Chapter 6: The Great Demon Lord Eats his Meal

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The village leader and his son came and told the fox sisters that they were going to be the next to be sacrificed to this world’s Demon Lord.

Unsurprisingly, the sisters were frightened.

While keeping a sidelong glance at the sisters and their visitors, I spoke in a volume that only Ciel would be able to hear.


“Ciel, let’s go meet with this world’s Demon Lord. I don’t want the sisters to be taken away from us.”

“Like always, you’re really a soft-hearted Demon Lord, aren’t you? Well, not that I dislike that about you.”


We had planned to meet with one of this world’s Demon Lord, but it certainly wasn’t supposed to be this soon.

There was a chance that that Demon Lord would turn hostile on us, so we wanted Ciel’s [Perfect Trace] be available again before proceeding with the meeting.

With only 10 monsters with me, it was a bit hard to imagine that we could completely crush the other Demon Lord, but escaping regardless of what they throw at us was all but certain as long as we if Ciel’s ability was available.

In other words, we might win, but going forward without waiting for Ciel to recover was just too risky.


While Ciel and I was talking in the corner like that, the younger man locked eyes with me.


“Who is that man? Did you reject me just so that you can live with this frail-looking man, is that it!?”

“It’s nothing like that. Ahri would have died if not for him. He’s our benefactor.”

“But why does he have to live in your house!?”

“Circumstances prevent him from returning to his homeland, so I offered my home as a place to stay in the meantime. It’s the least I can do for saving Ahri’s life.”

“Fuc–ah, ahh! It’s preposterous to arbitrarily decide to let a stranger live in the village. Papa, you won’t allow this to continue, right?!?”


He was pretending to uphold the village’s rules, but in reality, he was just jealous.

It would seem he was still attracted to Cumin even to this day. And yet, he openly begged his father for help in front of her. Is he completely ignorant of the ways of a woman’s heart?


“It is as my son says. We can’t just let a stranger stay in the village. You there, leave the village at once.”

“Hm, fine by me.”


The main reason for me to stay was so that I could feed on the sisters.

If they weren’t going to be here anymore, then there was no point for me to stay any longer.


The village leader’s son then grabbed Cumin’s hand.


“Won’t you reconsider? If you become mine, we can find some other girl to sacrifice.”


Ahh, the classic ‘if you don’t want to die, become mine’ schtick. What a pathetic, deplorable man.

Cumin looked at Ahri, who was shaking her head, and then resolutely shook off the son’s hand.


“No, there’s no need for you to do that. We shall become the sacrifices.”

“Are you saying you’d rather be that fiend’s food than be with me!?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Tsk, so be it. I tried to save you, but you just spat on my face. Tomorrow, the two of you will be sacrificed tomorrow.”


His face burned with anger until tears began to well in his eyes. Before they could fall, he turned around and walked out of the sisters’ home.

I could have left him alone, but I decided to give him an advice.


“I’ll tell you why she rejected you. You didn’t know her at all. I’ve been here for only two days, but even I know her better than you do. If you want someone to love you, you better make sure you love the other person first.”


His shoulders shook, but he didn’t say a word back or turned to face me. Instead, he proceeded to go outside. The village leader hurriedly followed after him.


Like I said to him, he didn’t know Cumin at all.

If he stopped and considered her personality, he might’ve guessed that she would rather be the sacrifice than some other girl the village would replace her with.

He might have gotten better results if he focused on offering to save Ahri. But then again, despite being worried about Ahri, it was Ahri shaking her head that gave Cumin the confidence to turn down the offer.

Alternatively, if he truly loved Cumin, he could have solved the problem at its roots: taking care of the Demon Lord asking for sacrifices. That might be too much for a mere human though.


The visitors gone, a crying Cumin turned to face me.


“I’m sorry, Procell-sama. I said I’ll devote my life to you to repay the favor of saving my sister’s life, but it seems I can’t anymore.”


I was quite surprised by this. Given her circumstance, she was still able to worry about me. Needless to say, I was quite pleased.


“I won’t have that. I might not have expressed it, but I am quite fond of the two you. Your emotions are delicious, you know.”


Feeding on them was my true intention. Their emotions were obviously not a lot, but it was incredibly delicious.


“For that reason, I don’t want to let the two of you go. I will protect you.”

“But that would be impossible.”

“Not impossible. The other party might be a Demon Lord, but remember, I am a Demon Lord too…moreover, who knows, maybe a simple discussion will be enough to solve things.”


If the Demon Lords of this world also used medals to make monsters, I could make imitation medals and give it to them.

A Demon Lord could make only one original medal of an attribute they had access to once a month. However, by using an original medal at least once to make a monster, we gain the ability to buy with DP an imitation that was one rank weaker.

Despite being imitations, because we could make as much imitation medals as our food supply (DP) allowed, they were quite valuable. And of course, the rarer the medal, the more valuable the imitation was and the higher the chance a deal could be made.


“Wow, Demon Lords are amazing. …if it all goes well, devoting my life to you might not even be enough to repay you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am just doing what I want.”


If the other person didn’t seem appreciative, I might have demanded some form of compensation. However, this girl wanted to repay me without being prompted.

It was better to just let her conscience decide the price. Besides, this way, I would be able to get even more delicious emotions.


“My Demon Lord, I have a proposal. Why not put an Abyss Howl into their shadows. You know, just in case.”

“Yeah, good idea. [Storage]”


I summoned from my [Storage] a demonic dog.




It had dark blue fur, large fangs, and a mean look. Its ears were rather small, making its hearing capabilities not exceptional. That was made up for by its long nose and sharp eyes.

It was a hunter by nature.


Race: Abyss Howl

B rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 57

  • Physical Strength: B+
  • Endurance: D
  • Agility: A
  • Magic: D
  • Luck: E
  • Special: B+


  • Dark Roar
  • Transfer
  • One Who Lurks In The Shadows
  • One with the Pack


Due to the fact that Abyss Howls had the ability to use [Transfer], I always kept one in my [Storage].

Ordinarily, [Transfer] needed Transfer arrays at both the origin point and the destination.

Obviously, we already had arrays set up in Avalon. While the fox sisters were sleeping last night, I made the Abyss Howl construct an array here and then use it to get back to Avalon. However, we failed. It would seem the Abyss Howl couldn’t sense at all any of the Transfer arrays in Avalon.


“Abyss Howl, go and protect those girls.”



The Abyss Howl barked and then jumped toward Cumin.

Cumin, thinking that the jump was an attack, tried to protect her body. However, the Abyss Howl’s actual goal was her shadow. When the giant dog seemed to crash into the ground, it was swiftly absorbed by the shadow until it vanished completely.

This was [One Who Lurks in the Dark].

Just as the skill’s name might imply, it allowed the Abyss Howl to enter another dimension through shadows and lurk there.

For a guard, there weren’t many skills as convenient as this.


“That kid will now be protecting you from your shadow. It’s called an Abyss Howl. And it’s smart. If the enemy is something it can take out, it will crush it. Otherwise, it’ll proceed to put the two of you on its back and escape.”


Given the Abyss Howl’s A in agility, its Transfer ability, and its excellent detection abilities via its sense of smell, it was a specialist in falling back.


“It looks scary, but it’s actually quite trustworthy, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I’m quite proud of my monster, you know.”


I had confidence in the Abyss Howls, so I always brought them along.

Although to be completely honest, having the S rank Tiro who also had Transfer would have been better, but there was no use in crying over spilt milk.


“I imagine the two you will have other things to attend to before we leave tomorrow, so focus on that. As for us, we’ll now start preparing for the meeting with that other Demon Lord.”

“Is there anything I can do to help in you”

“Hmm, let’s see. I think there are still some other ingredients from Ciel’s foraging yesterday, right? Could I ask you to make something delicious out of that?”

“I’ll try my best. I’ve already been taught how to remove the poison, so I should be able to whip something up, I think.”

“Great, I’ll be looking forward to it.”


Now, time to prepare a trump card in case worst comes to worst.



And so, Ciel and I made a certain trump card.

We were honestly unsure if we could make it or not, but we somehow managed to.

Our numbers here was too low, and hopefully, this trump could help with that.


Once Ciel and I were finished, we ate dinner with the fox sisters.

Today’s dinner was a pie made of a certain fruit. It was quite delicious.

When dinner was over, I tried to stand up, but I stumbled.


“Procell-sama, are you alright!?”


Cumin supported me and helped me sit down again.


“Yeah. I’m just tired.”


Each Demon Lord possessed an ability that other Demon Lords didn’t have. A so-called unique ability.

Mine was [Creation].

Using it consumed a great deal of energy. As delicious as my food supply was, the girls’ emotions were just too few to sustain me. In human terms, I was suffering from malnutrition.


“Your face, it’s just too pale”

“If there’s something Ahri could do, I’d like to give it a try”


The fox sisters looked at me with concern.


“Eating emotions will help me get back to normal. So, if you can, direct some strong emotions toward me.”

“Okay! I’m sending lots and lots of my thanks and appreciation.”


While burying her head in my chest, Ahri began to growl, almost purr.

She was definitely trying to send emotions to me like she said she would, but forcibly sending one’s emotions didn’t really add much. Nevertheless, it made me happy.


“Ahm, Procell-sama, I’ll also send more powerful emotions, but isn’t there a more effective way?”


There were indeed better ways…but they weren’t exactly good methods.


“There are. It’s easier said than done, but if my Demon Lord attacks you, the emotions you’ll feel— fear of death, your pain, and so on—will be stronger than usual. He’d be back to normal in no time at all.”

“Ciel, you know that kind of thing runs counter to my morals.”

“Hmm, sex it is, then. The stimulation from sex, specially at the climax, is like an explosion of emotions. A human’s daily average of emotions can’t compete. So, if what you said about devoting yourself to my Demon Lord isn’t some lie, this much should be acceptable. Don’t worry; my great Demon Lord is a great Demon Lord in that regard as well. If you want, I have some medicine that’ll heighten the pleasure for you. Even if you’re a virgin, you won’t feel any pain; just pleasure.”


Jeez, this girl.

She was talking purely for my benefit, but she was still taking things too far. In fact, Cumin’s face became bright red, and her tail, in her nervousness, hit her behind.

As for Ahri, because she didn’t understand anything at all about the topic, she simply tilted her head.


“Don’t mind what Ciel said.”

“Ahm, Procell-sama, ahm, please answer without holding back… if it’s just a question of wanting to do it or not, do you want to?”

“…if you’d let me, then yes, I’d like to. It’s actually one of the most efficient ways to eat emotions. There’s the matter of being as strong as I could before meeting the other Demon Lord, but more than that, it’ll be because you’re beautiful, both in and out. I think it’s no surprise for a man to want to be with someone like you. But again, I don’t want to force you into anything. I want to build a lasting relationship with you, so if this’ll somehow create a gap between us, then I’d rather not go through with it.”


When I said so, Cumin’s face was somehow redder than before.

Her tail was also swinging wildly.


“Then… I want to do it. If it’s with you, I don’t think I’ll hate the experience. So, so, so… go eat me!”


She ended up screaming the last part.


“My Demon Lord, there you have it. Your meal is now offering herself. It’ll be a waste not to consume it now, wouldn’t it? Plus, what’ll happen when you’re still weak and the other Demon Lord decided to attack? You don’t want to leave us behind, right!?”


I understand, but is this really alright?

Cumin proceeded to lean on me and then stare at me with watery eyes.

So tempting!

I thought so as my Demon Lord instincts began to go wild.

But then, faces of my beloved monsters including Kuina popped up in my mind. It wasn’t just them, the face of the woman I treasured also appeared in my mind.


“…just so you know, I have someone I love. This thing we’ll do will be nothing more than a way to help me gain strength. It’ll be purely physical. Even so, do you really want to continue?”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

“What is it you’ll do, sis? Can I help?”

“It’s still too early for you, Ahri. You’ll have to wait at least two years before you’re ready.”



No, I don’t plan to do anything to her even after two years.


“And I will be providing support. After all, the more pleasure you feel, the better! Us slimes are experts in this indecent stuff, in case you haven’t heard! Pyufufufufu”

“Ahm, well, ahm, I’ll be in your care.”


Based on her acceptance of Ciel’s help, it would appear her anxiety due to her inexperience won against the uneasiness from having another person during the act.

I too accepted Ciel’s support despite thinking of her and the other monsters I made as my own daughters. It’s a bit discomforting, but not too much.


“Shall we go use your room?”



Now that I think about it, I haven’t been inside her room. Makes things a bit more exciting, I guess.

And so, I feasted on a beautiful fox girl all night long.

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