Chapter 6: The [Creation] Demon Lord Departs

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After the Rorono doll was abducted, Rorono showed us the other dolls she had made.

At the moment, Kuina was poking the doll that looked like her. After a while of poking, Kuina then slid her hand beneath the doll’s clothes and did a peculiar set of movements.


“Amazing. Even this place feels the same!”


I get that she’s curious, but I wish she didn’t do that in front of me.


Not long after that, a transmission from the Rorono doll came in.

Rorono then immediately sent out her white knight, an improved Avalon-Ritter specializing in aerial combat and bombardment. Add in the fact that the white knight was also capable of receiving the electro-magnetic signals sent by the doll, we would still be able to locate of the enemy’s dungeon even if it was too far away for the doll’s range.

And then…


“Master, it looks like the white knight is about to come back”

“Has it found the enemy’s dungeon?”

“Mhm, most likely.”


That’s great news. With this information, we can go to war.


Several Demon Lords had decided to form an alliance whose goal was to defeat me.

I had wanted to avoid a head-on fight with any of them, but not so much anymore. This time, I wanted revenge. And if I was to get revenge, attacking now while the enemy was alone would be best.


While waiting for the white knight to return, I suddenly thought of something.


“Out of curiosity, how do you communicate with things that are outside of Avalon? I mean, once the white knight has stepped outside, the radio waves it sends shouldn’t be able to reach us here, right?”


Dungeons were in a different dimension than the main world. As such, it was isolated from radio signals coming from outside.

Even though Avalon was also a city, it was a dungeon nonetheless.


“I’ve solved that through a very simple method. A golem that carries telecommunications equipment stands right outside of the [Plains]. Every five minutes, that child enters the [Plains] and then transmits the data it has gathered to the golem standing right outside of the city. The golem that has just received the data then enters the city and transmits it to me.”

“…it’s completely like a bucket relay.”

“Sometimes, the simplest methods are the best ones.”


Through this method, we weren’t limited to just receiving data from the outside, we should also be able transmit it.


“If we use this system, send golems that have the proper telecommunications equipment to Stolas and Marcho’s dungeon, and then set up several relay stations along the way, we would be able to communicate anytime with them, wouldn’t we? We need to keep our information safe, which also means not relying on the blue birds anymore. So, Rorono, can I ask this of you?”

“I think it’s going to be impractical. The building we are in now is just two dungeon rooms away from the golem that is outside of the dungeon, meaning we only need two golems. That most likely wouldn’t be the case for their dungeons. We would need to deploy several golems which will be quite a burden. There’s also the risk of adventurers destroying the golems.”

“I see. Yeah, that is impractical.  But what if we only set up until the entrance of their dungeon? That way, we might not be able to initiate communications, but they can. That’s still better than sending a letter.”

“That is… manageable. Once you’ve talked to them about it, I’ll handle the rest.”

“I’ll be counting on you when that time comes then.”


Marcho had been looking a bit lonely lately.

I still couldn’t make enough time to meet her, but hopefully, having an easy and quick way to get in contact with one another would somehow shorten the distance between us.


“Ah. Master, the white knight has come back.”

“Yeah, it’s quite hard to not notice.”


The sound of it landing was quite loud.

Like that, I went outside together with Rorono.


“There’s something quite odd about a limbless golem, isn’t there?”

“Maybe, but this child is all about aerial superiority. If it comes to the point that it has to use arms, its entire concept has failed. Moreover, I had decided to mount its ordnance in the center of its body for better accuracy. Having limbs there would only serve as dead weight.”


Rorono proudly explained so.

The so-called white knight was a white aircraft that had a gigantic ordnance built into the center of its body.

I had heard that it was going to be a flying type golem that specialized in long-ranged combat and bombardment, but I didn’t imagine she would make something this ridiculous.


“Master, the white knight was able to take photographs of the enemy’s dungeon.”


After saying that and some fiddling of her tablet, Rorono showed me photographs of the enemy’s dungeon.

Now that we not only had knowledge of the dungeon’s location on the map, but also photographs, identifying which Demon Lord did the attack would be easy.


Once we’ve inquired on the enemy Demon Lord’s war potential and have determined we wouldn’t have trouble, we would immediately begin preparations to sortie out. If we didn’t have much of an edge, then we would strategize first.


As much as possible, I wanted our attack to happen while the enemy was still reeling from the attack the Rorono doll was about to give them.


For now, I should head back to Dan’s dungeon. Given the Demon Lords gathered there, there should be at least one of them that knows who the dungeon in the pictures belongs to.


“Rorono, I’ll be heading to the [Time] Demon Lord’s dungeon and gather information about our enemy. Please print out those photographs and a map.”

“Mhm, ok.”


Rorono nodded and walked away, but stopped right away.

Thinking she must have seen something, I turned around.


“That won’t be necessary. I’m here!”


A beautiful brown-skinned woman with white wolf ears and wolf tail stood there imposingly.

This woman was Marcho, both my guardian and my monster.


“Why are you here?”

“Come on now, don’t be so cold. If my precious little sister was in a pinch, why wouldn’t I come? Besides, I’m still your monster, aren’t I? Wait, what’s that, Rorono? Look at that? Hmhmhm, yeah, I recognize this dungeon. This belongs to a kid born, what, fifty years ago. [Pig] Demon Lord, I believe he was called. He’s pretty mediocre. Although, there is one thing about him that left quite an impressionon me: the story that went around back then that warned of his ability to cuckold other Demon Lords.”


I couldn’t help but smile wryly at the speed we were able to identify the enemy thanks to Marcho.


“What do you mean by cuckold other Demon Lords?”

“Hm? It’s just as it sounds like. You see, after that guy has violated a female monster, he gets the right of control over that monster. Quite a dangerous ability, wouldn’t you agree? If there was a monster he fancied, he would kidnap it, paralyze it, and then violate it. He might seem stupid, but he’s actually sly. According to what I heard, he would even send the monsters he dominated back to their previous Demon Lords so that those monsters could deceive their former allies and get him new monsters to dominate. Quite understandably, he is despised by some.”


How nasty.

Upon hearing Marcho’s story, Rorono embraced herself while shaking.

If the enemy was ever successful in abducting her, not only would she have been violated, she would have also been used to abduct Kuina and Aura.

They might have failed, but that intention alone was worthy of a death penalty.


“I’m just gonna ask frankly, who is stronger: me or that [Pig] Demon Lord?”


When I asked Marcho that, she laughed.


“You, without a doubt. There’s no way that you, who had rescued even me, could lose to Demon Lords like him.”

“Alright, then we’ll begin preparations to deploy at once. Kuina, tell Duke to assemble the attacking force within 30 minutes. Also tell the Dwarf Smiths to ready our defenses.”

“Got it!”


Like that, Kuina dashed away.


“Rorono, please prepare the Avalon-Ritters and the containers we will use.”

“Mhm. Master, may I have permission to also deploy the three knights? I’ve already done enough practical tests, to be honest, but a chance at actual combat data is just too good to pass up on.”

“If you can say for certain that they’re free of defects, you have my permission. In this case, I’d trust your judgement as their developer more than my own.”

“I can assure you that it won’t cause any accidents nor will it hinder its allies.”

“Ok, deploy them as well then.”

“Mhm, all should be ready within 30 minutes including retrofitting the knights with proper attack gear.”


After saying that, Rorono also dashed away.

Now that we were deploying them, the three knights would most likely play a huge role in this fight.


To be honest, a war right now was ideal.

We were actually having trouble leveling Tiro up. As to be expected, without a [War], it was hard to gain massive amounts of experience.

As such, I would be placing Tiro in the same party as Rorono. The three knights and the Avalon-Ritters were regarded as Rorono’s equipment, meaning all the experience points from the monsters those golems had taken down would go to Rorono and her party.

Tiro’s level was sure to skyrocket.

This [War] was going to boil down to extensively testing the performance of the three knights as well as leveling up Tiro.



Ordinarily, we would assemble our troops in the [Plains], but since the casino and the surrounding infrastructures were now there, that obviously wasn’t an option anymore.

For that reason, we were gathered in the dungeon room that used to be the [Mine] room. Because the city of Avalon was getting crowded by the day, I had decided to use the second [Mine] room in the dungeon proper as our main one and replace the one in the city floor with another [Plains] room.


And so, the Darkness Dragons were perfectly lined up. Behind them were the containers which had Avalon-Ritters and ammunitions inside.

By using the Darkness Dragons for air transportation, we would arrive at our destination in no time at all.

Time was of the essence this time. If we take too long, the enemy Demon Lord might be able ask for assistance from other Demon Lords. In that case, there was a real chance that Avalon would be attacked while our main force was away.


“Everyone, listen. As you may already know, Avalon was attacked. The enemy’s aim was Rorono. He intended to abduct and then violate her!”


Those that haven’t heard it before were shocked by the information I gave and thus shouted in anger.


“By no means am I to forgive such atrocity. I am sure the many of you whose lives were saved thanks to the weapons Rorono has made feel the same. Come, let us seek retribution! Let us teach that foolish Demon Lord what it means to mess with us!”


My monsters shouted and roared in response.

Their morale was at an all-time high. Which wasn’t surprising considering a lot of them, if not all, regarded Rorono as a valuable comrade.


“Now, everyone, to your positions! We depart at once!”


My monsters then hurriedly but still orderly filed in to the container they were assigned to.

After everything was ready, the Darkness Dragons roared and took to the sky while carrying the containers.


I will never forgive him for his attempt of harming my precious daughter.


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