Chapter 1: The Great Demon Lord and The [Infinitely Evolving Slime]

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Transfer always gave me a floating sensation, but this was the first time it lasted this long. It might be because I wasn’t used to ultra-long-distance Transfers, but immediately after the floating sensation passed, I felt sick. It was as though I was drunk: the world was swirling, my knees felt weak, and I… I was vomiting.


“At least, I’m still alive.”


I took comfort in knowing the ground was still under my feet, I could still breathe the air, and I was not injured. I was relieved that I didn’t instantly die from that Transfer.


“But Demon Lord abilities sure are something else.”


Originally, when used outside of one’s home dungeon, Transfer needed a pair of Transfer array to be setup beforehand. One was at the origin point and the other at the origin.

However, the one used on me—a Demon Lord ability called Transference—didn’t seem to have that requirement, making it so much more powerful.


All that aside, I needed to find out where I was sent.

And so, I looked at my surroundings. It came as no surprise that I had no idea where this place could be.

All that I managed to figure out from the lush greenery I could see and clearly smell was that this was a virgin forest, a forest that was mostly, or perhaps totally, untouched by civilization.

Moreover, as far as I could tell, every tree couldn’t be found in Avalon.


“It’s possible I was sent to another continent…my weakened link with my girls seem to suggest that as well.”


My soul was connected to the souls of my [Monsters of the Covenant]. The distance between us right now had rendered that connection so weak that it was barely there.

Nevertheless, it was still there. The girls should be able to feel this connection as well and thus know I was still alive. And as long as they knew I was alive, they would be looking for me. No matter where this was, my monsters would eventually find me.


Until they do, I had no doubt that Marcho and Duke would do a fine job of keeping Avalon safe. Under normal circumstances, that is. Given the Demon Lord great war that the Creator instigated, they were going to need every help they could get.


“Hmm? Is it possible to control my dungeon all the way from here through the [Demon Lord Book]? Nah. Even if it’s possible, without any means to know of the situation there, it might do us more harm than good.”


I still felt a bit sick, so I decided to lean on a nearby tree. While resting like that, I decided to come up with some goals I should work towards.


“First would be to secure an area where I can safely wait until my monsters arrive. Next would be to find a way to communicate with Avalon. Third, find a way back myself.”


I decided to focus on those three things. And between those three, I prioritized the first one. After all, even if I found some way to contact Avalon, it would take time for my monsters to reach me.

Moreover, the sickness from the Transfer was affecting me worse than I thought. I wasn’t able to control my Demon Lord powers well enough, so I was unable to summon any of the monsters in my [Storage] or use my [Creation].

Waiting here until I got better was an option, but without any of my Demon Lord powers, being alone in a forest was far from safe. For that reason, I decided to take a risk and search of a place I could safely lie down.


A while passed, but my condition hasn’t gotten better. If anything, it had gone worse due to the walking, but stopping was just way riskier.


“Ahh, yeah, I got that potion Aura made. That should be more than potent enough.”


Aura made potions out of apples, which were fruits borne out of our pseudo-world-tree.

When I took one out of my coat’s pocket…I heard someone scream.

It wasn’t far from where I was, so I headed in that direction to check out the situation.

Upon arrival on the scene, I saw two girls. I didn’t know if they were monsters, but both of them had fox ears and fox tails.

Moreover, the two looked a lot like each other, giving me the impression that they were sisters. The one who looked like a ten-year-old child had a bleeding head. Meanwhile, the one who looked like a girl in the middle of her teens was screaming while desperately trying to stop the bleeding with a piece of cloth.




I was unfamiliar with the language the older girl shouted, but I understood what she was trying to convey.

Please save my sister.

Considering the younger girl’s deep wounds, it was likely she wouldn’t last long. The potion I had could still save her, though.

The only problem was that I only had the one potion with me.

My terrible sickness was progressively growing worse, and if I were to not drink the potion soon, passing out was likely. Objectively speaking, I should drink it myself and ignore the dying girl.



“She looks kind of like Kuina, doesn’t she?”


The older girl looked like Kuina, my very first monster as well as the one I most trusted.

It wasn’t just because she also had fox ears and a fox tail; their similarities were more than that.

For that reason, I couldn’t bring myself to abandon the two.

As paradoxical as a soft-hearted Demon Lord was, that was what I was. I knew I was like that from the start, but perhaps building a city where humans and monsters could peacefully co-exist made it worse.

Either way, that was just fine. After all, my monsters loved me just the way I was.


And so, I approached the girls. The older one kept on saying something to me, but just like before, I couldn’t understand her words.


“Here, take this. She’ll be healed if she drinks this.”


I said so to her even though I knew she wouldn’t understand my words as well.

In order to make her understand, I pointed to the potion’s bottle, did a drinking gesture, and then pointed to the injured girl. It was enough for the older girl to get what I was saying.

When the older girl nodded, I opened the bottle and made the injured girl drink it. Rather, I tried, but so much of it spilled out. Is there no other choice?

Deciding that there was indeed no other choice at the moment, I put the remaining potion in my mouth, pressed my lips on the girl’s, and let the potion slowly but surely flow into her mouth.

And then, a soft, faint light enveloped her whole body. When the light subsided, no wounds were left. Almost right after, she woke up.

Bawling, the older girl hugged the younger one right away.



Well, almost. My condition was still an issue. The world was spinning faster than ever.

It wasn’t long before I fell down.

Staying awake’s just too hard.

As to be expected, giving away the medicine was a stupid decision. All I could hope for now was that it wasn’t a fatally stupid one.


“I hope you return the favor, look, after, me”


Despite knowing they wouldn’t understand my words, I used my last strength to say so.



I woke up and felt relieved that the sisters weren’t so heartless that they would abandon their benefactor.

When I surveyed my surroundings, I discovered that I was currently in a building made of wood.

The clothes I was wearing before were replaced by what might be described as a thin gown made of cotton. I couldn’t say it had great materials or good aesthetics, but it seemed made to be durable. Moreover, it had little to no signs of damage, giving me the impression that it was used with great care.

The sisters were also wearing something like this…Oh, I think I heard of clothes like these before. I think they’re the clothes worn by the people of a small country to the east. Kimonos, I believe they’re called.


At any rate, I decided to get up.

When I did, I heard the sound of footsteps.

It belonged to the older girl.




Just like before, I still couldn’t understand her words. I did, however, understand that she was concerned for me.

She had brought with her a wooden bowl filled with rice porridge and some pickled vegetables.

She tried to give me a spoonful, and I took it. For some reason, that delighted her.

What an adorable girl.

Her appearance and just general atmosphere really were similar to Kuina’s. She was so much more graceful than the latter though.

When I finished eating, she bowed her head and left.

It would seem I’ll be under their care for a while. Which, I guess, takes care of my goal of securing a safe place to stay.


After she left, I did a self-check.

My Demon Lord powers as well as my magic power seemed to be in order.

It looked like I had finally recovered from that Transfer sickness.


And so, I called a monster out from my [Storage].

The one I called was the one I prepared in case something happened during the [Evening Party].

It was a named S rank monster that possessed the ultimate versatility and adaptability.

It was a drip-shaped, semi-transparent, infinitely evolving slime.

She was Ciel the Evol Slime.


“Pyui! Pyui! Pyupyuu!”


Ciel rubbed her slime body against me.


“Ciel, now’s not really the time for this. Could you hurry up and transform into something that can talk?”



Ciel jumped and then did a turn. In almost an instant, she became a 13-year-old-looking, blue-haired girl.

Her large, round eyes would make her appear to be an innocent and cute girl.


“My Demon Lord, because I know what’s going on outside even though I was in your [Storage], there’s no need to tell me of the situation! Let me take care of it!”

“Glad to hear that… I knew I could rely on you.”

“Pyufufufu. Of course, for Ciel is Avalon’s strongest!”


I did not deny her claim.

For the first few seconds of a fight, Ciel could not be matched by any other monster. Beyond those few seconds, however, any other S rank monster was bound to outperform her.


“Alright, just to be clear: I want to contact Avalon, but I have no means to do so…in order to help me accomplish this, I give you permission to activate [Perfect Trace].”


I told Ciel to use her trump card.

Because it was an ability she would be unable to use again for a while, she could only use it either when I give her permission or it was a major emergency.

It was because of this ability that I deemed her to be the most versatile and most adaptable monster I had.


“Alright, let’s see… I think it’s best if I become Rorono-sama. If I become her, I should be able to establish a link with her satellites. And once I’ve done that, wherever in the world this place might be, we should be able to contact Avalon!”

“Okay, give it a try”


Rorono the Elder Dwarf, one of my [Monsters of the Covenant], had finally built her own satellites. It was launched into orbit about three months ago.

Normally, one would need special equipment in order to gain access to it, but Rorono and Rorono alone, its creator and administrator, could link with it without any equipment.

However, if Ciel were to use [Perfect Trace], she could do practically everything Rorono could do.


Wherever in the world we were sent to, establishing a link should be possible.

But why do I get a bad feeling about this? No, it’s just me thinking too much.


“Alright, Demon Lord, let’s pyui-go outside!”


Ciel leading me by the hand, we went outside.

By my estimate, this was the first time in half a year that she was going to use [Perfect Trace]. Having a front-row seat, I was quite excited for it.


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  1. He had the time to create and name a new S rank monster and recover even before the evening party huh? Author-san please hold back a little on the plot will ya? There is even magic-hybrid satelites now? I can even imagine the mass-destruction they could be capable of if she were to use them as weapons. :/

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/


    • Roger H said:

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  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    [Oh, I think I heard of clothes like these before. I think they’re the clothes worn by the people of a small country to the east. Kimonos, I believe they’re called.]

    I guess he’s in technologically undeveloped future Japan? Guess that means all Demon Lords are in America, or something.

    [It was a drip-shaped, semi-transparent, infinitely evolving slime.
    She was Ciel the Evol Slime.]

    Ciel? Shieru? Oshieru? Teacher? Somehow this is becoming more and more of a Tensei Slime reference, what with Ciel being Rimuru’s Ultimate Skill [REDACTED DUE TO SPOILERS]

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    • thediabolicalgenius said:

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      I’m betting that bad feeling is because there won’t be any of Rorono’s satellites there for Ciel to access.


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