Chapter 11: The Three Musketeers of Avalon

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After our meal, Kuina, Rorono, Tiro, and I headed to the theater room downstairs to relax and watch one of the anime movies I once made via my [Creation].

When the shoes that raised kicking power and the very durable, very stretchy suspenders were shown in action, Rorono’s eyes lit up in excitement.

Meanwhile, Kuina had fallen asleep halfway through the movie and was using Tiro as her pillow. It would seem she would quickly fall asleep once there weren’t much flashy scenes going on.


After a while, the movie ended and the end credits began to roll.

Right then, I remembered what happened earlier. On how we conducted tests on Rorono’s new weapons: the [Talaria] and the [Motelius].


Tiro was in love with the [Talaria], what with the mobility and attack power that it provided her.

However, the same couldn’t be said about the [Motelius]. She disliked it, to put it mildly.


That being said, it was still a magnificent weapon that boasted overwhelmingly high destructive power. Throwing it away just because it didn’t suit Tiro was a waste, to say the least, so we decided to incorporate it into the Avalon-Ritters. Given that it was them, they wouldn’t mind the weight and all the other issues as much as Tiro.


“Master, the movie today was very interesting, indeed.”

“Rorono, I’m saying this just in case, but I hope you’re not planning on making shoes that ups the wearer’s kicking power or those incredibly elastic suspenders.”


At that, Rorono turned her gaze away.

So, you were planning on it!

Those were cool and all, but even if monsters did use them, it was unlikely that they would contribute much to the monsters.

Rorono was more impulsive than not, so the warning was rather necessary.


“Leaving that aside, let’s talk about implanting the [Motelius] and the Avalon-Ritters. I had gathered lots of real combat data for the twin drive system from our past battles. Thanks to that, I was able to finish a new design which should resolve most of the problematic points.”

“So, you’re telling me that the Avalon-Ritters who could be as strong as S rank monsters albeit temporarily are going to be even stronger? If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.”


I unconsciously leaned myself forward in my excitement.

For Avalon that wanted to continually get stronger, there was no better news.


“Mhm. I expect it to be far more stable and, in theory at least, be able to output 40% more than before. However, the new design demands a stricter matching between the two cores. I’ve tested all of the golem cores that we have at the moment, but only three pairs in total can adapt to this new system. I suggest that we make the new type of Avalon-Ritters first and gather data on them before worrying how to mass produce them.”


The stricter matching aside, the Avalon-Ritters being able to output 40% more power was truly marvelous. And that wasn’t taking [Burst Drive] into account yet. But then again, there wouldn’t be much point if the Avalon-Ritters couldn’t endure that much power.


“How about [Burst Drive]? Have there been improvements there?”


[Burst Drive] was the trump card of the Avalon-Ritters.

In addition to their twin drive cores, they employed a sort of capacitor for magic power. By making this capacitor overload and discharge the stored magic power, the Avalon-Ritter could attain powers that could rival even an S rank monster.

However, there were two downsides to this.

The first was that the whole process put too much stress into the golem cores. That meant that the Burst Drive could only be used for a short time and that the cores performed way lower than normal afterward.

Secondly, due to the immense magic power flowing through their bodies, their magic circuits get busted up, rendering the Avalon-Ritters themselves nothing more than big, unmoving scraps of metal.

So, in my opinion, even though an increase in the cores’ output was great, improvements on the Burst Drive would be better.


“Yes, our combat data has also led to improvements on the durability of their magic circuits. I’ve also attached a stabilizer to the core. Whenever there’s magic power that the circuits couldn’t bear, that magic power will be directed to external parts like the boosters, thus reducing the burden within.”

“It’s simple, but definitely a good idea.”


Magic power that was beyond the capacity of the circuits was nothing more than poison, anyway.

After hearing my reply, Rorono fiddled with the tablet I had made using [Creation] and then showed me some plans.


“Actually, both the improved magic circuits and stabilizer have just passed the designing stages. Once I’ve combined them with the new type of twin drive cores, it won’t be long before testing begins. If that goes smoothly, everything else should follow.”

“I see. I’m looking forward to a new Avalon-Ritter that employs all those improvements.”

“As I’ve mentioned before, the new twin-drive design can only be used with three pairs of golem cores so far. To maximize the data gathered, I’m going to make the three new Avalon-Riiters have as much stuff as they can. Worries about mass production can come later. At the same time, I’d like to add in variety between them. For example, look, I’ll have one of them have the [Motelius] as their right arm. This one will primarily be fighting in close combat. The basic plan is for it to dash in—protected by its armored body—and then defeat the enemy in one hit. It might not be effective against multiple enemies, but it definitely will work as a means against enemy aces.”

“I don’t doubt the firepower, but won’t it be too heavy and slow, especially if with heavy armor?”


No matter how I looked at it, this new model would be just as crude—if not more—than the current ones.

After all, what use was firepower if the enemy could easily just evade it.


“It will be fine. I will affix gravity-halving units to it, enabling it to hover despite its weight. After that, it’ll dash in using its boosters. In terms of dashing in a straight path, it should be second to none. It will be the ultimate charge.”

“…such romanticism.”


It was completely like a young child’s fanstasy. Still, it was interesting.


“By the way, its armored body is also a newly developed material based on orichalcum. By making use of orichalcum’s special characteristic of being highly receptive to magic power, not only does it function as an armor, but also as a battery. Thanks to that, even without activating [Burst Drive], the power they can output is beyond absurd. And when it is activated, excess power will be stored there before being dispersed externally. In other words, they can still somewhat operate after activating Burst Drive.”

“One stone, three birds, huh.”


Upon hearing my reaction, Rorono shook her head.


“Four birds, actually. The magic power gathered in it will also fuel the [Hardening] enchantment, making their already impregnable defense even better. This child will have both the ultimate spear and the ultimate shield. Offense, defense, speed, they’ll have it all.”


Not fit for prolonged battles, lack of turning ability, weak in long distance battles… these were just some of its weaknesses. Even so, there truly was something romantic about taking down an enemy no matter the cost.


“If the development of this armor becomes a success, it’ll revolutionize the Avalon-Riiter. It’ll be more a leap than a step.”

“…Mhm. But the problem in building the new Avalon-Ritters is that it will require a great deal of focus and time. I think I’ll need about three weeks to finish and make it.”


That made sense.

There was no way such a technological marvel would be made so easily. In fact, three weeks was a very short time for such a task.


While thinking of such, Tiro had approached without me taking notice. It would seem Kuina too didn’t notice that her pillow had snuck away.




She petitioned something while looking at both Rorono and I with what I could only describe as puppy dog eyes.

At that, Rorono smiled wryly and patted Tiro in the head.


“I know, Tiro. I’ll give the [Talaria] maximum priority. I’ll finish it in a week.”

“Gaugau! ♪”


It would appear that when Tiro heard the new Avalon-Ritters were going to take three weeks to make, she had feared that the development of her own toy would have to give way.

Now relieved by what Rorono had said, Tiro lied on the ground, showed her belly, and invited Rorono to brush it.

I sometimes think this, but can Tiro actually be the most cunning and sly of all my monsters?

As though fully aware of her charm, Tiro changed positions until she could be properly and completely petted.


“Master, I’ll finish Tiro’s [Talaria] in a week. And then, I’d like to devote myself completely into the development of the new Avalon-Ritters for three weeks.”

“Devote yourself completely? May I hear your reasoning? You’re a very integral part of Avalon’s war potential and three weeks is a long period of time to spend on just one project.”


Rorono could do a lot of other things in three weeks. While the new Avalon-Ritter’s design that she had shown seemed amazing, there wasn’t any guarantee yet that it would be. Without that guarantee, I couldn’t approve quite so simply.


“Those three weeks won’t be spent on just one child. Alongside the close-range one that I’ve shown you, I will be developing and making two other variants: a long-range specialist and an all-rounder. Making all the parts for them all at the same shouldn’t increase the total project time. Perhaps the most important point of all, I need to do this to be able to see how mass production will be feasible. Because as of the moment, I just can’t.”


The prospect of mass producing those prototypes excited me.

Avalon’s war potential would increase by a grand margin just from this.

My worries still remained, but it was going to be well worth it.


“I understand. After finishing with Tiro’s weapon, I order you to devote yourself into making those new models. Do not worry about us; Avalon will figure out a way to make do without relying on you.”

“Thank you, master. I swear by my pride as the world’s best blacksmith, I will exceed your expectations.”


I had high expectations of Rorono, and yet here she was, saying she would exceed even that.


“I’m excited, then. Once you’re done with that, I’m thinking of giving you a reward. Another date, perhaps? I did say before that we’ll have another one.”

“Mhm. I’ve been really, really looking forward to that. I’ll definitely work my hardest now! Just wait for the red, white, and black knights—the three musketeers—that will protect both Avalon and you, father! They will be amazing!”


Rorono said so with a blinding smile.

In response, I patted her head.


“Now, I think it’s about time to go to bed. Sorry to keep you up all night just to watch a movie with me.”

“Don’t be. I love spending time together with you like this, father. In fact, I find just sleeping to be a bit of a waste. But then again, I am starting to get sleepy.”


I then stood up and linked arms with Rorono. Like that we headed to the bedroom to sleep while Kuina and Tiro headed to theirs.

Tomorrow was another day of hard work, but for now, we would sleep soundly.


I feel like I’m forgetting something though. Ah, the letter!

Before finally closing my eyes, I attached a letter I had written earlier to a blue bird monster and sent it flying.

With the golem corps receiving a significant upgrade, I thought the aerial corps should too. And so, I had written a proposal to Stolas on how to strengthen both of our aerial corps.

Surely, Stolas will see the advantages of my plan and accept.


Note: Previously, Burst Drive was described to be the cores working in tandem with a battery instead of a capacitor. This is extremely trivial in the grand scheme of things, yet I felt I needed to point this out.

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