlon was learning how to use it at a fairly quick rate, especially for someone self-taught. In fact, he could already use high-level healing spells.

As a front-line healer as well as someone who was already aware of Herbert’s ability to use spacetime magic, there was nothing strange at all for Marlon to be added to Herbert’s group.

Marlon has been growing rapidly as of late, and most of it could be attributed to the presence of a rival. A rival in the form of Herbert.

Sadly, no one in the present day could point out this fact.

In fact, if future Herbert could see the two of them now, he’d be shocked.

After all, Marlon and Herbert were now close enough to have friendly chats and hang out. Whereas originally, they didn’t get along to the point that they’ve tried to kill each other on multiple occasions.

I’ve heard Her Highness is quite fond of this Marlon. Herbert getting along with a student lauded as the greatest prodigy of the magic academy shouldn’t have any downsides to his future.

Such were Maxim’s thoughts.

Maxim had a theory on how Herbert knew of the way to cure that supposedly incurable disease. To him, it was most likely through some precognition or prediction kind of spacetime magic spell.

It was this theory that led Maxim to decide to get involved beyond lending Rodeo.

If I’m not careful and overstep my bounds, I might end up using Herbert’s power for my political gains.

Maxim knew what kind of person he was, and thus he refrained from taking advantage of his son.

Their relationship as father and son have just begun to mend, so he didn’t want to push too hard.

Once it was known that Herbert had such power, Maxim would be have no choice but to report it to the royal family. At that point, who knows how Herbert would be treated. And so, as the head of their noble house…and as Herbert’s father, Maxim decided not to open this pandora’s box right now.

“When will you depart?”

“As soon as possible. Summer break will begin soon, so it’ll just be like I’m taking a break a few days early.”

“How about schoolwork?”

“Don’t worry, Father. My marks are as low as ever, so it won’t matter either way.”

“How exactly should I not worry about that…”

Looking at Herbert—who seemed to have forgotten what it meant to be a duke in the making—Maxim began to wonder once again where he had gone wrong in raising the boy.

With thoughts like that swirling in Maxim’s mind, Herbert’s group began to depart for [Chaotic Flugel].

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