First Real Battle

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[Chaotic Flugel].

The origin of the area’s name came from a certain Earl Flugel.

Although the person have been dead for a long time, the area in question once belonged to their earldom.

One day, a horde of monsters began attacking the said earldom.

These monsters came from a nearby forest, but the cause of their attack was unknown.

The monsters’ attack was coordinated and fierce, but even so, the earl managed to let his subjects escape.

The earl fought to the bitter end for his domain and his subjects.

And now, more than 200 years had passed. Some parts of what Earl Flugel once ruled was enveloped by the trees and transformed most of it into a forest, leaving nothing but traces of the people who once lived there.

The monsters that attacked settled in the area and claimed it for their own.

With the new inhabitants and the ruins from that age, this place has become a mixture of the old and the new. Hence, the name [Chaotic Flugel].

Nowadays, this place—the same place Herbert’s group was headed to—was given a danger rating of C, which meant the only ones recommended to explore it were adventurer parties of C rank and above.

Herbert’s group hasn’t encountered any monsters in their journey so far. Each of their member’s fighting capabilities were rather high, but Rodeo wasn’t stupid enough to think they should enter [Chaotic Flugel] right away. Instead, he recommended that, while following a detour Herbert setup, the two boys were going to get some experience fighting monsters.

“I believe this shall serve as the young master and Marlon’s first real battle, right? Then, for now, I’d like the both of you to just fight without holding back on your stamina and mana.”

In response to Rodeo, both Herbert and Marlon nodded.

Their group’s gazes were at the monsters coming their way. These monsters had green skin and were small like children. They only had simple things on their bodies: rusty swords and stone axes in their hands, and grass skirts around their waists.

These monsters were known as…Goblins.

The adventurers’ guild had given them a rating of E in terms of how difficult they were to subdue. They weren’t particularly strong, in other words. In fact, a novice adventurer—as long as they were reasonably equipped—could defeat these monsters.

Slimes and Goblins were regarded as the weakest kinds of monsters there were.



All that being said, Herbert as well as Marlon were both unnerved by what should have been the weakest of monsters.



While letting out a strange voice, the creatures so ugly they were also known as green ogres approached Herbert’s group with every intent to kill.

It was either kill or be killed.

This might sound cliché, but the reality before Herbert and Marlon was truly so raw and unsettling.

To the two who have no real combat experience and only had mock battles so far, the Goblins before them seemed to be some unknown entity.

“…hmp, in the end, it’s just some monster. Alright, let’s try hitting it.”

Herbert said so and then stepped forward.

He was currently wearing some wyvern hide armor that he got from Maxim. He still had a round body, so it had to be custom-made in order to fit him.


It used a large amount of materials, so it cost almost three times more than usual. Return as a man worth doing all this for.”

Upon recalling Maxim’s words, Herbert’s state of mind changed immediately.

Being afraid wasn’t really an option right now. After all, they were headed to a place with even more frightening and powerful monsters.

And so, Herbert cast the spell he was most familiar with.

“Flame Lance!”

Magic spells were divided into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Herbert, even at his young age, was already capable of using the advanced-level spells of all 4 elements. However, his experience in using them were only in the context of target shooting and mock battles. None of it involved any life-threatening battles.

In such a case, it was hard to use spells without delay unless that spell was what they were most familiar.

As mentioned, Herbert could use the spells of all 4 elements, but he was particularly skilled in the use of Fire Magic. And of the spells in that element, he was most familiar with the intermediate-level spell Flame Lance.

Fire magic was famous for how easy it was to distinguish which spells were of which levels.

Beginner-level spells had “Fire” in their names; intermediate-level spells had “Flame”; and advanced-level spells had Blaze.

The spear made of flames that Herbert shot out eventually found its way into the chest of of a Goblin.


The Flame Lance still in its chest, the Goblin collapsed into the ground.

“What the…that was frustratingly too easy.”

It all ended so quickly that they felt ashamed for feeling so afraid just a few moments ago.

Herbert snorted and turned his gaze toward Marlon who still hasn’t made a move.

“We have to move. We can’t afford to linger here.”

“…yeah, I know. Light Arrow!”

Not wanting to lose to Herbert, Marlon fired the beginner-level Light Magic named Light Arrow.

The spell hit its mark and made the other Goblin fall.

“Herbert-sama, as you’ve seen, a spell like Fire Arrow is enough to fell a Goblin.”

“Yeah. I just went with what I was used to earlier. I’ll adjust next time.”


There were 3 steps to do in order to cast magic.

First was to choose in one’s mind the spell they wanted to use.

Next was to mold one’s mana while visualizing the chosen spell.

The last step was to release the molded mana and convert it into the spell.

Herbert could go through these steps seamlessly when using Flame Lance. The result of which was that he ended up using too much firepower against a mere Goblin.

“Alright, let’s proceed. We’re quite far away from the nearest city, so there’s bound to be more monsters along the way.”

Even though the two just finished their first actual combat, Rodeo didn’t change his spartan-like approach.

As soon as they saw a new monster, they would engage it. Their attack patterns depended on how full their mana was. If it was full, they would use magic. If it wasn’t they would fight in short range until they’ve recovered.

As they repeated this cycle multiple times, the two gradually picked up how to reduce their fighting time. Or rather, they learned how to fight more efficiently. Instead of blasting away a monster with excessive firepower, they could whittle it down and then use their swords to deal the finishing blow.

Not that their sword and their magic were the only things that they made use of. They did whatever was necessary, even throwing sand to blind their enemy. Unlike in a sparring match, there was nothing prohibited in here.

Like that, the two of them dealt with all sorts of monsters. These ranged from monsters of a subjugation difficulty of E—which included Slimes and Goblins—as well as monsters that had a subjugation difficulty of D, like Orcs and Ogres.

When they were just about to get tired, they found themselves arriving in their first destination: a village.

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