Chapter 22: The Great Demon Lord And The Start of the [War]

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During the preparation phase of the [War], I managed to summon my [Monsters of the Covenant].

The presence of Kuina, Rorono, and Aura made victory all but certain.


<<I will hereby explain the rules. Whoever between you kills the other Demon Lord or break their dungeon’s crystal shall be declared the winner. This is real [War]. No preventative or relief measure shall be given. Everything lost here will be lost forever. The fighting shall begin 30 minutes later. Until then, I suggest you prepare.>>


It was exceedingly simple.

It was the same old, ordinary rules.

And because there was nothing extra to worry about, the key thing here should be having a balance between offense and defense. In connection to that, how to use the piece called Demon Lord must be decided.

According to the rules, a Demon Lord’s death meant defeat for their side, so the standard play should be for the Demon Lord to stay within their dungeon.

However, that would mean not utilizing the advantages the Demon Lord could bring to the offense.


When making dungeon rooms, there was a restriction that the room must be traversable by a humanoid being even without the use of special abilities like flying or prolonged underwatering breathing. That being said, that didn’t mean that the path had to be easy. For example, making the dungeon room so small that large creatures couldn’t pass was allowed.

It didn’t matter how powerful in combat a monster was if it couldn’t reach the deepest part of the enemy dungeon. As such, veteran Demon Lords would have many difficult-to-traverse rooms all the way to the deepest part of their dungeons.

But then again, while such a thing was great for defense, there was also a matter of convenience of travel for one’s own monsters to consider. In other words, one has to be careful to not overdo it.


Moreover, this was counteracted by a simple thing: a Demon Lord’s [Storage]. As long as a Demon Lord could make it through, their side’s invasion could progress. It would still be a hassle to traverse the rooms, but at least the solution was always there.

Ciel and Suramaru could replicate this strategy to a degree, making them even more valuable.


“Everyone, let’s begin our strategy meeting. I’m leaving our defense to Ciel, Suramaru, the golems, and the B rank monsters I made here.”


I had predicted a [War] would happen in tonight’s [Evening Party]. Because of that, I used the DP I had saved up and purchased as much dungeon rooms and B rank monsters as possible.

Furthermore, there were plenty of weapons stored within Ciel.


“Ciel, how much time do you have left on your [Perfect Trace]?”


Transforming into Tiro and doing the special Transfer must have consumed a lot of her magic power already.


“Pyuhmhmmm, about 5 seconds, I think.”

“Oh? That’s more than what I was expecting.”

“Yeah. Tiro shouldered most of the cost to do the Transfer. I only used a little magic power.”


One might think otherwise because she was a dog-type monster, but Tiro was plenty smart.


“Five seconds should be enough for you to crush the enemy’s ace, wouldn’t it?”

“Yup! I might not be able to contribute much if I was on the attack team, but if it’s just taking out one or two enemies that manages to make it through our defenses, I can do it! I mean, if I’ll be dead tired regardless, I’ll fire off one instant-kill attack after another and end them within those 5 seconds!”


This dungeon was just recently made, but its defenses were still hard to breach. Between the Mithril Golems, the Avalon-Ritters, and the B rank monsters, the number of individuals who could break through should be quite low.

Plus, unlike in my world, my hand hasn’t been revealed to the Demon Lords here. The damage we would deal should be higher than usual.

If all else fails though, we had Ciel.


“As for our offense, our main players will be Kuina, Rorono, Aura, and Chronos. Rorono and Aura, you girls lead the charge. We’ll let Kuina and Chronos run wild at the enemy’s vital points. Kuina, preserve your magic power. Only use an amount that you can naturally recover right away.”


In addition to my 3 [Monsters of the Covenant], Spacetime Dragon Beast Chronos would be joining the offense.

He had [Berserk] which increased its stats by 1 rank at the cost of its sanity. He had means to suppress that downside, but he deliberately chooses not to. He was quite a handful.

Still, he was strong. Overwhelmingly so. So, even though he was a handful, he made all the effort worth once he starts rampaging in the middle of the enemy’s main group.


“If Chronos is going to be on the frontlines, does that mean you will be too, master?”

“He’s going to be integral to our attack, so yeah, I’ll be there to carry him. Among other things, of course.”


When invading a dungeon with only a few elite monsters, exhaustion was an issue bound to come up. It was important to still have powerful units at the end, either through rotation, preservation, or both.


“The plan’s nice and simple! Great!”

“Mhm. We’ll make sure you don’t have to break a sweat, master.”

“It’ll be pretty close though. At some point, our defenses will be broken through. It’s going to be a matter of which comes first: us breaking their crystal or them making it through. …but then again, this is the best course of action.”


Now, for the trump card I’ve been hiding all this time.


“Ruhe, you defend the dungeon. There’s no one but you who can defend the otherworld.”


My earring then vibrated. A drop of water was embedded within my earring, and through that, one monster emerged.


“Phew, finally out. Hey, patron, were you aware? About the fair number of attempts of humans and monsters to murder you?”

“I was. I also know that I have you to thank for thwarting those attempts. So, thank you.”


Ruhe the R’lyeh Diva.

She was a blue-haired girl of androgynous beauty.

Engraved on half of her body were black, ominous patterns.


She was able to use water as a gateway to enter the otherworld and lurk there. From there, she could one-sidedly watch what was happening here. Moreover, she could move from one location to another as long as there was water at both locations.

Because of this ability, I asked her to guard me, gather information from the surroundings, and also safeguard intelligence about me.

Ideally, I would have liked her to be out here rather than in the otherworld, but unfortunately, only monsters who could enter the otherworld were able to counter monsters like them.

I did buy with DP many Ocean Singers—the B rank in her lineage who could also lurk in the otherworld— and also provided them with proper equipment, but even then, she still had to remain there. There was always the chance that a high-ranking otherworld monster might appear and break my crystal, after all.


“Alright, but I’m a bit worried. What if an enemy otherworld monster goes unchecked?”

“I have the veteran Ocean Singer and a few new ones in my [Storage]. I’m sure they’ll manage.”

“Hmmm, I’m still uneasy about it. But, well, can’t be helped. Patron, I’ll sing a song for you when this is all over, so make sure you stay safe.”

“That’s a promise.”

“…if you somehow get killed, I’ll undo the last seal to kill the bastard that killed you along with this entire world.”

“Haha. I better be careful then.”


She was a shrine maiden of a land called R’lyeh where an eldritch god resided.

As such, she could borrow power from that eldritch god via the land of R’lyeh. Each time she does so however, the eldritch god’s hold on her becomes stronger. On the third time she does this, she would be fully consumed by the power, and R’lyeh and the eldritch god would be summoned.

Ruhe had already used this power two times, as evidenced by the black patterns covering half of her body. The next time would be the last.

Yet, here she was proclaiming she would not hesitate to use it to avenge me.

That mustn’t happen. And so, more than for my own sake, I mustn’t die.



We continued to discuss the particulars of our strategy.

If the enemy was a top-tier Demon Lord, the fight might take some time to finish, but no matter what, victory was as good as ours already.

Given that, what we discussed was less about how to crush the enemy and more about how to buy time for our defense.


Eventually, I and the attack team went to the white space.

Fighting was prohibited in the white space, so it was safe to gather here. Gathering all the attacking troops outside now was normally better than sending out troops later. After all, once the fighting begins, sending out troops as reinforcements would become harder because those troops would have to contend with the enemy monsters that had entered the dungeon.

This was the case for both sides.


“Oto-san, I count about 500 of them.”

“Ohh, 4 of you against 500 of them? What an interesting difference between attacking forces.”

“Mhm. Within expectations.”

“Actually, are they making light of us? Do they think they can take down our defenses with just this lot? It seems we have more time than expected.”


I agreed with Aura’s assessment.

And then…


<<I hereby give the signal to start the fighting between [Creation] and [Tree]>>


The fighting phase finally began.

Alright, time to win and gain this world.

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  1. Oh now that I know a little more about the Cthulhu mythos her being able to summon that underwater city and that dimensional deity is freaking horrifying.


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  4. Thanks for the chapter desu~


    • Thanks for the chapter desu~

      The War will end within a few minutes at best. This I’m almost sure of.

      [When making dungeon rooms, there was a restriction that the room must be traversable by a humanoid being even without the use of special abilities like flying or prolonged underwatering breathing.]
      * underwatering —> underwater


  5. I see that Chronos was created with the Beast, Time, and Dragon medals. Too bad we did not get to see when and and why Procell decided to create a monster of the oldest generation’s strongest 3. This gon be gud though. Thanks again!


    • Kevin Rock Valencia said:

      It wasn’t because of needs but more of to pay homage to Dragon Demon Lord, it was explained in this sequel when they introduced Chrono’s existence.


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  8. isn’t Ruhe a cheat monster? look like she can travel to wherever that have water on it. regardless dimension, world or even universe..
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      • Had to check that to see if I just mistranslated. But Aura did use an earring and said Ruhe-chan. However, no reply was put in.
        It can be that the Tsukiyo Rui-sensei, the author just messed up, or maybe Aura is acting that Ruhe is in Avalon.

        My opinion is that Ruhe can’t cross worlds because of the wall put up by the Creator. The “otherworld” is kind of like it’s own thing. I think so, at least.


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