Chapter 19: The Great Demon Lord Schemes

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I had decided to participate in the [Evening Party].

The [Evening Party] was troublesome, but it did have some advantage to it. For example, there were some experiments that could only be done while in the [Evening Party].

And so, I did all sorts of preparations. Before I knew it, the event was at hand.


When I looked up from the documents I was reading, Ciel the educator has slammed her hand against a blackboard and then spoke passionately.


“No, no, no. I’ll repeat it again. The beasts we call humans are stupid and shortsighted, yet they still think they’re smart or something. So, don’t even bother giving them sound arguments. They’d only hear what they want to hear, so the truth is irrelevant. What matters more is that you show them something convenient and you let them know that it’s you that gave it to them.”  


A green-haired, glasses-wearing girl nodded at Ciel’s words.


“So, the humans, they’re monkeys?”

“Yes, exactly. And the city’s administrator is the one with the treats.”

“Oh, I get it now!”


My plan was to make this green-haired girl be the one to take care of this city when I return to Avalon.

She was a B rank monster called Fleur Dryad. Because I had made an S rank monster of the same lineage before, I was able to buy this monster using DP.

She appeared to be completely human now, but that was because she was making use of her high-rank mimicry ability. In her real form, her lower body was actually root-like.


I had many reasons for choosing her to be the city’s administrator. Her ability to mimic humans as well ability to control people’s feelings via the pheromones she sprays, to name a few.

However, those and her other abilities wouldn’t matter if she lacked certain knowledge including the know-how of managing a human city.

For that reason, I asked Ciel to educate the dryad.


“Ciel, how are the lessons going?”

“Rough. But then again, learning all that needs to be learned in a few days is just an absurd challenge. Even for an intelligent race like dryads.”


Because this dryad was a high-ranking monster, her basic abilities including her intelligence were better than an average human’s, but it wasn’t anywhere near extraordinary.

…if it turns out she can’t do it alone, then we have to provide her with support.


“I see. Well, keep at it. Once we’ve returned to Avalon, I’ll send someone with more training here. They’ll both help the dryad and continue her training.”


That other monster could take care of the heavy lifting, while the Fleur Dryad would continue to be the face of the city.


“If it’s going to be like that, I think we’d be somehow able to get by. I can train her just enough to be able to run the city with some assistance.”

“Wawawa, I’m not so sure.”


The two’s contrasting replies made me smile wryly.

All that being said, the main question was whether I could send a monster here after I’ve come back to Avalon.




“What a nostalgic feeling.”

“I’m pyui ready!”


I felt a peculiar floating sensation.

This was the sensation I felt whenever the Creator was summoning me.

Even in this world, it’s the same sensation.


“Ciel, come, hold my hand.”

“Yes, my Demon Lord!”


Afterwards, I summoned one monster from my [Storage] and then messaged another monster to come to me.

According to the rules of the [Evening Party], only three monsters could accompany a Demon Lord. Moreover, each of those three monsters had to be small enough to be able to pass the entrance of the hall.

It didn’t take long for all three of my monsters to gather, but it was still only Ciel that was visible. Yes, rather than prioritize pure fighting strength, I picked monsters with great covert abilities.

In the event that I was attacked in the [Evening Party], the other two would not engage head-on but instead attack from behind. Moreover, with them around, it was rather unlikely that I would be taken by surprise myself.

However, because their fighting capabilities were rather low for S rank monsters, it really was all up to Ciel to hold the frontline. At present, Ciel could once again use her [Perfect Trace], so she should be able to do that just fine.


“Ciel, once this [Evening Party] ends, I’ll officially appoint you as one of the [Eight Demonic Champions]. And when we’ve returned to Avalon, we’ll celebrate your promotion.”

“Pyui!? Are you serious!?”

“I am. …and again, thank you. I’m glad you’re with me in this world.”

“Pyufufufufu, you’re making me embarrassed, my Demon Lord. Alright, time to give my best on my last job as a rank and file monster! Pyufufufu!!”


Ciel was smiling so much, her face momentarily reverted into that of a slime. It was a bit weird to look at, but I managed to hold myself back from saying anything.

This was her moment, so pouring cold water on her was in poor taste. Plus, with the crazy amount of work waiting for her when she becomes one of the [Eight Demonic Champions], she deserved at least this much.



The mandatory Transfer ended.

Ciel and I were in this garden where flowers of all colors were in bloom. Such beauty was bound to captivate just about everyone.


However, the more you look at it, the more you’ll notice the strangeness: flowers that were unique to each season were side by side here. The flowers were forced to bloom, without any regard to their unique needs, and what was prioritized instead was the beauty that their arrangement could provide.




When I first saw this garden, I was completely in awe.

However, I knew better now.

This encapsulated the Creator’s way of thinking. All that mattered was his enjoyment. And to him, these flowers and us Demon Lords might as well be the same thing.


“My Demon Lord, you’re making a grim face.”

“Sorry, I got lost in thought. Let’s go.”


I said so not only to Ciel but also to the two invisible monsters. We were Transferred properly.

I also tried summoning a monster from my [Storage], but was unsurprisingly unable to.

And so, we walked the pathway laid out for us.

After a while…


“The Demon Lord Palace.”


This was the Creator’s castle.

A sacred place for us Demon Lords mainly due to the fact that this was where the [Evening Party] was held.

the Demon Lord Palace used for this world looks a whole lot like the one we use.


“As I thought, the two worlds have the same Creator. …and I’m convinced now more than ever that this place would lead me to Avalon.”


This Demon Lord Palace looked so much like the one I knew, they had to be the same place.

If so, it was then reasonable to assume the Creator of both worlds were also the same.

The fact that I was summoned to the Demon Lord Palace was also of note. This could lead me to the answer I have been wondering: how was the [Transference] Demon Lord even able to send me to a whole other world?


Through our tests, we discovered that a crazy amount of magic power was needed in order to cross worlds.

Only one side having an S rank monster wouldn’t be enough; both sides needed to have S rank monsters.

Rude though it might be, the [Transference] Demon Lord couldn’t have had that much power.


And so, we had a hypothesis.

The reason might be that my origin point was here, the Demon Lord Palace. It was possible that this place was closer to the new world I was sent to, hence why the [Transference] Demon Lord was able to send me there by himself.

However, perhaps it was more accurate to say that the Demon Lord Palace was close not only to the new world, but many other worlds as well, hopefully including Avalon.

Another thing that supported this hypothesis was that if the Creator oversaw many worlds, it made sense to place his Demon Lord Palace at the center of those worlds. That way, it would be much easier to summon Demon Lords from any of those worlds.

It was for this that we were going to try an experiment.


“Ciel, be ready to perform the experiment. We can’t afford to make mistakes.”

“Yes, my Demon Lord. It’s a race against time!”


Like that, I, Ciel, and the two invisible monsters entered the Demon Lord Palace.

The experiment was important, but so too was interacting with the Demon Lords of the new world.

I would obviously prefer it if they would be friendly, but fat chance of that happening.

Oh well, what will be, will be.

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