The Great Demon Lord’s City Development ~The Ideal city Built with Magic, Science, and Monsters~

The Great Demon Lord’s City Development ~The Ideal city Built with Magic, Science, and Monsters~

Daimaou-sama no Machizukuri~ Mahou to kagaku to mamono ga tsukuru risou no machi



Author: Tsukiyo Rui

Instead of building a dungeon to feed on the despair of humans, the eccentric Procell used his [Creation] powers to build a city where humans and monsters could live and laugh together.
Before long, he became one of the three strongest Demon Lords.
However, through a series of events, a jealous fellow Demon Lord sent Procell away to an unknown land.
And so, in order to return to the city he built as well as to his beloved monsters, Procell and the [Infinitely Evolving Slime] he came with began to move.
However, unbeknownst to him, this new land, the new companions he would meet, and the city and monsters he was separated from…


14 thoughts on “The Great Demon Lord’s City Development ~The Ideal city Built with Magic, Science, and Monsters~”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Back basically a year later! Any news or is it most likely dropped?


    • No news at the moment, but it wouldn’t be accurate to say that it was dropped. This work has been finished. It’s fine if there were no more additional chapters.

      I haven’t kept up with Tsukiyo Rui-sensei’s twitter, but I’m guessing he’s focusing more on his other works, like those with successful light novels and those that got anime versions. On that note, check out Redo of healer and World’s finest assassin gets reincarnated.

      Thanks for reading! 😀


  2. lazareuss said:

    Halooo, First and foremost thank you for the translation, Just binged the entire series and I fell in love with it since the prologue of the first volume. Wondering if any other developments have happened with the story as in if its been updated or not.

    (ty for making dis a translation, I love it)

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  3. This is the end of the story? Or do we have to wait for a new volume or title to follow it?


  4. said:

    RPGNOOB if you see this pls answer. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about it.

    I am confused about Marcho’s past, Marcho was never in a romantic relationship with Amon and you dont get know if she have been in one after his death. So why does she show such a large amount of confidence in her experince with sex, it’s so out of place if you think about her history and the her circumstances.

    right before they did it:

    -“Procell, I’m certain you’ll someday become the strongest Demon Lord there is. I am guiding you, after all… to that end, how about I teach you the charms of a woman? Say, later tonight?”

    “…pfft, what??? Is that some kind of joke?”

    “I’m serious. I want us to do things lovers do. Besides, you’re a virgin, right? That’s pretty unbecoming for a Demon Lord, you know”.

    It was pretty clear that she was singeling out him to be a virgin, therefore, she was clearly not one for it would be hypocritical if that was the case.

    after they did it:

    “I was shocked you were that good, Procell. I intended to take the lead all throughout, but toward the end, I just let you do what you wanted. And I tell you, it felt so good”

    Yet agian, her comments clearly indicates that she has done it before, but everyone knows, it was not with Amon, who she was so loyal to, until she was charmed by Procell and desided to stay alive. So who was it?

    As you can tell, I’m pathetic for thinking like this but it bothers me so much! Who are these lucky bastards that got to do it with her!? Marcho is one of the 3 strongest demon lords that exists. It would’nt make any sense if she was a virgin before she did it with Procell, her dialogue strongly implies the opposite, but there are also other dialogue and circumstances that contradicts this.

    It was implied before that she was weak towards men with similar personality and character like Amon and Procell. But I thought that just rienforced the fact that Marcho liked Procell in a romantic way.

    When Marcho started sexually harass Procell, he got curious and asked her once if she was that kind of woman who belonged to the streets (not literally), her response was that she only offer herself to someone she approved of, (the heck does that mean? sex only or romantic relationship?)

    So I ASSUMED that she was a virgin becouse of what she said (remember that Marcho is one of the strongest demon lord that exists, the caliber a man has to be to even hope to be liked by her) and how later on it was revealed that she was so loyal to Amon that she wanted die because he was dead. The only reason she kept on living was because Amon made her hold a promise that she would keep on living till she 300. How often du you find a demon lord that was not only as competent as Procell but also have the personality that she likes? You RARELY saw any demon lord who could meet her standards of what man should be, and those who did was her old friends, who she did’nt like in a romantic way.

    Think about it, she is a demon lord. Demon lords lives in constant conflict with each other (wich breeds animosity), not only that she one of the strongests that exists, you yourself need to be someone very exceptional to be approved by her, but not only exceptional but also trust worthy. Because she’s a demon lord, demon lords can not simply just go ask her for a one night stand, it’s dangerous to meet one even if you are not in conflict with each other because both parties need to have complete trust in that the other one wont stab the other behind thier backs. Yeah, sure she had an alliance of other demon lords, but that is not the same thing as love, friendship or comradery. Alliances exist to cover each others backs in case of war. But Marchos allies betrayed her, that proves that alliances are’nt trust worthy enough to let her guard down just to fuck.

    Does the author not realise that Marcho lives in a world where the enviourment and the demons in it necessitates that she as much as possible avoids contact other demon lords. Did the author just give Marcho the ”experineced onee-chan role” with almost no hints into why? Is the author just gonna go with, -yea she fuk befoe and good at it becuse she old?

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    • This is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. I believe she has have sex before, but not with Amon. She just has to be interested/approve of the partner, not love them to do the deed with her. It’s not limited to just Other Demon Lords either. It can be with monsters or humans.

      On the dangerous part, hmm, for the partner, they might think it’s worth the danger to be on her good side. As for her, she’s a strong combatant even before her rebirth, so as long as it’s a one on one, she should survive a sneak attack. My point is, she can take the risks.

      On the meta aspect, yeah, experienced onee-chan fits the bill. Just that saying she’s had sex lots of times before is kinda taboo in terms of sales.

      I can very well be wrong on all points though.


      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, the fact that she was’nt a virgin struck me on a bad side(pathetic I know, but that wont stop me from reading the novel), but I should have seen it coming. Her explanation of ”I only do it with those I approve of” was pretty damn vague to me, I just couldn’t fathom that any one who wasn’t as incredible as Procell or Amon was able to do it with her. I thought that her saying was not only ”I have standards” but a proclamation of love as well, Procell is one op af demon lord after all. I am of opinion that only the strongest gets to do with the strongest. But hey, it’s her body, it’s hers to use. Heck, she has been alive for 300 hundred years, it’s unfair to expect her to stay virgin until she meets Amon.

        Thinking about it deeper, what differnce does it make if Marcho have standards? so long as there exist people who meets those standards, she’s gonna offer her self to them all if she gets the chance to.
        That reminds me of a korean manwa, where a guy was living with his female bully, who actively seeked out guys who where handsome and rich. When she found one, result was always a very short relationship or a one night stand. She had done it so frequently that she can only get satsified by larger than average dicks, wich came in the form of dildos. This did not bode well with her, because she wanted real large ones. How does that not make her a wench? Not saying Marcho is one because she is not THAT hungry, but to me, her argument is weak. End result is still the same, lots of loveless sex with differant people.


      • Alex Sharnovsky said:

        What still confuses me,is this LN or WN?this sequel/spin-off thing
        feels like author is either went on all in on that trope to tilt some users,or its just like a first try that will be re-done in LN and later re-done in manga?


  5. DangerBlade said:

    Thank you RPGNOOB for translating this as well I am still not as far along as i would like for my translating ability so i was not able to read this on the NCode website every well last year.


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