Chapter 4: The Welcoming Party for Tiro

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After leveling Tiro up, we returned to my estate.

Tiro’s strength was far beyond what I expected, making me excited about the growth she would have.


That being said, her fights had shown few of her weak points.

Whenever Tiro was exited the other dimension and appeared in this one, she exhibited no velocity. That was fine when she appeared on the ground, but for when she appeared mid-air and was attacking, she first needed to accelerate herself to reach her target. And even if she could already reach her target, without any speed, her attack wouldn’t have as much power.

For example, if ever she chose an acute angle in Kuina’s shotgun as her exit point, she could appear suspended in mid-air, and that was the worst because she needed to land first which would cost her some time and perhaps even the attack. If someone like Kuina was the enemy, a punitive counter-attack was imminent.


I intended to discuss such things with Rorono. Hopefully, she could find a way to help Tiro accelerate even when in mid-air.

That would doubtlessly lead to Tiro becoming even stronger.


“You girls head back to the estate first. I’ll go order something to be delivered there. We’re gonna eat luxuriously today.”

“Yay! Looking forward to it!”


“Patron, don’t forget about the booze!”


Kuina, Tiro, and Ruhe, all seemed merry, and I was happy for it.

This was going to be Tiro’s welcoming party, so going all out on the luxury was definitely the way to go.

That being said, even though I knew Kuina and the others’ favorites, I had no idea for what Tiro might like.

For the meantime, let’s get her some meat. She’s a dog, so maybe some bone-in roasts.



After ordering a home delivery service at a favorite shop of ours, I headed home.


While waiting, Rorono and I studiously watched Tiro’s fights.

These footages were recorded earlier via the digital camera I produced using my [Creation].

At the moment, it was just me and Rorono in the room. In order for Rorono to concentrate more easily, the others were asked to stay in another room.

After a while, we had gone through all of the recorded fights.


“So, after watching, what do you think Tiro needs after watching how she fights, Rorono?”

“Hmm. I want to give her a way to accelerate even in mid-air, or maybe a weapon that’ll demonstrate tremendous power even from up close and without any wind-up.”

“My thoughts exactly.”


As I thought, Rorono also found it troubling that whenever Tiro exited the other dimension, she had zero velocity.


“However, the restrictions this time are pretty severe. Firstly, Tiro can’t use hands in battle. Secondly, she uses her speed as a weapon, so as much as possible, I don’t want to give her any heavy equipment. Furthermore, her skills by themselves use a large portion of her magic power already, so I also need to avoid anything that will consume more of her magic power. It’s quite troubling.”


Rorono said so and then took out her laptop computer. Seeing that she was opening and browsing through many concept notes, I guessed she was choosing which was the best for Tiro.


As she was currently, she didn’t need any advice from me. It might seem she was consulting with me, but in reality, she was just voicing out her thoughts and organizing them.

I had complete faith that she would find the best possible answer. She was the world’s best alchemist, after all.


“Using both gunpowder and a magic power source will provide firepower without consuming the remainder of Tiro’s own magic power. A generator that used golem cores are no good because of the weight restriction. The battery made of Kuina’s fur might work… It won’t be much help in prolonged battles, but at least, the magic power and weight criteria has been solved.”


Rorono chattered so as both of her hands moved quickly to type in notes and make diagrams on her laptop.


“The foundation will be firearms, but because it is intended to be used from zero distance anyway, range may be safely ignored. How about shortening the gun barrel? That might lead to not enough time for combustion. Then, using only gun powder… if instead I change it to a mixture of that and mithril powder, it might work. But in the first place, does it have to be a gun? No. A pile bunker? Hmm, interesting. If the metallic stakes it shoots out can be used again, enchanting the stakes themselves might increase the performance. Put those enchanted stakes into a revolver-type weapon and have it be fired using mithril powder and explosion magic. Tiro doesn’t have hands, so fastening it to her underbelly and implementing an activation method……”


Rorono was deep in her thoughts.

She did pros and cons of the ideas she had, while still entertaining other approaches.

After about 30 minutes of staring at the screen of her laptop pc, Rorono raised her head.


“Master, I’ve finished a draft. I’ll need perhaps a week to make a prototype out of it. If Tiro is pleased with that, I estimate another week to make an improved—hopefully perfect—version.”

“Will this development process be new and all from scratch? If so, isn’t a week too short to come up with a prototype? Will you be alright?”

“Mhm. Thanks to your consideration of me before, the top priority projects have been finished already. Kuina’s new weapon was finished. The increased population counter-measures, the infrastructure development plans, and other basic plans have also been finished. I have entrusted the rest to the Dwarf Smiths. All the Avalon-Ritters have been repaired too. So, it’s fine, you can leave this to me.”


Rorono had done that much work in such a short span of time.

She was reliable as always. I was truly proud to count her as one of my [Monsters of the Covenant].


“Sorry for the hardships I have given you, Rorono.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind it. I actually enjoy them. Like with Tiro’s new equipment this time. It seems like it’ll be an interesting project. Look forward to it, master.”

“I will.”


Her face grew red when I brushed her head, so she tried to cover it.

A moment later, she decided to lead on me.


“Father, I think I’m a little tired, after all. Let me rest like this for a little while.”

“Rest as much as you want to.”

“Thank you.”


I answered her like that and then wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

If it meant Rorono’s fatigue faded away, I didn’t mind staying like that for as long as she wanted.



After watching the videos and then the break Rorono had, we headed to the living room.

Upon entering the room, I noticed the large quantity of dishes lined up.

It was the home-delivered meals I ordered in the city earlier.

Kuina and Tiro, who were looking at the food, were unsurprisingly in high spirits.


“Wooaaaahhhhh, this bone-in meat is bigger than Kuina’s head! And there’s one for each of us!”



Kuina was looking at the roasted spare ribs of a gigantic boar called Tyrant Boar.

The size of each one was so ridiculous, it might come off as a joke, but their flavor was the real deal. It was thoroughly cooked in a stone stove, so it was moist, juicy, and above all, delicious.

Originally, one of such was enough to feed an entire family, but due to the girls’ rather big appetites, I ordered one for each girl.


“There are large shrimps too. You remembered that I said I liked them, master?”

“Yeah, you were in a daze eating them before, right? It’s sautéed with chili sauce which is a popular seasoning in the south.”


The shrimps were as big as my arm. The dish was made by peeling off the shell, slicing it up, cooking it with chili sauce, and then putting it back into the peeled off shell.


“Thank you, master. This is my favorite.”


Rorono said so, completely happy.


“Patron, wow, I’m impressed, you picked an expensive wine. When it’s my own money, I’m usually reluctant to buy something like this. But when I’m not the one buying, there’s no need to hold back, is there? Today, we’ll be drinking ‘til we drop!”

“Well, you would have complained if I got cheap wine, right?”


Looking at Ruhe as she was rubbing her cheeks against a bottle of wine, I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

I had ordered the bottles of wine especially for Ruhe who was quite the drinker. Additionally, I also ordered a great variety of other dishes to serve as hors d’oeuvres.


“Now, why don’t we set the table?”

“Yay♪! Kuina will help out.”

“I’ll show you my good taste, patron. One’s impression of the food might completely change depending on the way it’s presented, after all.”


Kuina and Ruhe took charge and arranged the food to make it look more delicious than it already was.

While they were doing that, a sweet aroma began to drift in the room.

Curious, I looked for the source and found Aura. In her hand was a large apple pie.


“Ta-dah! Today’s a special celebration to welcome Tiro-chan, so I baked an apple pie using golden apples! Also, the golden apples used were from the new tree! Enjoy!”


LNvol8 (10).png


Ohh, we finally have another tree worthy of being called a [World Tree]. I’m looking forward to this.


After putting the apple pie on the table, Aura also helped out on the arranging.

And then, when the table was more gorgeous and appetizing than before, we all took a sit around the table. Only Tiro, who was still in her dog form, sat on the floor.

Like that, everyone’s attention was gathered on me.


“We are gathered here today to welcome Tiro as the newest addition to our ranks. To that end, let us eat and drink grandly.”


I said so and they replied enthusiastically.

They’re such good girls; accepting Tiro gladly like this.




Kuina and Rorono were having juice; Aura, Ruhe, and I were having some wine; and Tiro had top-class milk poured into her deep bowl.

Like that, we—other than Tiro, of course—raised our glasses.




We shouted so and then bumped our glasses together.

After that, one after the other, we approached Tiro, crouched in front of her, and then bumped our glass into her bowl.

And so, the party began.


“These spare ribs are the best!”



The meat-eaters, Kuina and Tiro, bit into their gigantic bone-in meat without delay.


“They’re so juicy and delicious. As I thought, shrimps are great.”

“Well, as for me, I’m really liking this salmon carpaccio. They’re light, so I can eat however much I want.”

“Those are great and all, but it’s alcohol for me. Haaah, that hits the spot. I feel like I was born to drink this. Another!”


It seemed like Rorono, Aura, and Ruhe were all enjoying the party.


The party went on.

Kuina and Rorono had exchanged their juice for alcohol. Kuina preferred juice, but was still generally able to drink and enjoy alcohol. Rorono, meanwhile, loved alcohol, but had chosen to drink juice so as to not make feel Kuina left out.

The legal age of alcohol consumption in this country was 12 years old. Not that it mattered since they were monsters anyway, so there really wasn’t any reason for them to avoid drinking.


Meanwhile, the number of bowls in front of Tiro had increased by one: one that was full of wine.

When I looked at Ruhe, she turned away and began to whistle.

Her suspicious actions sealed the deal: she was definitely the culprit.

By the way, Tiro was now ignoring the bowl filled with milk and was instead only drinking the wine. She even burped in satisfaction.

So, even though she’s a dog, she drinks wine, huh…


And before I knew it, the food was all gone. Evidently, “overordering” was the right call.


“Now, everyone, time for dessert! Savor these new golden apples, okay?”


The main dishes gone, Aura took initiative and sliced up the apple pie.

The pie, while being sliced, made a crunchy sound that was music to my ears. The aroma emanating from within reached me and by that alone, I could tell it was delicious.

Obviously, I immediately took a bite. Its crunchiness and taste were the best. Eating this delicious pie was a privilege that perhaps only we in the world could ever have.

All of us were enthralled by the apple pie. Well, all except…




Staring at the slice of apple pie placed before her, Tiro issued out seemingly sad cry.

Are dogs not fond of apple pies? Rather, can dogs even eat apple pies?

When that worry crossed my mind…




Tiro cheerfully barked so.

She then transformed into her young girl form, grabbed the slice with her hands, and then stuffed it into her mouth. While still chewing, her face slackened in pure glee.

Aura, smiling wryly, then placed a second helping in front of Tiro. When Tiro saw that, she immediately grabbed it and ate it.


“Gururuu ♪”


Tiro, who was now full, gave a seemingly satisfied sound. She then turned back to her dog form, rolled into a ball, and began to sleep.

What a carefree fellow.

When Tiro did that, Kuina, to amuse herself, crouched down and brushed Tiro’s head. And when the other girls saw that, they proceeded to do it themselves.


Good. It seems my monsters have truly accepted Tiro as one of their own. Sleep tight, Tiro. The party will still be here when you wake up. We’ll party tonight with all our might, for tomorrow, we go back to working hard in order to make us stronger.

While thinking such, I inclined my wine glass.

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