Chapter 5: The [Time] Demon Lord’s Advice

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After my meeting with the [Black] Demon Lord, I returned to Avalon. Since it ended simply as a meeting, Kuina was a little dissatisfied.


That being said, the meeting pretty much went according to my expectations. Though I couldn’t back out now of this conflict between the [Black] Demon Lord and myself which would probably continue and escalate until either of us falls, I wasn’t really inclined to do so.

I had no intention of losing either. I fully intended to protect both Avalon and my monsters.



Together with Kuina, I headed toward the carriage that was near the First Tree.

I headed there to begin preparing for the visit of the royal family of Axera, while Kuina headed there for a change of clothes.

When she was about to open the door, her fox ears suddenly pointed straight up.


“Oto-san, there’s somebody inside.”


Kuina’s senses were sharp. Even without opening the door, she could sense whether there were people within. She could also tell if the people within were Rorono or Aura.

Wary of this intruder, Kuina readied her shotgun and forcefully opened the door.


“I was getting bored of waiting, master. I’ve missed you!”


While wagging her white wolf tail back and forth, a young girl that greatly resembled Kuina jumped toward me. It was Fel.

Much like Kuina, she was a special S rank monster that was made using only A rank medals. To be specific, the [Time] Demon Lord had used a combination of [Creation], [Time], and [Beast] medals to make her.


“It’s been a while, Fel. I know today was the day for you to pick up the wine, but I had a task I just had to do. I had properly asked the Mythological Foxes to help with the wine though. You didn’t have to wait.”


It was agreed upon that I was to send some wine to the [Time] Demon Lord weekly. Today was the start of that.

Perched on Fel’s shoulder was a crow monster that could use Transfer. In all likelihood, it was the one tasked to transport the wine.


“Uuuuh, you’re so mean, master. I can’t come all this way to Avalon and not meet you. So, you see, I did have to wait here.”


Behind Fel were the Mythological Foxes. They were lowering their heads repeatedly.

I see.

It seemed that although they tried to keep it as simple as a delivery could be, they were overcome and were coerced into guiding Fel here.


Can’t be helped.

It was only for a short time, but Fel did fight for me as my subordinate.

A little service like this was most likely fine.


“At any rate, welcome, I’m glad to see you again.”


When I brushed her head, the swinging of her tail grew more intense. It was charming.


LNvol7 (5).png


“It feels great when you brush my head like that, master.”

“I’m not your master anymore, so you don’t have to call me that.”

“Even so, master will always be my master.”


I didn’t particularly mind having her so attached to me.

As such, I decided to brush her head some more. While we were like that, Kuina approached.


“It’s been a while, Fel-chan!”

“I missed you too, Kuina!”


Fel’s eyes sparkled in delight when she looked toward Kuina.

The two of them then high fived. As usual, the two were as close as sisters.

Looking at the two, an idea struck me.


“Oh. Kuina, if Fel was to join your special training, it would greatly help, wouldn’t it? There aren’t many monsters that can fight on equal footing as you. I think it would be a great experience for you both.”


Duke was pretty much the only one in Avalon that could match Kuina in a head-on battle. However, because there were downsides and risks when Duke fought at full power, letting them fight each other wasn’t something I could do thoughtlessly.

With Fel as the opponent though, Kuina could probably fight as much as she wanted.


“That’s a great idea! Fel-chan, if you want to, we can train together! I’ve made a new technique recently!”

“That seems interesting. It’s been so long since I last played with you. Master, is it alright if I take Kuina with me to father’s dungeon? If we use the [Time] arena, we can go all out. We can even fight to the death. I don’t think my body can endure this new technique of hers without any aid.”


I thought about it for a while.

The arena made by the [Time] Demon Lord was installed with a mechanism that would rewind time back and make everything within revert to their initial state, regardless of the injuries the fighters might have sustained.

Basically, the fighters could earn valuable fighting experience for no risk at all. For Kuina, who had fought mostly inferior enemies, being able to fight a formidable enemy like Fel to the death would surely be helpful.

It was an extremely enviable facility.


“Your proposal’s great, but wouldn’t we be imposing too much?”

“Of course, we have to ask father for permission first. But once I tell him I brought home a friend, I’m sure he’ll say yes. Besides, if I were to fight Kuina, I too would get stronger! This wouldn’t be just for her.”


It was certainly as she said. Being able to fight with Kuina would be just as useful for Fel.

I’ll take her on her offer then.


“Alright, but how about you, Kuina? Would you like that?”

“Yeah ♪! Kuina always wanted to fight Fel-chan to the death to know once and for all who’s the strongest. I’ll show her the awesomeness of a big sister!”


As to be expected of Avalon’s strongest monster, she said such frightening things with a pure smile.

I couldn’t help but smile bitterly at that.


“Mythological Foxes, please package the Avalon wine. Kuina and Fel, I have a favor to ask. Since Kuina will be imposing, bringing a gift for the [Time] Demon Lord is the least we could do. So, with this money, find something he might like.”


I said so and then handed money to each.


“Woaaahhhh! If we have this much, we can buy gifts for the entire Chronos Knights! Thanks!”

“We’ll select the best gifts!”

“If there are any left, keep it.”


“Yeah ♪”


In high spirits, the two dashed out. Meanwhile, the Mythological Foxes hurriedly carried the Avalon wine and followed the two.


It’s great to be energetic. Now then, I should do some work.

As I thought of that, an almost panting Fel came back.


“Master, I almost forgot! I have a message from father. Don’t take the [Black] Demon Lord lightly. Worst comes to worst, use the silver watch… that’s it. Ah! Kuina, wait!”


Right after delivering the message, Fel left.

I then reached for the silver-colored watch chained around my neck and took it out. It was a beautiful watch ornamented with beautiful craftsmanship.


It wasn’t any ordinary silver watch though.

This watch held within it the powers of the [Time] Demon Lord.

I had received it as a reward from him after Aura had volunteered and successfully overcome his challenge.



It was one of the trump cards I have been holding back. For the [Time] Demon Lord to tell me to use it, something must be going on. Perhaps it had something to do with the [Black] Demon Lord’s powers.


“The high variance of the [Black] Demon Lord’s ability is troublesome though.”


Generally, a Demon Lord’s power and monsters could be guessed from their name.

On the [Black] Demon Lord’s case, however, his powers seemed too general, too obscure. And that made his actions hard to predict.

It was inefficient, but if his actions were hard to predict, we just had to be prepared for everything.

My [Creation], which would not fall behind in terms of versatility, allowed us to do so.

And so, while readying all sorts of countermeasures, we were solving immediate problems. For example, having to deal with the royal family coming to Avalon.



After that, Kuina has been frequently coming over to Fel’s to train.

According to Kuina herself, she had completely mastered her new special move and was winning more than Fel.

I was a little curious how she was overcoming Fel’s [Time] ability.


Also, a few days after Fel’s visit, we welcomed an advance delegation for the royal family.

After we gave them world-class delicacies, entertained them with Ruru’s songs, provided them with evening entertainment, and showered them with gifts, the delegation left with smiles on their faces.

Thanks to the public knowledge that we unilaterally crushed a city of theirs in a war, this delegation was considerably well-behaved unlike last time. It was a sign that they were at least putting an effort to build a good relationship with us.

Also, according to them, the royal family should arrive in a week’s time.


I wasn’t entirely sure and would need Ruru’s intelligence corps to gather evidence to confirm, but the head of the delegation seemed to be aware of the true identity of their god. He also seemed to know that they were being used.

Even if the royal family was like him and was unsympathetic to the [Black] Demon Lord’s religion, the religion’s influence was just too strong for them. If ever they were to be excommunicated by that religion, they would lose the support of their people and their kingdom would truly be under the complete control of the church.


If that’s the way things are, I can take advantage of it. I can give them a way out.


There was also another development in Avalon recently.

Perhaps it was due to that guy’s instructions, but his believers in Avalon were active now more than ever.

Each day and night, they had been doing their smear campaign against me.


I should do something about them soon.

Establishing my new religion as soon as possible was one solution. By having a group of people that would worship me and defend my name, it would lessen the chances of the [Black] Demon Lord’s religion of turning people against me.


Even though it wasn’t on purpose back then, thankfully, we had already planted many seeds that would suggest that Avalon was a city loved by a god.

And now, all that I needed to do were pretty much to just proclaim that I was a god and that Avalon would be the holy capital of the nation I would be founding.

…that and think of a name for my religion. I should consult everyone so that we can come up with a good one.


Another note: The pocket watch is from the bonus chapter in the 2nd volume of the LN.


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  1. Jzikeryan Williams said:

    Where the bonus at?


  2. I wonder if Dantalion actually did the smart thing and NOT change Creation’s attribute while creating Felsias….


    • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

      The Human original medal is an A-Rank medal. Felsias and Kuina were apparently made with similar “recipes”, Beast+Creation (Human)+Time/Fire respectively. That makes me wonder; once used, Procell can’t repeat the medal again. If that is so, it means that other Demon Lords can repeat those medals or Felsias was made using a different choice from the Creation medal.


      • We KNOW Dantalion used Time and Beast. We do NOT know what he did with Creation, but so far Fel has not shown fire affinity. Whether or not Creation’s limit is global or personal makes little difference.
        What DOES matter is that using the medal AS IS will allow you to henceforth make Creation Imitation Medals….


      • Two things: first, even Procell hasn’t made a Creation imitation. It’s as if it’s impossible. 2nd, even if it was, there is no guarantee it will have the special synthesis function.


      • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

        Part of the rules of Creation is that it can’t be used as it is and doesn’t generate Creation imitation medals.

        About Felsias, the one that said initially that it was made with Creation and Beast medals was Kuina. She can somehow tell that they have these 2 medals in common and I can’t explain that.


      • True, it is speculation up to some point. But consider that dungeon Lords live for 300 years and produce one Medal every Month. 300*12 is an awfull lot of Medals. Unless there is an equally large amount of attributes, he will run out of atributes before he runs out of life time.
        Plus, there is nothing indicating that it would NOT have the special synthesis function, or that it would NOT be possible. Both would run counter to the established rules.


      • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

        If the Creation medal has a global limit, even the medals he gave/exchanged will count to that limit and be a problem in the long run if there isn’t around 3600 different attributes (Well, he still can make defeated Demon Lords {DLs} medals instead of Creation medals if the need arises).
        If the limit is personal, the medal value rises again because he could even exchange it for more original medals from friendly DLs without worrying too much about their synthesis choices or asking them to make monsters with already used attributes and then giving him authority over the newly created monster.


      • Except none of that really matters, because you assume – for no valid reason I can see – that Creation Medals become worthless once the limit is reached. So far there is zero indication for that. Just because he HAS changed the attribute every time so far, does not mean he HAS to. presumably, he could have created the Elder Dwarf with Person/Earth/Creation (instead of alchemy), and Kuina with Fire/Person/Stars. She is called a celestial fox after all, there is bound to be wiggle room.

        Plus, established rules suggest that Imitation Creation Medals would be almost as powerful as Creation Medals. if the chance EXISTS to get an S Rank from a synthesis containing such a medal, synthesis WILL result in S Rank. Trading away Creation medals is suicidally stupid.


      • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

        Well, I don’t see anything that suggests your theory as the most plausible but I won’t deny the possibility. Except for the last part. The established rules? Which ones? If I look for medals that already were described that have special abilities that made them a cut above the rest, the only one fully explained was the Dragon medal and its special ability only works with an original medal, not with the imitations. The King and the S-Rank medals were not described enough but it is likely that the S-Rank can’t be imitated and I would bet the King and Creation are the same.

        This is mostly speculation like everything else both of us wrote here. You have your point, I disagree but I don’t deny the possibility. Anything else would be pointless for us to discuss.

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      • The established Rules are:
        Use an attribute in synthesis and you gain the ability to make its imitation. If Creation changes its Attribute, you get the imitation of that one instead, because the changed attribute was the one actually used in synthesis. Assuming that Creation does not follow this rule is goes counter to that.
        Second Rule is Creation specific: AAB allows you to make an S rank. If the B is the Creation Imitation medal, you merely need two original medals from somewhere else.
        Third rule would be dragon, the only indication that your interpretation could be true: The Dragon attribute loses the ability to bestow berserk unless it is used as an original Medal. WInd on the other hand did not lose its special attributes.

        “It is likely that Creation cannot be imitated” – according to these rules, established by the author herself, this is untrue. the likelyhood is AT BEST ambigious.


      • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

        Your argument is valid only if these 3 statements are true:
        #1 – Creation can be used as is, without becoming another medal. Up to this very moment, there is no indication of it. The only uncertain point is Felsias and we have no previous cases of this happening. Just speculation at this point with nothing suggesting otherwise.
        #2 – Creation would generate an imitation Creation medal if used without emulating another medal. This one depends on #1 being true. Same explanation for #1 applies.
        #3 – The imitation Creation medal keep the special abilities of the original. This is the most speculative of all since it depends on the already speculative #1 and #2.

        Ignoring all this, what I’m about to write now has no basis at all, simple speculation.

        I do believe that if Creation can be used as is, Procell would already have tested that. Probably his first monster would’ve been made with Creation as it is if it was possible. If it is possible and he didn’t, it will be a very important plot device in the future that the author left open to explore it but I doubt it.


      • Actually, my argument is precisely that according to the ESTABLISHED rules those three things you mentioned MUST be true. Nothing else. Not much speculation either. so good job there making my argument for me.


      • Aguinaldo "Cursed Lich" Silvestre said:

        Yeah, but none are DEFINITELY true, that’s why it is speculation. I didn’t say even once you’re outright wrong because I also can’t prove them to be DEFINITELY false. This is why I said it was pointless to discuss these things at the moment with no further info. It was a pleasure, have a nice day.


    • Well, yeah, OK. But by that definition, only the speed of light is definitive and non speculative. so, i concede, I guess? technically?


      • dragoonofinfinity said:

        This sounded like a fun debate. Let me get in on it a year late: the creation medal can make any medal the owner can imagine whether it exists or not (hero, for example, is almost definitely a nonexistent medal). This means that within the infinite possibilities, “creation” should be possible, but not in the sense you’re arguing. It would fuse into a monster with the ability to create things (depending on the other medals used) and it would open “creation” imitation medals, but those medals wouldn’t be Creation but “creation” medals, not retaining the ability to transform.


    • foofoo3344 said:

      Not possible. The rule of the Creation medal is that you have to change it when you use it.


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