Chapter 3: [Divine Revelation]

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After we had bath time, I headed toward Rorono’s workshop.

In order to overcome the [Black] Demon Lord’s schemes, Rorono’s talents were absolutely necessary.

As soon as I arrived, I handed her a blueprint. It wasn’t for a weapon though.

I had tried to make it myself through [Creation], but the outcome wasn’t as great as I wanted. Clearly, Rorono’s help was necessary to make it better.

Upon examining the blueprint that I gave her, she nodded and spoke.


“This is interesting. This thing can simultaneously transmit one’s voice and form to everywhere in the city. If master’s going to be a god, this thing will turn your message into a divine revelation.”


As expected of her, she was able to see what I was aiming for right away.


“Rorono, sorry for giving you more work again.”

“Mhm, it’s fine. I am father’s daughter and [Monster of the Covenant], after all. So long as father has expectations of me, I will continually strive to live up to those expectations.”


Upon hearing her purposely refer to me as father rather than master, I was made aware of the depth of her resolve.


And then, when I suddenly looked at the wall, I saw that the schedule of her projects was posted in it.


Maximum Priority: Repair and further production of Avalon-Ritters

Maximum Priority: Development of Kuina’s new weapon

Maximum Priority: Further production of the assault rifles (ED models) requested by the intelligence corps

Maximum Priority: Reproduction of the weapon of mass destruction MOAB

Maximum Priority: Development of a new bomb for use by the aerial bombardment corps

Priority: Enhancement of the [Mechanical Warmaiden]

Priority: Development of Duke’s exclusive weapon

Priority: Development of Marcho-sama’s exclusive weapon

Priority: Solving issues and also improving the Avalon-Ritters’ Burst Drive and Anti-magic shell

Priority: Formulation of countermeasures against the failure of the infrastructures in Avalon brought about by a sudden increase in population. Formulation of rebuilding plans, as well.

Priority: Further improvements to the Mithril Golems and the lower grade golems.

Priority: Improvements to the Hippogriffs’ carriage

Priority: Training of the newly added Dwarf Smiths


Just looking at the list of her priorities was dizzying.

And these were just her more urgent jobs. She still had to do her regular work on top of these, like her duties as the head of the golem corps.

It was no exaggeration to say that she was carrying the weight of Avalon’s future on her small shoulders.


To be honest, burdening her with more work pained me. But it’s necessary.


“Rorono, sorry I can’t reduce your workload. However, if it’ll help, I’ll listen to whatever request you might have and try to grant it… Also, I want you to voice out your selfishness more.”


In Kuina’s case, I didn’t have to worry since if she wanted something, she would say it. Rorono, though, well, she was always reserved and that made me concerned from time to time.


“Mhm. Then, hug me, father. Just your tight embrace is enough for me to be happy and feel warm.”

“I see.”


When I embraced her from behind, she leaned her weight on me.


LNvol7 (4)


After a while, she broke our embrace.


“The recharging of father’s warmth, complete. I’m going to return to work. Father, look forward to it. I’m going to make the greatest thing.”


After saying so, she began using multiple PCs at once and worked on the plan.

She was really reliable.

What if there was two of her?

Once Stolas’s consciousness has returned, I could ask her to use her [Omnipresence] on Rorono for a short time to improve the latter’s productivity. If my request was granted, it’ll lessen Rorono’s workload even if by only a little.


To help Rorono work, I made some coffee.

It was a drink from the southern countries that began circulating in the city.

After handing her the coffee, I thought of heading back. Anything more was going to be just a hindrance on her work. While I was thinking so, however, the door opened.


“Rorono-chan, Kuina made some late-night sweets! You can eat them later, if you want!


Kuina shouted so and then left.

When I went to the entranceway, a basket was left behind. In it was a fruit pie.

I picked it up and headed toward Rorono.

Thinking the pie would go along well with the coffee, I cut a slice of it and served it to Rorono together with the coffee.


“Thank you, father.”

“Does Kuina come here often?”

“Yeah. Recently she has been bringing homemade sweets. In order to not disturb my work, she just leaves the dessert and returns. At first, the ones she made tasted awful, but over time, it tasted better and better. Aura’s great at teaching.”


It seemed like Kuina was also worried about Rorono and was doing whatever she could to help out.


“You eat too, master”


Rorono offered me the pie while holding the cup of coffee on one hand and staring at a PC.

I took a mouthful. Its texture was a bit bad, but it was delicious. It was surprising that Kuina made this. As I bit into the pie, the bittersweet fruit jam broke out and mixed with the layer of crust.


“I’m really surprised. This is actually delicious.”

“Whenever I do mental labor for a prolonged period of time, I tend to want sugar. Considering it’s Kuina, this is very thoughtful.”


The corners of her mouth slackened when she said so.

The fact that Kuina made this pie for her probably delighted her more than its taste.

Them being close sisters is a delightful thing.


After I cheered you can do it one last time, I left Rorono’s workshop.

I decided that just like Kuina, I should support Rorono however I could.



At last, it was the day for my meeting with the [Black] Demon Lord.

While on the surface it might look like my only escorts for today were Kuina and Ruru, I had placed some other monsters in my [Storage] as an insurance.

Also, while the meeting for today was expected to be for discussion and not for battle, it was just that: an expectation.

Especially since the [Black] Demon Lord was the one to pick place for the meeting.

I had sent Ruru in advance to examine the place, and though she confirmed there was no trap, I still had to be on guard as much as possible.


Anyway, Aura was with me to send me off.

She was going to be house-watching this time.


“Take care, master.”

“I will. And look after Stolas, please.”

“Yes. Her condition might be improving, but it doesn’t mean we can be relaxed just yet, after all.”


Just as Aura replied, Stolas’s condition was improving day by day. The day she would awaken shouldn’t be too far away.

Right when I was about to ride the back of a Darkness Dragon Graphross and leave, I heard hurried footsteps coming my way.

When I turned around, I saw a figure about the height of Rorono that carried a big satchel.

It turned out to be Rorono, but whether it was due to her running all the way here or not, her breathing was labored.


“Master, I’ve completed it, the thing you asked me, the, the Spatial Image Imprinting & Stereophonic Audio Multiplexing Device… the [Divine Revelation]”


Rorono took out from her satchel a device that was separated into three units.

I never imagined she would be able complete it so quickly, and yet there it was.


If we used it, we would be able to send my image and my voice to every human in the city all at once.

Very much like a divine revelation.

It was so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but laugh. After all, having the louder voice in a discussion would have a better chance of being heard.

Especially in this world where methods to disseminate information to many people simultaneously were either rare or nonexistent at all.


In a small, compact city, this device would not only have a greater impact to the people, the speed and accuracy of the transfer of information it would bring was just far greater.

Furthermore, it was plausible for the people of this world to see such a thing as a work of god.

Rorono’s invention would undoubtedly revolutionize the world.


“Great job, Rorono”


I unconsciously hugged Rorono tight.

Though she seemed surprised at first, she did not resist and soon hugged back.

She had really lived up to my expectations, and then some.

If we used this device, I would be deified. When used with another tool though, not only could we achieve that, we could go against that guy until his fall.


“You definitely deserve a reward once I come back. Try to think of what you want. You should ask for a more amazing reward than the one before.”

“…Mhm. I’ll think on it.”


We were still in embrace, so I didn’t see her face, but what I did see was that even her ears became red.


Though it was fun thinking of how I could use this device to harass that guy back, there was no time left. I had to go immediately in order to not be late.

And so, the Darkness Dragon I rode flapped its wings. We were now on the way to a negotiation meeting in name only. From very start, neither the [Black] Demon Lord nor I was expecting the other to be sincere; all we thought about were ways to screw the other without it getting physical.


Note: I slighted tweaked the wording from last chapter. Instead of “In a way, it was more destructive than a bomb”, I used damaging.


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    Maybe it has been answered before and I couldn’t remember it, but…

    Does anyone know the second prize the creator gave? The first gift by the creator was the gift of rebirth, or rather, turning monsters into medals again. But what about the 2nd one?

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