Chapter 13: The Great Demon Lord Builds a Dungeon

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From an upstairs window, I watched the former lord of the land as he ran with his goddess statue in hand toward the carriage I prepared for him. After he boarded, the carriage soon disappeared into the night.


“I hope you live a peaceful life with your beloved treasure.”


I honestly wished so, but I also knew for a fact that he was the type of guy who was bound to forget all the trouble he went through and do the same mistakes all over again.

If he was somewhat reasonable with his luxuries, the fortune I prepared for him could last him his whole life. However, once he was back to gambling and womanizing, all that fortune would be gone in the blink of an eye.

I wouldn’t mind if he did end up like that, but the problem was that he would likely try to extort some more money from me. He might even state that I stole his land through some nefarious means.


For that reason, we attached to him a tiny splinter of Ciel that she made using her Split ability. Ciel’s splinter had a certain amount of autonomy, at least enough that it could tell if the former baron was trying to harm me. In such a case, the former baron would be dealt with then and there.

…objectively speaking, because he was of no more use to us as soon as he signed the papers, it would have been best to get rid of him right away. However, unfortunately, that clashed with my set of principles.

As long as he kept his end of the deal, there was no need for things to get rough.


“My Demon Lord, finally, we’ve secured a stronghold.”

“Thanks in large part to you, Ciel.”


Our preparations for the baron was extremely simple.

Firstly, we forged a family register. The family register of nobles aside, a commoner’s family register could be made easily and cheaply.

Next, we bought adoption and inheritance documents from a fallen noble. In this world, being the successor to a noble house meant inheriting both assets and liabilities.

Once these documents were submitted to the country, it would all be legally binding. In other words, I would become a baron of this world.


“Hmm, I gotta say though, baron is kinda low for you, my Demon Lord.”

“Perhaps, but for our purposes, it’s just right. A higher rank would give us only trouble.”

“Even so, if you order me to take over the whole country, I’ll pyupyui do it!”


Two pyui? It bothers you that much?


A baron was a noble rank that was barely allowed to own land. As far noble ranks go, it was quite low. And because of their low social status, barons couldn’t speak to nobles of higher rank unless spoken to first in social gatherings between nobles such as balls.

Outside of those events, barons had to butter up their betters in order to receive protection.

Rather than being downsides, these things made being a baron enticing for me. As long as I paid the amount demanded by the higher rank nobles, I should be left in peace.



Afterwards, we gathered all the people in the baron’s estate. That pertained to not only the servants, but also the mercenaries hired as guards.

They looked at me suspiciously. It wasn’t until I presented the documents as well as the necklace bearing the former baron’s family crest that they accepted that I was to be their new master.

…of course, the large bonus I offered them helped convinced them too.

I also gave them a half-a-month-long vacation, but that was more to lower the chances of anyone seeing us as we prepare the whole dungeon.

In fact, as soon as they far away enough from the estate, I took out my crystal.


“Finally, we can get started, my Demon Lord!”

“Yeah. Time to make a dungeon—no, a city in this world.”


And so, I poured magic power into the crystal.


“I am [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Henceforth, this place shall be my bastion. Now, [Yield] to me!”


The words came to me naturally.

Next, I summoned and opened my Demon Lord Book to the page about [Plains]. I had decided that a [Plains] room would be my new dungeon’s first room.

Dungeon rooms—and by extension, the dungeon itself—actually existed in their own pocket dimensions. For this reason, even though a dungeon comprised of vast rooms that could be as expansive as an entire country, it might only appear as big as a small hut in the main world.

Now, provided some conditions were met, the dungeon rooms could integrate themselves into the main world. For a [Plain] dungeon room, which was nothing more than an empty flatland, blending with the main world was significantly easier.


With that in mind, I edited the [Plains] room to be as vast as possible.

The crystal then shined, prompting the creation of the new dungeon. Additionally, my surroundings became distorted, a clear sign of the dungeon room was merging with the Farunde territory.

Lastly, the room I was in got turned a separate pocket dimension—one that was adjacent to the [Plains] room. In other words, it became the crystal room. It was dangerous right now because if anyone managed to reach this place and break the crystal, the whole dungeon would vanish. Of course, I fully intend to fix that soon.


“Alright, the emotions should come any moment now… nothing but gloomy ones… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”


The difference in the emotions I got between this place and my Avalon was like night and day.

The overall quality was quite poor. The negative emotions like those felt before death were stronger than the rest, but even those were lackluster because the people had already been desensitized.

The emotions being not filling was bad enough, but the taste being awful was just unacceptable. Unsurprisingly, I preferred happier emotions such as hope, enthusiasm, and joy.


Clearly, something must be done. And to change the people, I believed I must first change the place they lived in.

Fortunately, I had a dungeon as well as monsters to help me do that.


To expand a dungeon and to buy monsters, DP was needed. I had saved up a lot of DP already, so I could get started right away.

First, we must develop the infrastructures of the land. And I have just the right monsters for that.


“Come, Dwarf Smith, High Elf.”


I made five B rank Dwarf Smiths as well as five B rank High Elves.

Even in Avalon, these monsters were extremely helpful.


“”Awaiting your command, master””


Right after being produced, the ten girls knelt down.

The Dwarf Smiths were short girls with brown skin and white hair, while the High Elves were slender girls with blonde hair, white skin, and green eyes.


At the moment of creating a monster, the said monster could be set to have a level that was static or increasing.

If a monster was set to have a static level, it would be born with a level that matched its monster rank, but would not be able to level up. On the other hand, if a monster was set to have an increasing level, it had the ability to level up, but would have to be born at level 1.

Provided enough time, the one that could level up would be stronger. However, given the present circumstance, a battle-ready force was preferable for now. After all, if B rank monsters were among the elites of average Demon Lords, having ten high-level B rank monsters should give us enough leeway for now.


That being said, I made these ten not for fighting, but rather for the utility they provided.

The Dwarf Smiths were expert blacksmiths, while the High Elves were nature experts.

Frankly though, if I could DP buy Elder Dwarves and Ancient Elves, the races of Rorono and Aura respectively, I would do so in a heartbeat. Sadly, I could buy with DP only the monsters who were at least two ranks below in a lineage of a monster that I made through Synthesis.


“Dwarf Smiths, this territory is devoid of infrastructures. I want you to remedy that. Build waterways, erect protective walls, dismantle decrepit and abandoned houses, and build new houses. Remake this city into something the humans would find comfortable to live in.”

“As you command.”

“Ciel, use the knowledge that Rorono has. From the devices that are used in Avalon, pick those that these girls can make and use with their abilities. Pick some building blueprints as well. Also, I leave their training and management to you. As for materials, use as much as is necessary from those that you have stored.”


It sounded like an unreasonable amount of work, but I knew Ciel could accomplish all of it.

Her [Perfect Trace] had quite the limitations, but her [Trace] was even worse. Her [Trace] allowed her to use the skills of only up to A rank monsters, but even then, those skills were weakened by two ranks. That meant that there were just some things that she couldn’t build. At least, not directly. She could simply teach how to make those things to the Dwarf Smiths and they could build it for her.


“Leave it to pyui me!”


When it comes to building things, dwarves were quite the geniuses.

So, with five high-ranking dwarves, blue prints, and samples, they should be able to remake this city into one full of useful infrastructures.


Now, onto the elves.

It was just a cursory observation, but the soil of this place was quite awful.

Which wasn’t surprising, honestly. The land wasn’t abundant in the first place, but the aggressive farming done to meet the taxes only made it worse.

At the moment, no matter how hard the farmers work, it would be nigh impossible to harvest anything worthwhile.


However, it was still something the High Elves could solve.


“High Elves, I want you to bless the barren land within my dungeon and turn into an abundant one. Also, I want you to control the weather within the dungeon.”


I said so and then summoned the High Elf that was in my [Storage]


“Train and lead these girls.”


The one I brought out was born with an increasing level, and has leveled up to the maximum.

She was a reliable veteran that has been with me since Avalon was founded. Knowing her, I was sure she would be able guide these new recruits effortlessly.


“Yes, leave the guidance of my new sisters to me.”


See, she’s reliable.

As for their task, it was to grant their elven blessing to the soil of this territory. Soil blessed by them were proven to be able to grow great, illness-resistant crops.

Additionally, because they were monsters that had great affinity with nature, they could control even the weather. Until the water systems were in place, we would likely be depending on the rain they would bring.


“Understood. We will make sure this land is blessed.”


Once the infrastructures were in place, the land blessed, and the weather in complete control, we would have would have obtained a comfortable living environment for the humans.

However, the emotions provided by that wasn’t enough. Not for me, at least. I wanted stronger emotions. I could eat all the emotions born within my dungeon, but those directed towards me were so much more filling.

To that end, I needed to be known and trusted by the people.


It was getting late though. Gathering the people and earning their trust would have to wait until tomorrow.

It was better to prepare tonight, and go at it full swing tomorrow.

I’m so excited.

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