Chapter 10: Wight’s name

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Rorono and I headed toward the dungeon floor under the ground so that I could give Wight his name.

Wight’s name had already been decided. In fact, it was a name I long wanted to give him.


The venue for his naming was the graveyard area in the said underground dungeon floor. I had given out instructions to ready it before I left on the trip with Rorono, and those preparations should have already been finished by the time we arrived back.

After a while of walking, Rorono and I arrived at the venue.


“All of the monsters in Avalon are here, huh.”

“It is Wight’s event, after all. it’s a given that everyone will come.”


As Rorono had said, Wight was indeed well loved.

Upon our arrival, I noticed several things: the venue was decorated more than what I had ordered; there were more food brought in by volunteers; the Dwarf Smiths had built several structures; R’lyeh Diva and the Ocean Singers were performing their music and songs; Aura and the High Elves had made dishes using their prized fruits and vegetables; and Kuina and the Mythological Foxes were serving as waitresses.

Moreover, the Skeletons under Wight’s direct command were busily moving about while the Darkness Dragons were posed majestically as though they were Hachiko, the faithful dog.


A crowd was formed and in center of it was Wight, shyly talking to the others.

Upon seeing him, I walked toward him.


“Wight, this commotion’s as if we’re in a festival, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, it’s you, my lord. I can’t thank you enough for such a grand celebration.”

“Don’t misunderstand; this isn’t my doing. My commands encompassed only the bare minimum of the preparations. Everything more than that is thanks to everyone’s volunteered efforts. So, don’t thank me, thank everyone.”


It was because it was the popular and well-loved Wight that my monsters exerted this much effort.

When I said so, Wight smiled.


“Is that so? Then, I will have to thank each of them later.”


His courteousness and attentiveness were the reasons Wight was so well loved.

Wight was an excellent monster by himself, but his ability to gather and inspire the other monsters made him even more excellent.

It was because he was there to protect and manage Avalon in my absence that I was able to go on the trip with Rorono.


“Wight, congratulations on soon becoming a monster with a name. I have made this with all my best. I hope you accept it.”


Rorono who had come along with me handed to Wight a prettily packaged, long and narrow box.

When can she have prepared such a thing? But at any rate, for my daughter to prepare a gift on her own accord… I’m really happy with her growth.


“To receive a masterpiece of Rorono-sama, a master blacksmith of the highest level, I am extremely delighted.”

“Do not be so modest. You deserve at least this much. Wight, congratulations again. You are a monster worthy of being named. From now on, let’s continue protecting master and making Avalon better.”

“But of course. It is my very desire to support and to protect my lord, as well as to win against tribulations together with him. Rorono-sama, may I open this here?”



When Rorono nodded, Wight opened the box.

What was inside was a beautiful necklace.

Its sophisticated chain was an alloy composed of orichalcum and mithril. It also had a violet gem inserted into a golden pendant. The golden pendant wasn’t gaudy, but rather, it was modest while still very capable of drawing out the charm of the violet gemstone.


“This… it’s so beautiful. And, I sense very powerful magic power within it too.”


When Rorono received her name and thus became one of my [Monsters of the Covenant], a new ability awakened within her.

That ability was the materialization of magic power. Each materialized item was infused with a single magic that she herself must be able to perform. It had limitations and needed ingenuity but with it, she could materialize items that don’t exist in this world. The necklace she gave Wight was also made using this power of hers.


“It is a magic tool made using my power. Always keep it close to you because it will surely keep you safe.”

“I will treasure it.”

“If something ever happens to you, that child will surely be saddened. So, take good care of yourself.”


By that child, she was most likely talking about the Dwarf Smith that was in a relationship with Wight.

After saying such things, Rorono turned around and left.


Following that, Kuina approached and then pressed large kebabs, which she seemed to have bought from the stores in Avalon, forward to Wight before saying: here, eat these and grow stronger.


The next one to approach was Aura. She gave Wight some special, multi-colored flowers that I had never seen before. She must have done selective breeding on them using her magic.


And then, one after the other, my monsters gave their congratulatory gifts to Wight. They must have taken Rorono’s giving of the necklace as the signal to give their own gifts.

Coincidentally, when things began to settle down, the appointed time was near.


“Well then, Wight, let’s begin.”

“Certainly, my lord.”


Wight and I then climbed to an elevated stage that was built at the center of the venue.

All the eyes of my monsters were gathered on us. When I shot a glance at them from atop the stage, they understood that the naming was finally going to begin, ceased their conversations with one another, and then became quiet.

Right at that moment, R’lyeh Diva sent a signal to the Ocean Singers, making them change the music they were playing from a cheerful one into a majestic one.

With that, the scene was set. All that was left was for me to give Wight his name.


“Wight, thank you for all the support you’ve done thus far. The reason that I, an incompetent Demon Lord, continue to win is because I have you, an excellent chief of staff. I am very grateful to you.”

“I am unworthy of your thanks. I was able to do all I’ve done because of you, my lord. It might seem like I’m returning words you’ve said, but you’re the reason I was able to draw my full potential.”


The smooth talker that he was, Wight used the words I had said before against me.


“Wight, to reward you for your services and achievements, you shall henceforth have a name.”


I said so and then concentrated.

The moment I decided to begin the naming, I felt something in me becoming switched to on. I felt my magic power and my powers as a Demon Lord boil up within my body.


“The name I’m going to give you is… Duke.”


The moment I said his name, my magic power and my Demon Lord powers went into Wight as these black specks of light.

I felt I lost an outrageous amount of myself. So much so that I found it hard to even stand.

It got cold, or rather, I felt cold. I felt my strength continually being drained away.

I now understood what it truly meant to name a monster other than my [Monsters of the Covenant]. The stronger the one being named, the greater the toll. And Wight was a Black Dragon of Death Siegwurm, a special S rank monster, at that. The strength it consumed of me was unimaginable.

My knees were wobbling, but because I knew I must absolutely not fall at such an important event for Wight, I steeled myself instead.

I can’t be a bother to him now of all times.


A moment later, the black lights stopped flowing. Finally, the naming process was complete. Wight was now officially Duke.

Forcing my unsteady body to stand by willpower alone, I looked directly at Duke.

With an intoxicated face, he looked at me as well and then nodded.


“Duke… That’s my name.”

“Yes, it is. From now on, you will no longer be called Wight. Instead, you shall be known as Duke. From here on, all of you shall refer to him as Duke.”


When I addressed the audience, they began chanting his name: Duke, Duke, Duke.

Each time it was chanted, the more Duke grew triumphant and the more the reality of having a name sunk into him.


“Your name is a word from a lost language which means the highest seat of nobility next to the monarch. It was a noble with influence that could rival that of the monarch itself. In exchange for that power though, the position also offered duties and responsibilities that must be endured. And what I ask of you is to not only muster and organize my monsters, but to also be their role model. To be the most proper and ideal monster there is. Can you do that?”

“So long as my lord wills it, it will be done. I have and will continue to be until thine body rots, by your side, my lord.”


Wight, now named Duke, pledged so while kneeling down.

As usual, his graceful conduct was worthy of a portrait.


“I’ll be expecting much from you, Duke. Much more than before now that you’re part of my top brass in both name and actuality.”

“Yes, my lord!”


Good reply.

With that, the naming was over.

My monsters clapped and congratulated Duke.


“Now, let’s get down from this stage. There are food and drinks waiting for us. It’s been a while since we shared a leisurely drink and I say today we do just that. Tell me of all the things going on with you recently.”

“My lord… would you not mind even if I talked about the woman I love?”


Upon hearing that, I had a vacant look on my face.

And then, I recalled that he was in a relationship with a Dwarf Smith and that Dwarf Smith was now pregnant.


“Yeah, talk about her as much as you want. Duke, you must do your best for your child, okay?”

“Yes, I want to be a father the child can be proud of.”


Duke said so and smiled. It wasn’t the usual smile he gave me, but rather, it was the gentle smile of a father thinking about his child.


“Alright, today, we drink!”

“To the last drop!”


Just like that, we drank the night away.

The alcohol was great, better tasting than usual.

I had finally named Duke and I strongly believed that we will be by each other’s side now more than ever.

The party continued until morning, full of non-stop laughter from my monsters.


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