Chapter 17: The Great Demon Lord is Convinced

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I was able to make contact with Aura.

If we could make our communications a somewhat regular occurrence, getting back home should become so much easier. After all, through the bond between me and my [Monsters of the Covenant] as well as the abilities of the Transfer-type monsters of Avalon, we could determine this world and Avalon’s positions. Once we know that, it should mostly be a question of how much power we needed to cross between worlds.

If the [Transference] Demon Lord was able to send me here, it stood to reason that my monsters, given enough support, could send me back.


“Finally, I could breathe.”


There were still a bunch of things to do, but at least I no longer have to worry whether going back was at all possible.




A beautiful and naked fox girl said so while holding my arm.

This was Cumin, the very first person I met in this world.

Last night, the two of us had sex until sleep got the better of us.

I needed strong emotions back then, so we began doing this. Now that I had a dungeon though, this wasn’t necessary anymore.


Yet, here we are. No, I shouldn’t act like I didn’t want this because I definitely did. …what should I do about her though? It would be great if I can bring her and her sister to Avalon.


Normally, it’ll be a lot of hassle because the way Transfer worked was that the heavier the targets were, the more magic power was consumed. Exponentially so.

However, if they were willing to enter Ciel’s [Storage Space], that wouldn’t be a problem at all.


And what about this city? What’ll happen to it once I’m back in Avalon?


I just made this dungeon, but even so, I have grown attached to it already.

Having someone to take care of it would be a start. If we then discover a way to go back and forth between worlds, even better.



As scheduled, we tried to get in touch with Avalon the following day.

Previously, because we brute-forced our way through the wall between the worlds, we ran out of magic power and got cut off almost soon as we made contact.

This time though, because our side and Avalon’s side would both be transmitting our thoughts, we should be able to meet somewhere halfway and thus lessen the burden on both sides. Hopefully, that would also mean a more stable communication.

Avalon had many monsters who had skills that would be helpful in this effort as well as many monsters who had an abundance of magic power, so there shouldn’t be a problem from their end.

And so…


“Oto-san! Kuina’s so glad you’re safe! Kuina’s going there as soon as possible! I want us to be together again.”


Kuina—Avalon’s strongest monster and the monster most attached to me—shouted Oto-san with a tearful voice.


“Master. I’ve asked Aura and Tiro about the basic concepts involved, and from those data, I plan to make a supplementary device that’ll identify your coordinates as well as cancel out noise during our communication. Not only will it improve the stability of our conversation, it’ll also reduce the impact if not completely remove undesired variables during the time of Transfer. …on my pride as the world’s best blacksmith, I promise you it’s going to be flawless.”


Despite Rorono’s attempts to speak like her usual self—which was calm and composed—the emotions she was desperately holding back have surfaced.

As for the device she was going to build, it would no doubt be a gargantuan task, but it was Rorono, so I also knew she could do it. I truly couldn’t thank her enough.


“Master, please forgive me for being too straight-to-the-point yesterday. …I’m so glad to be able to talk with you like this again. I’m so glad you’re safe.”


Much like Kuina and Rorono, Aura’s voice was a tearful one.

She must have had the same overflowing emotions yesterday, yet she still managed to send the message to try again.

I’m so proud of her.


“Firstly, my lord, please accept my apologies for my inability to find you.”

“Good to hear you haven’t changed, Duke. Look, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s not like I was merely sent to the other side of the sea; I was sent to a whole other world.”  


That was the voice of my right-hand man, Duke. In my absence, he was in charge of Avalon.

I could only hear them, but I was fairly certain that he was kneeling before my crystal right now.

That’s Duke, alright.


“We’ve begun planning for your return since yesterday. We’ve come to the conclusion that even after pooling our talents and resources—Aura-sama’s ability to interact with other worlds, Rorono-sama’s device, Tindalos’s Transfer, and Kuina-sama’s immense magic power as well as her primordial flame that could burn even the concept of the wall between the worlds—we still couldn’t bring you back home by ourselves. The fact that we’re communicating like this, where your side must also put in the effort, proves that.”


Such a concise explanation. Duke truly was reliable.


“Master, this is Aura speaking. Based on our calculations, the Abyss Howl in your [Storage] wouldn’t have enough of an output to meet Tiro halfway. Ciel using her [Perfect Trace] to copy Tiro won’t have that issue, but the accuracy of the whole plan is still suspect. …I estimate the chances of success to be at 80%. While that is a high number, I still can’t recommend it because failure means sending you to an entirely new world, perhaps one that is completely inhabitable.”


For simplicity’s sake, a 20% chance of failure might as well mean a 20% chance of death. It was definitely not a negligible number.


“Our side might be able to solve that. Thanks to you guys breaking the [Transference] Demon Lord’s crystal, I’m now able to make his medal. Using that, I can create a monster who is even more talented at Transfer than Tiro.”


Tindalos was the only S rank monster in Avalon who was an expert at using Transfer. I made her to be good both at combat as well as Transfer, so it was understandable than she would be inferior in terms of using Transfer to a monster made purely for that purpose.


“Understood. Then, my lord, please contact us as soon as you made the new monster. Also, please make Ciel use her analysis-type skills and collect important data.”

“I’d also like to talk to the new kid, master. I’ll be working with Tiro-chan to figure out a way to link Transfer arrays, and I’d like to relay our findings to the new child.”


Before I could issue out any course of action, Duke and Aura were already in the midst of preparations, saving us a whole lot of time.


“Woah, Oto-san, Kuina has a great idea. Transfer becomes more difficult the heavier the target is, right? Then, if it’s a tiny, tiny monster, maybe we can send it without the need for you to make a new monster. I’m thinking Gul-chan? It should be a good experiment.”

“…Ohh, a great idea indeed Kuina-sama. I agree to this proposal. I believe it’s important to do a trial run, regardless. If it’s Gul Rhana’s size, even just an Abyss Howl should be able to work with Tiro, especially if we do it with Rorono-sama’s device.”


Gul, huh. That fellow getting here would be reassuring. Plus, even if the Transfer fails, there’s no problem.

Thanks to that monster’s skill, [Return by Death], even if it gets sent to some unknown and inhabitable place, it should eventually return to Avalon.


“Yeah, let’s go with that. It will take time before I can make a monster using a [Transference] medal, anyway. Until then, let’s do these experiments and try to improve our results.”

“Certainly, my lord. I’ll make preparations in accordance to that.”

“Tiro-chan and the Abyss-chan we’re going to use talk in the same language, so there’s no need to translate. That’s another bonus, right?”



Ohh, Tiro’s there as well.

Tiro had the appearance of a large, fiendish dog, but in contrast, her bark was unarguably so adorable.


We had already gone over the urgent topics, so we used the remaining time to chat idly.


“How about you guys? Are you safe over there? What’s happened to you after the [Evening Party]?”

“There were attempts on Avalon early on, but we’ve quickly repelled them. Back then, we deployed an imposter of you and used devices to give the impression that we could use certain dungeon functions. Of course, as you know, we’ve also crushed that scoundrel’s crystal. We’ve been keeping that former Demon Lord alive, so on your return, please take a look at what we’ve been done to him. For anyone that dares to oppose you, death is too kind of a fate.”


There was no better time to attack a dungeon than when its Demon Lord was away. This was because their absence meant that a lot of a dungeon’s functions were inaccessible.

Yet despite that, my monsters prevailed.

Not only did they deploy an imposter of me, they also somehow mimicked those aforementioned dungeon functions. Even if the other Demon Lords were doubtful, they would still have to be cautious.

I’m so glad Avalon has Duke.


“I see. Then, I really should hurry back home. Until then though, stay strong.”

“Yes, my lord. This place will be as you remembered when you get back home. We wholeheartedly await your return.”

“Oto-san, hope you come home soon!”

“I miss you too, master.”

“Let’s have a party when you come home. I’ll make all your favorite food, master.”


Whether it was because my worries were reduced or because the tension was almost gone, tears began to flow down my cheeks.

Yeah, I definitely want to go back. Back to Avalon where my beloved monsters are.


“Oh, wait. It seems we’re going to run out of magic power soon. I guess this is goodbye for now. Let’s talk again at the same time tomorrow.”


And so, we ended our conversation.

There was no particular need to have another one tomorrow, but hearing their voice was compelling enough of a reason for me. I frankly didn’t know I had such a weakness.

I then took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and thought of them.


It was at that timing that a Dwarf Smith rushed into the crystal room. She was out of breath, giving me the impression that did not come here for any trivial reason.


“Procell-sama, we have a situation. A visitor has come.”

“Who is it?”

“Someone introducing themselves as [Desire] Demon Lord Eligor. She’s waiting permission to be let into the city.”


She found this dungeon so soon? Well, if she still hasn’t attacked at this point, there’s a chance she didn’t come here to break my crystal. But then again, there were only so many reasons a Demon Lord might have to visit another’s dungeon.

TL note:

  1. The raws has this chapter as “chapter 18” and the next chapters follow this trend.
  2. I translated グルラーナ as  Gul Rhana. I have no idea what this can be referencing. As usual, this will be corrected once more context presents itself.

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