Chapter 21: The Great Demon Lord Summons

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The Demon Lords of this world were now unsubtly hostile against me. But it wasn’t just hostility I sensed. There was a bit of bewilderment in there too.

I couldn’t blame them. Even in my world, there were only a few Demon Lords who would challenge the Creator like I did.

Unlike the others, I could only see someone who treats us like toys as nothing but an enemy.


“Well then, let’s begin. [Creation] Demon Lord and [Tree] Demon Lord, show us your radiance.”


The Creator smiled and then Transferred us away.


“Ciel, things are going as we expected. Are you ready?”

“Totally! But are you sure with this, my Demon Lord? If we fail, we’d have wasted my [Perfect Trace].”

“Yeah, and it’s alright. If that happens, we have plan B.”


…rather than a plan to bring about a victory, plan B was more a plan to bring about a draw.

Plan A was a gamble, but at this point, a by-the-book strategy wouldn’t give us a win.

So, the best course of action for us would be to take a chance with Plan A at the start to pave a way to victory, but switch to Plan B and fight defensively in case the former fails.


The Transfer for myself and Ciel was done.

Our dungeons were being brought over now.

The black-haired, humanoid Demon Lord was called the [Tree] Demon Lord, and based on that title, he likely used plant-type monsters.  Plant-type monsters had a wide variety of monsters, making a lot of strategy viable. In turn, that meant predicting the enemy’s moves would be quite difficult. They could go for a frontal assault or a covert one.

Almost as if to clear any lingering doubts, his dungeon was a gigantic tree teeming with life. It reminded me of the image of the world tree that Aura showed me once before. In the tree trunk was a cavity which served as the dungeon’s entrance.

As for the Demon Lord himself, he was the one tasked to save their world­ from what was supposed to be ruin, so it was a given that he was strong.


As for our side, I actually hoped against hope that Avalon would be summoned, but alas, that didn’t happen. Instead, what was here was the spare dungeon I just built. To call it incomplete would be generous.

Due to the rules of [War], any humans and animals within the dungeons would be transferred to a location where time was stopped for them. In other words, I didn’t have to worry about them.


Because there wasn’t much to summon, the Transfer for my dungeon finished right away. The monsters in it were being brought in one by one now.

In contrast, enemy’s dungeon was still in the process of being brought over.

The larger the scale of a dungeon, the longer it takes to summon.


Still, I don’t have much time. I have to hurry.

There was something I had to do before the other side’s Transfer was completed.

And so, I put Ciel in my [Storage], entered my dungeon, Transferred directly to my crystal room via my Demon Lord Power, and then released Ciel there.



“Yeah! [Perfect Trace]!”


Using this ability, she could transform into any monster, even S rank ones. It wasn’t just skin-deep either, she had access to all skills that monster had.

The one she transformed into this time was the S rank Tindalos.

Much like the original, Ciel became a gigantic, blue-furred dog with a long tongue.

Tindalos was the primary expert in Avalon when it came to Transfer.

Ciel then made use of the link between this dungeon’s crystal and the one in Avalon.

Come on, get through!


<<Master, we can hear you. Our side’s ready, especially Tiro. The reception right now is several times better than usual.>>


It was Aura’s voice.

Because we expected a development similar to this, I had asked her to standby the crystal all day.


“Our side’s ready too. Let’s go!”

“Ciel, Tiro, I leave it all up to you.”

<<Let the countdown begin. 3… 2… 1… 0!>>


At the end of the countdown, Both Tindalos in Avalon as well as the [Perfect Trace]-mode Ciel used the magic array developed for the purpose of bringing us back home.

Our research had concluded that Tiro and a copy of her would be insufficient to travel safely between worlds. We could try, but we would be sacrificing either accuracy or output distance. Our initial solution was to make a monster who was focused entirely on Transfer, unlike Tiro whose talents were split between Transfer and combat.


However, if it was here, the nexus of worlds, it was a different story. Because the distance between my crystals were significantly lower now, the degree of difficulty in going back should also be significantly lower.

Moreover, there was also the fact that the Creator was bringing our dungeons and monsters to this white space right now. Even for him, this should be quite a difficult feat. Our theory was that in order to make the Transfer of the dungeons and monsters into the white space a bit easier, the Creator weakens the wall between worlds.

These were nothing more than theories, but when we checked the link between my crystals, we knew we were right.

And so, within this short window of time, even Tiro’s Transfer should be enough.


We could try to go home right now, but there wasn’t much sense in it because we would just be summoned back to the other world once the [War] has concluded. Instead, Avalon was sending us reinforcements.


Now, come to me!


The Tindalos in Avalon has successfully sent something to the Tindalos here.

And that something was…




It was a wobbling, tear-shaped, green slime.

Its cheerful cry seemed to be some kind of greeting.




Ciel reverted to her slime form and cried a greeting of her own.

It was just a bunch of Pyuipyui for a while.


“Hey, you two, you know I can’t talk slime, so talk in a language I can understand, alright?”


The green slime extended something that was perhaps meant to be a tongue, and at the same time lightly hit itself with another tentacle that was perhaps meant to be a fist.




In an almost gloomy tone, it cried so.

Slimes were rather playful monsters, hence this comedy act. If it was my own monster, I might have responded by giving it the old karate chop to the head.


“In accordance to my master’s command to uphold his pact with you, I—Suramaru the Forbidden Slime, the [Viscosity] Demon Lord’s top monster—have come to your side.”


Speaking in the common tongue made it wiggle a bit. Suramaru had  


“Thanks for your hard work. Now, sorry to hurry you, but if you please.”



Suramaru shouted so.

…and then, three monsters appeared.


“Oto-san, I missed you!”

“Mhm. It has been lonely without you, father.”

“It wasn’t easy to calm Kuina-chan and Rorono-chan, you know.”


Among all of my monsters, I shared the most special bond with these 3 S rank monsters.

Kuina the Celestial Fox, Rorono the Elder Dwarf, and Aura the Ancient Elf. Yes, my three beloved daughters.


“I missed you girls too.”


I opened my arms and caught the three who jumped toward me.

Kuina deeply buried her head in my chest; Rorono hugged me oh so tightly; while Aura went to my side and hugged my arm.

I was so happy to be with them again that I wept.


“But wait, with all three of you here, would Avalon be alright?”


These three were my [Monsters of the Convenant]. They were Avalon’s strongest fighting force.


“Yeah~. Duke and Marcho are there.”

“As long as those two are there, us being here poses no problem at all. Moreover, I managed to repair all the Avalon-Ritters broken in our previous fight. Avalon has plenty of war potential.”

“Yeah, Rorono-chan really worked herself hard to repair all of them. After all, if she failed to do so, Duke said he’ll send another monster instead.”

“…we promised not to talk about that.”


I see. With all those present, Avalon can definitely handle any invader.


“Suramaru, thanks for bringing these girls here.”

“You sir have saved my master plenty of times. So, to be able to repay at least one of those many favors, my master and I are more than happy to lend a hand.”


When I return, I should go to Ronove right away and give him a souvenir.


“What’s with that proud face, Big Bro!? You bring dishonor to us S rank slimes if you can only fit three monsters in your belly. If it was me, I’m sure I could have carried another two!”

“Yes, I am truly ashamed this is the best I can do.”


Using [Storage Space] for living beings was exhausting. The higher the target’s magic power was, the more exhausting it could be. For example, the B rank in Ciel’s lineage could never be able carry someone like Kuina, not even for a second.

In fact, the only ones that I knew who could carry S rank monsters were Ciel and Suramaru.

If I hadn’t borrowed Suramaru, we would have been able to send only one monster, despite the closer distance and the wall between worlds diminishing. And for that, I was deeply thankful to Ronove.


By the way, if we didn’t have to think about consequences, I might have asked that one monster to be Marcho. In reality though, Marcho was far too much integral to Avalon’s defense, especially in my absence.


“We don’t need more anyway. There’s no way we can lose with them here.”


My [Monsters of the Covenant] were that strong.


“Ya—! It’s been a while since I evolved into a [Aether Fox]. My tail’s fully charged!”


Kuina then extended her glorious tail as though to show it off.


“…I’ve brought the specialized Avalon-Ritters—the Knights of the Round Table—with me.”


At the snap of Rorono’s fingers, Surumaru brought out Avalon-Ritters that had specialized functions.


“It seems like I can borrow power from the World Tree from here.”


Aura said so while her jade-green eyes were sparkling.


Ahh, so reliable. Truly. There’s really no way we’ll lose now.


From the very start of the fight, no, even before it was made official that we were going to have a [War], victory or defeat hinged on this one point, on this one gamble.

Now that the gamble worked, there was only one way things could proceed: to victory.

That and only that.

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