Epilogue: The Great Demon Lord Goes Back Home

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The [Evening Party] ended without incident…err, without much incident.

In the month that passed since then, I worked on developing my city, building relationships with the Demon Lords of this world, and understanding the powers as a god I received.


Now that I was a god, I thought I could easily do many things including going back to Avalon, but sadly, I discovered that I wasn’t all-powerful. There were still many things I couldn’t do.

For that reason, we had to go back to our previous plan: make and train a monster more specialized in [Transfer] than even Tiro. It took a while, but the time to go back was finally here.


“Oto-san, things are going to become hectic again once we get back, won’t they?”

“I’m afraid so. Me being absent should be confirmed and making the rounds now. Things over there should be volatile, if not outright crazy.”


In my absence, slime-type monsters have been disguising as me.

As much as they might look like me though, their disguise was only skin-deep. They had no access to my Demon Lord powers and privileges, so if the other Demon Lords were willing to pay the price, there were many ways to prove their doubt about me being absent.

The price might be steep, but there were definitely some that would do it. For that reason, I knew from the start that I couldn’t stay in this world forever.


Suddenly, Rorono tugged on my sleeves rather aggressively.


“Master, we should clean up the trash once we get back. I’ll help. …actually, my help might not be needed. With your powers as a god, just you alone can wipe them out. Quite easily too.”

“Sadly, my powers can only be applied in this world, not there… We’re free to bring back souvenirs from this world though. That should help out enough.”


Before I was sent to this world, the Demon Lords of my world were forced to fight each other. However, it wasn’t each that we should be fighting, it should be the Creator instead.

I would prefer a peaceful conversation as the means to stop them, but it seemed like I needed to do a show of force first, sadly. And for that, I needed overwhelming power. More than what I had before. That would be where my powers as a god would come in. Even though I couldn’t wield it in my original world, there were plenty of indirect ways that it could help.

Of course, the Creator would likely meddle in my efforts to unify us Demon Lords. And because he was the god of my original world, he could manipulate things more than I could.

However, being a god myself would help even here. I now knew the rules that gods had to abide, meaning I could see through the Creator’s tricks and deal with it to an extent.

From there, we could make plans to take down the Creator.


“Master, if I may, are you sure about leaving this world to that person?”


Aura asked so and then turned her gaze toward somebody who wasn’t one of my monsters, but rather a Demon Lord of this world.


“Yeah. I understand where you’re coming from, but I still think this is for the best.”


Being absent from Avalon for much longer was out of the question, but I wasn’t enthusiastic about leaving this unstable world unattended either.

It was understandable that there would be opposition from the Demon Lords of this world about me, a total outsider, becoming their new god. They might seem meek now due to the might I showed during the [War] against the [Tree] Demon Lord as well as due to the known fact that I had obtain the powers of a god, but it was only a matter of time before they plotted against me.

I could make an example out of one or two of them, but considering they could be valuable war potential later on, that might do more harm than good. As much as possible, I wanted us to have a positive relationship. At the very least, a relationship without resentment.

For that reason, I decided to appoint a proxy god.


“Well then, I’ll leave things here to you while I’m gone.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”


The one I’ve chosen to be the proxy god was [Desire] Demon Lord Eligor.

In my studies, I discovered that I could impart some of my powers as a god to another. As long as she had those powers, Eligor would be able to keep the other Demon Lords in check.


By the way, it wasn’t just Aura that had misgivings about Eligor. Apparently, Ruhe disliked her because she was always putting on a façade.


“Hmmm, I really don’t know about this.”

“That’s why I’m being monitored, right? I won’t be able to do anything strange even if I wanted to. Come on, Aura-chan. Trust me a little here, okay~”


Eligor said so and laughed loudly.

I understood Aura’s concerns, but between the events this month and Eligor telling me about her wish, I decided to trust Eligor.

…if she does end up betraying me, I suppose I was that gullible of a man.


“Alright, the rest is up to you. You and…”


I called out a monster’s name. This monster was the one I appointed to watch over Eligor.

At regular intervals, it was supposed to report what was happening in this world. Should I not receive a report, I would assume that something happened to the monster.

I trusted Eligor, but I was not a fool that would proceed without precautions.


“Now, my Demon Lord, [Monsters of the Covenant], and you guys, it’s time to enter my body.”


When it came to Transfer, the smaller in mass the target was, the less magic power the Transfer cost as well as the more accurate it was. For that reason, we would be entering Ciel’s [Storage Space].

Now, carrying all of us was no joke, so to make the task as easy as possible, she undid her blue-haired girl form and reverted to her teardrop-shaped slime form. It might be only a small improvement, but it was an improvement nonetheless.


Afterwards, Ciel stretched herself as wide as she could, almost like an open mouth. Like that, my monsters entered her [Storage Space] one by one.

One monster just watched by Ciel’s side though.


“Alright, Padil, it’s your turn to shine.”


To my words, a blue horse that had a snake for a tail silently nodded its horse head. This was Padil, the Transfer expert I made in this world.

The plan was for it to use the special Transfer array in time with Tiro back in Avalon.

However, because such a method didn’t Transfer the users as well, that meant Padil would have to stay behind in this world. It wasn’t like I was abandoning Padil though, since I planned on going back and forth between worlds anyway.

Plus, Padil wouldn’t be alone since other monsters would be staying here to guard the dungeon and the city I made. I had confidence they would be able to do well.



“Are you guys sure you want to come with us?”

“Yes, please let us study in Avalon.”

“We love you, so of course we want to be with you.”


The fox sisters I met in this world said so.

I wanted them to remain here and be my representatives to the humans of the city I made, but upon their request, we would be taking them with us to Avalon. There, they would study from the best. And once they were knowledgeable and experienced enough, they would return to this world and govern my city.


“Alright. I won’t say anything more other than to prepare yourselves, it’ll be a tough road ahead.”


“We’ll give it our all!”


When considering the long-term, this was more than an acceptable choice.


“Ahm, my Demon Lord, it’s quite hard to keep my mouth open like this. Please hurry and enter!”

“Ah, sorry, Ciel.”

“We’re terribly sorry!”

“Yup, right away!”


And so, I entered Ciel’s [Storage Space] with the fox sisters.

When I did, I lost my consciousness. This was a side effect of the [Storage Space].

By the time I wake up, the Transfer would be done and we would be back in Avalon.


This long detour was now over.

After we’ve celebrated being reunited with everyone, we would begin the real fight.

Yes, we were going to slay a god.

…in the event we couldn’t do it, our backup plan was to gather as many Demon Lords and monsters we could—giving priority to those we approved of, of course—and migrate them to the world I governed.


Nevertheless, I had complete confidence we would come out on top in this and earn our freedom.


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Regardless, many thanks for reading up to this point!!


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    • IMO she didn’t do it because she was malicious, she did it because she is hyper-efficient (maybe excessively so) and most likely do not see humans as anything other than prey animals. He wanted to off her earlier because he thought she was being sadistic but she really isn’t, she just has a huge blind spot and a super straight line thinker that doesn’t care about the other factors.

      In short, you can call her inhumane, which would also perfectly describe her since she isn’t human in the first place. Lolicell is an exception to Demon Lords, not the norm.


      • BullsEyeOTJ said:

        I think she’s actually kinder than she appears, there’s various hints, the fact that Procell trusted her (more than Belial), especially after learning her dream, it’s quite possible that a chunk of things is she’s sacrificing the few for many, that’s my opinion anyway, quite possible I’m wrong but we’ll never know… i think she knew of that world’s standing and was doing what she could to entertain the creator while pretending she was doing it in the name of efficiency, considering that mofo caused the loss of many demon lords and 3 human nations in Procell’s second year just because he was bored tells a lot… also, HOW THE FUCK DO DEMON LORDS EVEN SURVIVE TO 300 WITH HIS AWFUL DEMANDS


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    • If possible, I would like to know what happened before he was transferred to another world(the gap between his 2nd ‘Evening Party’ and the 3rd) and a continuation of this story too.
      Also, I would love a detailed info to every new monsters he had created including Padil, the transfer expert monster. And who is that demon lord that he had to fight in order to become one of the 3 great demon lords in his original world? When did Marco became pregnant? What would happen with him and Stolas? Also, with him and Cumin? What did he discuss with other demon lords of his now governed world? What’s Eligor’s desire?

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