Chapter 24: The Great Demon Lord and His Now-stronger [Monsters of the Covenant]

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At the start of the [War], Procell himself led the attack on the enemy dungeon.

He brought along only his 3 [Monsters of the Covenant], a few golems, and the monsters in his [Storage].

Normally, this would be nothing more than a suicidal act.


In a [War], it was mostly easier to defend than to attack. Being able to place traps as well as being able to deploy monsters optimally were just two of the many reasons why this was the case.

So, to the Demon Lords watching the broadcast of the [War] in the Demon Lord Palace, Procell’s decision to attack with so little of a fighting force seemed foolish, to put it lightly.



“That’s one dead Demon Lord right there.”

“Doesn’t he realize he’s up against the [Tree] Demon Lord?”


Normally, they would be right.

Even if Procell was just sent to their world and thus didn’t have much of a war potential yet, he would have fared better if he decided to abandon attacking altogether and put all his efforts in his defense.

He had a small force to begin with, so splitting that up further so that he could make an insignificant invasion just didn’t make sense to the other Demon Lords.

However, that would only be case if Procell’s monsters, especially those he brought along, were within the realm of common sense.


Minutes later, one of the 12 Knights of the Round Table—the 12 magnus opus of Rorono the Elder Dwarf—made an entrance. When the Demon Lords who were watching the fight from the Demon Lord Palace as well as the [Tree] Demon Lord who was viewing it from his crystal first saw the Knight, their faces twitched. Immediately in the next moment, the expression on their faces was replaced with dread.


In unison, they thought of one word: Impossible!

For in just one attack, over a hundred monsters were completely and thoroughly annihilated.

Many of those monsters were even A rank monsters that could and had grown in levels.


Even though the [Tree] Demon Lord expected Procell’s monsters to be strong, he thought that his own troops wouldn’t be much behind. In such a case, numbers should be able to close that small gap, he thought.

He even borrowed monsters from the other Demon Lords just to be sure. So, in a way, this wasn’t just between him and [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, rather, it was more a fight between Procell and the Demon Lords of the [Tree] Demon Lord’s world.


Anyway, despite those precautions, it was evidently not enough.


“What, what is that light!? How, how is this possible!?”


The [Tree] Demon Lord said so while he trembled.

He was referring to the violent light that obliterated his monsters.

It seemed to him that once that light was fired, there was nothing that could be done. Everything just dies.

A Demon Lord shouldn’t be allowed to have that much power. That power’s at the level of the Creator himself. It’s too unfair. Do the Demon Lords of that other world freely wield such powers!?

He couldn’t help but have such thoughts. According to the message his monsters were able to send out before their demise, a golem brought forth that light. Moreover, they reported 11 other golems like that one.

Worse still, they said that they felt more power from the 3 monsters Procell brought with him.

At that, the [Tree] Demon Lord wanted to scream: what the hell!? Are you telling me there’s more of that light!?


That one clash would have been enough to break the [Tree] Demon Lord’s will, but his pride and stubbornness from being the one to represent the Demon Lords of their world gave him the determination to go on and see the fight through to the end. And so, even though his hands shook, he gave orders to his monsters.

If they were to challenge Procell head on again, they would lose. Fortunately for him, in order to win, he didn’t have to deal with all the enemy forces. Just taking the life of the enemy Demon Lord was enough.

So, to avoid getting hit by that wide-range attack again or at least lessen its impact, he decided to split his monsters up and made them focus all their efforts on killing Procell.

An attack from behind, from long range, from the otherworld, or through poison in the air, there were many ways to take down Procell without direct combat.


By all accounts, the [Tree] Demon Lord was great…sadly, he was not overpowered. So, against someone who is—like the [Creation] Demon Lord—he was severely lacking.



An elf with blonde hair and a great body seemed to be in an ill mood.


“Are they still underestimating us? If they think they can deceive my eyes and my wind with only this much, then they’ve got nothing but themselves to blame for getting killed.”


Aura said so while her [Jade Eyes] sparkled. Such magical eyes were said to be granted to the very first elf who guarded World Tree.

On top of ultra-far sight, x-ray vision, and clairvoyance, it also granted her the ability to see through spiritual energy, magical energy, and even thoughts. There was nothing that could escape from these eyes.

Additionally, she was beloved by the wind. She could feel whatever the wind within a one-kilometer radius around her touch against. So, as long as the wind could flow, none could escape from her.


About 700 meters in front of her, the wind gathered around the monsters disguising themselves as trees. The wind then constricted and crushed those monsters.

As for the monsters who were hiding below the ground to monitor the situation, carbon monoxide was poured through the breathing holes they dug while oxygen was sucked out of their lungs. The result, they died before managing to get out.

There were also monsters who planned to snipe from the otherworld. However, the moment they peeked out to shoot, they were decapitated by wind blades.


Each and every one of their surprise attacks were foiled by a single Elf.


“Geez, Aura, you’re doing too great of a job. If you find and then also kill everyone, Kuina’s turn will never come.”

“Well, quickly taking care of small fry is my specialty. Remember our roles, Kuina-chan. I’m primarily the scout, you’re the ace, and Rorono’s the one to fill the gap between us. If I can’t take down an enemy right away, they’re all yours.”

“Then Kuina might really not get a chance. I mean, at this rate, their strongest might just be an ordinary A rank. Kuina understands, but… I just want to kill them all for their gall to pick a fight with Oto-san, thinking they can take him on. Oh well.”


Aura then patted the bored-looking Kuina.

In that moment, a bird-type monster flying in the sky came crashing down. The cause was the atmospheric pressure around it suddenly decreased to the point that its ears ruptured.

This quick and accurate move was also done by Aura.


In the old days, her control over the wind was already great, but when she met with the true World Tree and received its blessings, her abilities improved so much more. More importantly, she wasn’t just somebody born into a race who safeguarded the World Tree, she was now officially a shrine maiden of the World Tree.


“Aura, you’ve been going at it for quite a while now. Do you still have magic power?”

“Yeah. I’ve been drinking golden apple potions.”


The apple tree planted at the founding of Avalon was a pseudo-World Tree that bore golden apples.

The difference between the potions made from those golden apples and all the other potions were like night and day. By consuming them and thus increasing the rate at which she recovered magic power, Aura was able to do her job dungeon room after room. Keep in mind that she was not only finding and killing enemies, she was also mapping the room, detecting traps, and more.

Thanks to all her efforts, we were able to take the shortest, simplest, and easiest path each time.


And so, in no time at all, we had cleared five dungeon floors. At the moment, we were entering the 2nd room of the 6th floor.

It was a complicated system of tunnels that was a bit stuffy.

As per usual, Aura conducted a survey of the room. This time though, she reported to us the position of the enemies. The fact that she felt she had to relay this information meant she couldn’t dispatch of the enemies, not quickly enough anyway.


“At last, Kuina’s turn!”


Kuina announced so while her fluffy fox tail swung left and right, revealing her enjoy to be able to take action.

According to Aura, there was a large group of golems made out of metal lying in wait.

It was hard to imagine that a monster that could make such golems was born from the [Tree] Demon Lord’s medal. More likely, it was borrowed from some other Demon Lord.

Being made of metal, the golems would have been hard to destroy for Aura’s wind. She might have a much easier time if she used the anti-materiel rifle on her back, but then that would consume valuable ammunition.

Meanwhile, with Kuina’s firepower, such enemies were nothing.


“Alright, I’m going!”


Before Kuina could go further though, Rorono grabbed hold of Kuina’s tail.


“Wha!? What are you doing!? Don’t touch my tail! Only Oto-san can do that…”

“You’re our ace, Kuina. You have to reserve your strength for the enemy’s strongest units. Or have you forgotten master’s commands?”

“Yeah, but if I only use a little bit magic power, I’ll recover it no time.”

“Denied. You have to be in optimal fighting condition at all times. Or else, what’ll we do when a strong enemy does attack? Aura and I will deal with the ones we can deal with. Besides that, I confess I’m a bit interested with this golem army as well as the technology used to create them. Who knows, the technologies of this world might be fundamentally different from ours. I might even be able to incorporate them into the Knights of the Round.”


Rorono said so with fire in her eyes.

…this girl was that kind of girl: a research maniac. Anytime she could gain new knowledge, she would try to do so.


“Geez, you just want to fight too, Rorono-chan.”

“I won’t deny that. Even so, according to master’s command, I should be the one to take care of this. Why don’t you do sleep-fox while you wait?”


Sleep-fox was this ultimate technique wherein Kuina would lie down, round herself up like a ball and then use her tail as a pillow. It was incredibly cute.


“Knights. Infinity Green and Fortress Brown, deploy.”


Rorono issued commands to two of her Knights of the Round Table.


Infinity Green was a Knight that specialized in prolonged combat. It had the mechanism to automatically repair itself, absorb magic power, and also to operate extremely efficiently to the point that there was virtually no wasted energy.

By collecting materials present in the environment, it could then make ammunitions, supplies, and even replacement parts. On top of that, it could continue operating even when severely damaged.

There wouldn’t be any bit of exaggeration to say that this golem could fight forever.


The other one was Fortress Brown.

Its role, as its name might suggest, was to be like a fort.

It had multiple layers of heavy armor, magic barriers, and other special defensive mechanism. On top of all that, it also had a feature that could convert all those defensive powers into an attack.


Green was the perpetual motion machine, while Brown was the absolute defense unit.

The reason these two were chosen was simple: to preserve our fighting force…but I felt it was more so that she could have more time to observe the enemy golems.

If it was the other Knights, the fight would be over in an instant. When compared to the others, the attack power of these two would seem mediocre.


“Rorono, I won’t tell you to hold back your curiosity, but don’t take too much time, ok?”

“Mhm, I understand. I’ll only watch them fight for a little while then immediately crush them so that Fortress Brown can collect their remains. The fight won’t take longer than two minutes.”


Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that feature.

It was quite limited, but the Fortress Brown could store stuff in another dimension. So, calling it a fortress really was apt.


And so, Infinity Green and Fortress Brown moved toward the enemy’s golem army.


“So, you really went with this plan, huh. How predictable.”


Aura pulled out the anti-materiel rifle on her back, aimed it behind her even though nothing was there, and then pulled the trigger.


“I hate killing a kin, but if they aim to harm my master, I will not hesitate.”


Aura said so as she turned around again.

Far away, I could see the body of a headless elf.

The golem army in front of us was a distraction.

They probably thought simple assassination wouldn’t work, so they tried pairing it with a decoy.

However, there was fatal flaw in their plan: Aura was constantly on guard.

To their credit though, they made Aura use her rifle. The fact she used that instead of her wind meant that it was a strong monster. And if even Kuina was unable to detect it, it most probably had a high-level stealth skill.

In all likelihood, this was one of their aces. It seemed like a pushover only because it was against Aura.


“Alright, let’s go.”


And so, we proceeded. Much like before, we moved forward with extreme caution.

The enemy was by no means weak. We were just too strong.

If we faced this enemy a year ago, we most likely would have struggled.


If Kuina couldn’t freely evolve to an [Aether Fox]…

If Rorono hasn’t yet completed her 12 Knights of the Round Table…

If Aura have not yet met with the World Tree and became its shrine maiden…

If any of those things were true, it would have been a close fight.


However, the reality was we have those things.

Sorry, but I won’t go easy.


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