Chapter 2: The Great Demon Lord and [Perfect Trace]

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I went outside with Ciel the Evol Slime.


“Pyufufufufu, if this all goes according to plan, I could get promoted. Becoming one of the [Four Pantheons] might be too much to ask, but becoming one of the [Eight Demonic Champions] is well within reach. My heart’s going all pyui!”


The blue-haired beautiful girl said so and then laughed maniacally.

The Four Pantheons and Eight Demonic Champions were titles I awarded to special monsters.

At the top of my monsters’ hierarchy were my three [Monsters of the Covenant].

Following them were the ones we called the [Four Pantheons]. By themselves, each of the [Four Pantheons] were absurdly powerful, but their true merit came in their capabilities as a commander.

In case a monster did not have enough leadership capabilities but was still excellent in fighting to the point that it alone could fight an entire nation, it could qualify as one of the [Eight Demonic Champions]. Truth be told, some of the [Eight Demonic Champions] possessed enough power to rival even my [Monsters of the Covenant] in a head-on one-to-one fight.


The one who thought of awarding these titles to exceptional monsters was Duke the Black Dragon of Death Sigwurm. When he pitched the idea, he told me it would help motivate my monsters.

It was also suggested that each monster inducted to these positions be granted an alias.

Because I was the kind of Demon Lord to indulge my monsters, I personally came up with these aliases. However, I might have gone a bit overboard on some of them. I mean, I dubbed one of them the [Angel of Death]. Thankfully, the person herself seemed to like it.


“Pyufufufu, I’m so excited to have an alias.”


If Ciel could indeed bring me home safely, rewarding her was a must. Then, I better start thinking of a good alias right now. Maybe one that’s not too much though…


At any rate, when we exited, the girl looking after me rushed toward us. She looked so worried while she asked her questions.

At her feet, I noticed the basket she put down. It was filled with clothes, leading me to think she was in the middle of doing laundry.

In an effort to calm her, I made gestures that might convey I was in better health now. At that, she looked relieved and returned.


“My Demon Lord, wouldn’t it be easier if you understood what she’s saying?”

“It’s likely that we’d be imposing on them until the others arrive, so yeah, it’d indeed be a lot easier to understand her…we could stay at another place, I suppose, but since I like the taste of her emotions anyways, finding another place and then securing a decent enough food source might be more hassle than its worth. And even then, knowing her language should still be useful.”


I was a Demon Lord, and as such, instead of regular food, my source of nourishment was human emotions.

For most Demon Lords, the way to feed on these emotions was to build dungeons and then enticing adventurers to come with treasures as well as with experience points in the form of monsters.

I was a tiny bit different though in that my dungeon was a city where humans lived. While other Demon Lords primarily fed on negative emotions, I preferred the more positive ones. Positive emotions tended to be weaker than negative emotions, but that was more than made up by the longer periods of time that the humans spent within my city.


The girl’s emotions obviously lacked in quantity, but the quality wasn’t too bad.

Nevertheless, if I fed on only her emotions, I would eventually die due to starvation. I might have ten days before that, perhaps even less, considering that the emotions one possessed tended to get weaker unless something extremely different happens.

If it looks like it’s going to take long before I get back home, I should look into ways of obtaining emotions from more people.


“Then, it can’t be helped; leave it to Ciel. Pyui!”


Ciel said so before consuming the fur tail she took when the girl passed her earlier.

And then, she spun around in the air just like what she did when she assumed her blue-haired-girl form. When she landed, she now had fox ears and a fox tail.

This was her ability [Trace]. By consuming a part of another’s body, she could obtain not only their form but also their abilities.


“Pyumumumu…. I now have crystal clear understanding of her language, pyui! Let me teach it to you too, my Demon Lord!”

“Sure, thanks. I almost forgot you had that kind of skill.”

“Yup, yup! …well then, let me return to my original form first. [Mind Transmission]”


Ciel said so and then returned to her blue-haired-girl form. Right afterward, she activated [Mind Transmission]. She got this skill from a monster of a Demon Lord we fought and defeated. It allowed the user to share their own knowledge to another individual.

It was quite useful in distributing large amounts of information in a short span of time.


It might not seem obvious because of her carefree attitude, but Ciel was quite considerate.

She not only gave me the knowledge for the language but also knowledge about our current location and areas that surrounded it.

… I don’t recognize the names of these countries…


A sense of discomfort welled within me.


Could there just be some kind of misunderstanding? No, whatever it is, I’m sure it can wait. My priority right now should be finding a way to contact Avalon.


“Then, my Demon Lord, I’ll now be using [Perfect Trace]!”

“Yeah, go ahead. Ahem, I, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, hereby grant you authorization to use [Perfect Trace]”



Ciel reverted to her default slime form and then released a scary amount of magic power that disturbed the air as well as the surrounding trees.

At that time, I used my Demon Lord powers to look at her Status.


Race: Evol Slime

S rank

Name: Ciel

Level: 87

  • Physical Strength: E
  • Endurance: E
  • Agility: C
  • Magic: D
  • Luck: D
  • Special: EX


  • Trace: By consuming a part of the target’s body, it becomes possible for the user to change into the target’s form. While in the target’s form, the target’s Status and skills are available to the user but at a lower rank.
    • While assuming the target’s form, no other skills besides the target’s can be used.
    • It is possible to use the target’s skills even without transforming to their form, but the skills will be at two ranks lower.
    • Only those at A rank and below are eligible as targets.
  • Split: Allows the user to produce a copy of themselves.
  • Complete Physical Immunity: Renders all physical attacks ineffective. Also grants (moderate) magic resistance.
  • Storage Space: Allows the user to store materials in another dimension.
  • Supreme Shapeshifting: Allows the user to modify their body to whatever form, mass, texture, toughness, and color to whatever they want it to be.

As an S rank monster, an Evol Slime’s stats were low.

Then, there were its skills. Complete Physical Immunity and Supreme Shapeshifting were reliable, but for an S rank monster’s skills, they were rather plain. Meanwhile, Storage Space was pretty much useless in a fight.


Unsurprisingly, [Trace] was the most noteworthy of her skills.

Granted, it gave her skills and stats that were a rank lower than the original’s, but it nevertheless allowed her to become anybody.

It made her absurdly versatile.

Moreover, because when untransformed she could use the skills of anyone and everyone she had absorbed a body part of, she had even more cards in her hand.

For those reasons, it should go without saying that I had her absorb a part of each monster in Avalon.


…it was just a shame that [Trace] could only be used to copy those at A rank and below.

Fortunately, my influence on her nature through naming gave her a new skill, which she unlocked when she had reached a high enough level.

This new skill was even more of a trump card.




Such a sound came from Ciel.

Her magic power swelled almost explosively. And then, her real trump card activated.


“[Perfect Trace]”


From her slime form, she transformed into a short, beautiful girl with silver hair and ice-blue cold eyes.

This was the form of Rorono, the world’s greatest dwarf as well as one of my three [Monsters of the Covenant].


[Perfect Trace]: By consuming a part of the target’s body, it becomes possible for the user to transform and become the target, reproducing its stats and skills as they are.


Yes, [Perfect Trace] did not have a rank limit at all. In other words, having Ciel was like having not only everyone in Avalon but also anybody she had met before, be it friend or foe.

For this reason, as long as she could figure out which monster would work best against the enemy, she was virtually invincible.


That said, it still had a weak point: its fuel efficiency was horrendous. Just staying transformed consumed a great deal of magic power already, but to make matters worse, her copied skills cost twice as much magic power and stamina to use compared to the original ones.

Because she copied the stats of her target, Ciel could have an increased magic damage output, but the amount of magic power she had remained the same before transformation. Given that Ciel’s own magic power stat was only at D rank, it would take her about two weeks to amass enough magic power to use [Perfect Trace] sufficiently.


“Mhm, perfect. I have become Rorono-sama. Father, I’ll now begin to link with the satellites.”

“You don’t have to copy even the way she talks and what she calls me…”

“I have to in order to set the right mood, and having the right mood is important. …now, Connect.”


And so, Ciel, who could now do what Rorono the Elder Dwarf could do, began establishing a link with the satellites. She should have no trouble accessing it, but then an expression of shock appeared on Ciel/Rorono’s face.


“…That’s weird. I can’t get a response from any of the units. It’s simply impossible for units 1, 2, and 3 to break down all at the same time. My [Perfect Trace] is impeccable too, so it can’t be that. And it’s also impossible for Rorono-sama to lose access to the satellites. But then, is it because the satellites aren’t there to begin with?”


A part of me strangely agreed with what Ciel blurted out.

Avalon traded with every nation in the world. For that reason, I was familiar with the names of those nations. Yet, not one of the nations in the older fox girl’s memories, especially the larger ones, were familiar to me.

Can it be that I wasn’t just Transferred away to some faraway country but to another planet? Or perhaps even another galaxy?


“I’m nearing my limit. Release.”


Her breathing labored, Ciel said so before reverting to her slime form and then transforming to her blue-haired girl form.

Once she was ready again, I conveyed my theories to her.


“Pyuiiiiiiiiiii! Another world!? What are we supposed to do about that? I’ve never even heard of being sent to a whole other planet before!”


Ciel, who was calm and collected before, interestingly became perturbed.


“Pyuiiii, I wanna go home. I wanna go home to Avalon. Living without the delicacies from around the world, the golden apples and golden apple trees, the casino, the hot spring, the theater, the games, and so much more is torture! Torture! I wanna see my sisters again!”

“I feel the same way. That’s why we have to think of what we should do. I can still feel a connection with the [Monsters of the Covenant], meaning there’s still hope. To start with, it was the [Transference] Demon Lord’s power that sent us here. An S rank monster should be able to match what he did.”

“T-that’s right. Using everyone’s skills, we can do even the impossible!”


With Ciel, who could use the skills of every monster in Avalon, we should be able to break through.

It was just a shame we had already used her [Perfect Trace] and would have to wait 2 weeks before it was usable again.


“Ciel, we absolutely can’t waste our next chance. At the very least, we must be able to contact Kuina and the others.”

“Agreed! We mustn’t take too long. Or else, Kuina-oneesama and the others will scold me!”


A good resolve to have, I guess.

I was expecting a lot from Ciel, but that didn’t mean I shouldn’t think of some other way.

…wait, aren’t I overlooking something fundamental? If Ciel’s abilities aren’t available right now, I can just make a monster that’ll help with our situation, can’t I? The question then becomes which medals should I combine my [Creation] with.

I thought so while holding the medal that had my power’s symbol.


Moreover, I should also think of a way to feed.

Because we failed to access the satellites, I was in danger of starving before getting back to Avalon if nothing was done.

The quickest way would be to harm humans, but that just wasn’t my style. As always, I would prefer to feed on happier emotions, if possible.

TL note: Ciel’s skill is written as 完全模倣 (Perfect Mimicry) and has the furigana that reads as Trace. Trace is most likely a reference to fate’s Shirou.

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