Chapter 5: The Price for underestimating Rorono

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~Within [Pig] Demon Lord Agares’s dungeon~


[Pig] Demon Lord Agares was laughing loudly.

He didn’t think they would succeed in the first try at kidnapping the Elder Dwarf who was the lifeline of [Creation] Demon Lord Procell’s war potential.

It seemed to him that his scheme had taken Procell by quite a surprise. That scheme consisted of turning that person’s artificial heroes into monster-carrying mules via a different Demon Lord’s powers.

Humans were weak, but by training prodigies to their maximum potential, that person was able to make them as strong as average A rank monsters.

The ability to make a human be able to carry monsters was courtesy of a third Demon Lord. The number of monsters that could be put was only a few, but that didn’t change the fact that it was a very convenient ability.


This attempt wasn’t a serious attempt. It was more for scouting out what Avalon would do in case of an attack.

As such, Agares wasn’t excited to use his own monsters in this way.

But then, their target just nonchalantly appeared before them and was easily caught. Despite securing two hero-class adventurers, it ended in an almost anti-climactic way.


“With this, I be number two in alliance. That not all. Elder Dwarf make weapons for my monsters, and we grow even stronger. I happy.”


[Pig] Demon Lord Agares was laughing not just because his strategy was a success, but also because he had obtained war potential in the form of the Elder Dwarf.

Normally, to gain sovereignty over another Demon Lord’s monster, the owner must first give consent on the exchange.

However, Agares didn’t need to be given such consent. After all, he was the [Pig] Demon Lord: he ravages and defaces anything he wanted, and makes it submit.

And to that end, he didn’t stop at just brute force. He had an ability that allowed him to break even a target’s mind and control it like a puppet.


“I very grateful to you, Procell. Your stupidity very helpful.”


Agares was growing tired of waiting.

Until halfway through, the raiding monsters were travelling via the other dimension. When they came back to the main dimension and reached a predetermined location, they handed over Elder Dwarf to another set of monsters and made those monsters transport her the rest of the way.

Travelling solely via the other dimension would have been safer, but there was a limit to the distance his monsters could travel within the other dimension. Moreover, transporting in the main dimension was much faster.

They had deemed the meeting point of the two set of monsters to be far enough away from Avalon that there would be no chance of them being found.


Little did they know, however, that that course of action was their downfall.

Had they simply continued to travel via the other dimension, Procell wouldn’t have found out who attacked his Avalon.


Because the Elder Dwarf doll—which Agares’s monsters mistook to be the real Elder Dwarf—had a limited power source, it was not wise for it to send radio signals unceasingly. So, instead, it sent a signal once every five minutes.

Even though there was a need for Agares’s other-dimension-type monsters to resurface once in a while, if they go back to the other dimension right away, it might have already been too late before the Elder Dwarf doll succeeded in transmitting a signal.

But ever since the Elder Dwarf doll was foolishly made to travel in the main dimension, it was able to send signals regularly.

The first time it did, a flying golem departed from Avalon.


This flying golem was one of Avalon’s three strongest knights.

This was the white knight that was designed to reign supreme in the sky.

For a golem, it had quite a bizarre form. It was almost like a fighter airplane, given the long, aerodynamic ordnances attached to its armor and wings.

According to the Elder Dwarf, its developer, ‘The white knight is going to specialize in aerial combat as well as aerial bombardment, so it has less need of limbs than other golems. Those will just get in the way of them gaining aerial superiority instead of helping’

As such, it had that form and was able to fly at over three times the speed of sound.


Agares’s dungeon was 320 kilometers away from Avalon, but the doll’s maximum transmitting range was just 200 kilometers.

The Elder Dwarf had anticipated such a scenario and thus dispatched the white knight to fly as fast as it could toward the point where a signal was last sent.

Given the golem’s overwhelming speed, it didn’t take too long for it to catch up to the monsters that seized the doll. It could have eliminated each of Agares’s monsters right then and even possibly retrieved the doll. However, its instructions were to just follow from a very high altitude so as to not get noticed.

After all, the purpose of the white knight wasn’t to recover the doll, it was to work in tandem with the doll and identify which Demon Lord attacked Avalon.


And so, completely unaware, Agares’s monsters entered their dungeon.

Meanwhile, its mission complete, the white knight began heading toward Avalon posthaste.



In his great delight upon hearing that his monsters have returned, Agares ordered to bring their captive to his room at once.

Many Demon Lords liked having their own personal rooms. So much so that, out of all the rooms they could make with their [Demon Lord Book], they prepared multiple rooms whose function was solely to satisfy their wants.


As for Agares’s room, it was a room of obscene extravagance. It was arranged in such a way that each of the treasures he had obtained was displayed in the loudest possible sense.

And in the very center of the room was a very large, luxurious bed. It was so that he could make use of his ability.


After a short while, his subordinates have brought the Elder Dwarf to the room.

To restrict her movement and make her docile, the Elder Dwarf had been stung with the paralyzing poison of a scorpion-type monster beforehand.


Upon looking at his captive, the [Pig] Demon Lord produced a vulgar smile.

He liked young girls. Especially those that were beginning to transition to adulthood.

In other words, the Elder Dwarf was just his type. It didn’t hurt that she was beautiful either.


“Good. Exquisite. From now, you mine, bitch”


Agares then began to take off his clothes.

This [Pig] ability of his not only had the function to increase his attack and defense, but also the function to make a female become completely his through violating her.

In a sense, it was similar to [Evil] Demon Lord’s ability. In [Evil]’s case, his ability impregnated women so that they could give birth to monsters.

As a matter of fact, there was a fixed number of Demon Lords whose abilities required sexual intercourse to take effect. That kind of thing was closely connected to the history of beings known as Demon Lords.


With a wide, malicious smile on his face, Agares then tore the Elder Dwarf’s clothes.

She was young and still not fully developed, but her exposed body was beautiful and almost fairy-like.


“Pretty. Even after I own control, still give you attention. Good idea! I use you and lure other Procell monsters. They also pretty. And soon, you all become mine!”


Agares stated so as he leaned toward the Elder Dwarf.

Using all of his senses, he enjoyed her.


“Look good, smell good, taste good, feel good. Mhm.”


The Elder Dwarf was still unable to move, not even a twitch.

But then, while Agares was too busy savoring her body to notice it, she began to make a tick-tocking machine sound.

And just when he was about to do the deed, there was a flash and then an explosion.


The Elder Dwarf, or rather the Elder Dwarf doll exploded.

Unfortunately, the room was airtight, meaning there was nowhere else the blast could escape.


Monsters who had been stationed within the room just in case were annihilated instantly.

According to the bomb’s maker, the Elder Dwarf herself, the explosion caused by it was strong enough to seriously injure even Kuina. Ordinary monsters didn’t stand a chance.

As for [Pig] Demon Lord Agares…


“My, my thing, not theerrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”


Agares narrowly survived. As mentioned before, part of his [Pig] unique skill was enhancing his attack and his defense.

That said, a rather fragile but precious part of his was too close to explosion and was now gone.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, how, how can I feel good nowwwwwww. Unforgiveableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This cowardly trap, absolutely unforgivableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kill, I kill you Procell and Elder Dwarf. I kill youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”


Half crazed, Agares continued to shout and trash around like that.

For him, his thing was the most important of all. He needed that crucial organ to make full use of his unique skill.

After a while, a monster of his entered the blown-up room.


Agares’s [Pig] medal allowed for the easy creation of goblins and orcs. And the higher-ranking goblins that possessed intelligence were the ones he chose to manage his dungeon.


“Agares-sama, I have something to report”

“Laterrr. I noooootttt in mooodd. I angrrryyyyyyyyy”

“Sorry, but it’s an emergency”


Upon hearing that, Agares picked up a lump of melted gold that was originally a piece of decoration and threw it toward the reporting goblin. It almost hit and crushed the goblin’s head.


“If that not interesting, I kill you”


Despite his trembling body, the goblin proceeded to complete his report and fulfill his duty.


“Multiple monsters have invaded the dungeon and they are overwhelming us. Leading them is [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Moreover, he has a message: We accept your declaration of war. The price for the sin of attempting to harm my daughter is death.


Upon finishing the report, the goblin’s head was crushed by Agares in an outburst of anger.


“How? How? How he knows it’s me? Hooowwwww!?”


In addition to being enraged, Agares was now also confused.

In his view, he had taken over-the-top precautions and yet here Procell was.

He knew that it would be hard, if not impossible, to win against the new Demon Lord alone, so he joined the alliance against Procell. However, with this sudden attack on him, there was no time to call for help.


One moment he was at the top of the world—about to ravage a beautiful girl, gain control of her, and also obtain unimaginable power—but in the very next moment, he was plunged to the absolute bottom.


But then again, he had nothing else to blame but his own foolishness.

The Elder Dwarf was an S rank monster, and thus he should have known that there was no way she could have been abducted easily like that.

Now that he had the attention of the god of death, he must pay for that foolishness.

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