Chapter 2: The [Creation] Demon Lord’s Rewards

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That night, Fel the Celestial Wolf turned up in my room.

She acted hesitant and embarrassed.

As for me, I had already decided on how I would respond to her and her request.


“Sit here, Fel.”



I sat on the bed and encouraged her to sit beside me.

Her face was red, her head was down, and her hands were on her lap. She must be really nervous, I thought.

When I tapped her on the shoulder, she twitched and her whole body trembled.


“Master, today, I want you to pleasure me a lot. I want you to be rough like you were before.”


Fel looked at me with teary eyes.

Upon seeing that, I thought just what did I put her up to when I lost myself!?

Like that, cold sweat ran through my spine.

Well, whatever. I’ll just pleasure in my—the usual me’s—way.


“Yeah, I’ll pleasure you lots.”


I said so and then pushed down Fel’s small body into the bed.

With me hanging over her, I then grabbed her white wolf-tail.

She wore a thin nightdress so her figure was quite clear but still, for someone that had an appearance of a thirteen year old, she was unusually alluring.




Having her sensitive tail touched, she issued out a strange voice.

Afterwards, I brushed her tail gently to tease her.


“Ok, here I go.”


Upon saying so, I applied an ample amount of a certain sticky liquid into my hand and reached for her tail with said hand. It was a special something I had prepared for Fel.


“Hyaa! It’s cold. And so sticky.”

“I’ll apply a lot of it, okay?”


I did as I told her and applied that substance up to the base of her tail.


“It’s weird. It’s so weird. My tail, it feels so hot all of a sudden.”

“It’s not weird. This will make you feel good.”


Regarding what I was applying to her at the moment, it was top quality shampoo.

It smelled good, slightly warmed the body, and even had medicinal effects.

It wasn’t just for hygiene, it was also for wellness.

Apparently it was a very popular item from a certain village where a lot of fox beastmen lived. Because beastmen regarded it as one of the best gifts that could be given to them, merchants had stocked up on it. And because it was a favorite of Kuina’s, I had some stock of it as well.


After rubbing a fair amount, her tail started to bubble.

The secret to proper shampooing was to firmly wash the root of the furs.


“No, ahh, this is making me weak, don’t, hyaa”


For a while now, warm and long breaths had been escaping from Fel.

My fingertips unconsciously remembered Fel’s good spots and involuntarily applied stronger stimulus on them with.

Even though my mind had forgotten what happened while I was in an Awakened state, it would seem that my body did not. Like that, Fel, whose weak spots were being continuously attacked, quickly became even more alluring.

No, stop, doing this much almost made me feel weird. I’m not a lolicon and this is just me shampooing her tail.

I thought so as I tried to calm down.


“I think that’s enough scrubbing. I’m going to rinse it with water now, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”


While still on the bed, I used water magic and washed her tail. Water magic surely was convenient. With it, I was able to make a ball of water float and wash Fel’s tail using that water without making the bed wet.

Once finished with rinsing off the shampoo, I then dried her tail using fire magic.

Aura might have overwhelming control over wind but another of her strong points was her ability to use the magic of another two of the four great elements—namely earth and water. So, when she and Kuina became my [Monster of the Covenant], I became capable of using all four.


“Look, Fel, your tail’s all clean and pretty now.”


“But we’re not done yet.”


I smiled and then took out a brush.

Fel’s tail was already nice and pretty with just the shampoo and the drying but not brushing it would be just like having a meal without a dessert: kind of incomplete.


“What is that?”

“This is a tool to make you feel good.”

“Feel good? More than I already am?”

“Yup, definitely.”


Fel, half excited and half afraid, asked such a question to which I replied in the affirmative.

Next, I briefly ran my fingers on her fur to finger-comb it and was met with some resistance in the form of a few tangled furs. Yeah, brushing should be done, I said to myself as I applied the brush.


The benefits of brushing were plenty: besides making the fur glossier, cleaner and less prone to entangle foreign objects, it also served as a massage which promoted a better circulation of the blood.

A brushing of a master could be deemed as pleasure. So much so that a big dog that had experienced such a pleasure would wag its tail and rush over as fast as it could just by seeing a brush being waved in the air.

Considering how Kuina had repeatedly asked me to do it for her, I was quite confident in my own brushing skills to the point that I could honestly say that I was close to that level of mastery.


Upon contact with the brush, Fel’s body trembled.


“Master, I feel nice and warm all over.”


Unlike a while ago, I wasn’t being rough on applying pressure to her weak spots. In fact, I was being thoroughly gentle in pleasuring her tail.

Fel became relaxed and all strength left her body. She had entrusted her whole self to me.


“How is it? Do you feel good?”

“I feel too good. I feel like my body’s going to melt.”

“Glad to hear that, then. It’ll be over soon.”


I continued to brush her tail until every nook and cranny was taken care of. And then, I ran my fingers through her fur again. Only this time, it was not met with any resistance at all.


LNvol6 (7)


“It’s finished. Go look at the mirror over there.”


I said so and then pointed to the mirror in the corner of the room.


“Woahhh. My tail’s so glossy and pretty. Amazing! It’s like a princess’s tail.”


Seeing her now glossy and well-groomed tail, Fel issued out a voice of amazement.

She then turned around and told me to look at her tail.


“This is your reward. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, thank you! I like my tail like this!”


She replied so and then repeatedly swung her white tail.

Phew, glad she liked it.


“But master, this is a little bit different from what I imagined. When I get the chance to be awarded again, can my reward be to have the black master be rough with me?”

“…let’s cross that bridge when we get there.”


With a stiff face, I vaguely answered Fel’s question and then patted her on the head.

I thought there wouldn’t be much need to worry. After all, whether the [Time] Demon Lord came to the feast or, in case he couldn’t make it, I came over to his dungeon, Fel was going to return to his side and thus, there could no longer be a chance for her to earn a reward from me.


“Alright, that’s a promise!”

“Yeah, it is.”


Fel nodded in return. But then, after a while, she joined the tips of her fingers together in front of her chest and began to fidget with them as though she was hesitant to say something.


“Fel, is there something you’d like to say?”

“Ahm, can I ask one selfish request? …if possible, I’d like to meet with the black form of master right now. You don’t have to do anything; I just want to see it.”


Whether I agreed or not, I still needed to check the new abilities I got from the slain Demon Lords.

It therefore didn’t make much sense to deny her request.

The problem, however, was the possibility that I might do something weird while in that form.

I was able to control myself the first time so maybe, with the calm state of mind I have right now, things will be alright.

As I thought of such, Fel looked at me with eyes full of expectations.

Haa, can’t be helped. I’ll grant this wish of hers as a parting gift.


“Alright. But just for a little bit. And I won’t do anything. Okay?”



Upon hearing it, Fel’s eyes sparkled.

And so, I Awakened.

I felt a bundle of heat gather on my back and in the next moment, my four wings emerged. Concurrently, a horn also grew on my head. After those transformations, a sense of omnipotence welled up within me as this power dyed my heart black.

My consciousness began to fade and I felt sleepy… I closed my eyes as my other self opened his.


“Kyaa! Black master! Oh that cold stare!”


Hugging me like this, she’s acting too familiar. It’s irritating. It seems that after all that education, she still doesn’t know her place. If education isn’t enough, punishment is in order. Yeah, let’s discipline her as though she’s just a dog.



I woke up and found Fel sleeping soundly by my side. She was hugging my arm while looking so happy.

I then tried to remember the rest of yesterday’s events.

Fel and I were both clothed so that was one less worry.


After some more effort, I remembered some things. First was that I was able to accomplish my goal of ascertaining the nature of the abilities I got from the two Demon Lords I had killed.

Great, I’ve remembered them properly. They will certainly be useful tools.

If I made use of those abilities, Avalon’s war potential would surely double. Individually, they weren’t particularly strong abilities but together, they transformed.

They weren’t abilities I could afford to ignore. Even with all the risks, I have to learn to control [Awakening].


As for what happened with Fel, it seemed like it went just fine and that I somehow remained rational.

I remembered that upon transforming, I only talked with her and then proceeded to go to sleep. I didn’t recall anything else so I probably didn’t do anything weird.


“Fel looks so happy.”


When I looked at Fel’s adorable face, I found it regrettable to part with her.


“Father… Fel’s… doing her best…”


The moment I thought of such, I heard Fel talking in her sleep.

Her words snapped me back to reality. In all likelihood, she probably preferred it more to return to the [Time] Demon Lord’s side rather stay by mine.

As I pondered on it, she began to scrub her eyes.


“Mnnya. ‘Morning, master.”


Maybe it was because she wasn’t a morning person but she made a rather lax face. It was adorable.

After three minutes or so, she returned to her usual self. …or so I thought. There was something odd about her. Before I could come up with an answer, she put both hands on her suddenly red cheek and shook her head.


“Master, thank you for giving me lots and lots of love yesterday!!”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“As I thought, a slightly wicked Demon Lord is so cool!”


Fel remarked so as she energetically swung her tail.

She seemed to have made her mind about it after yesterday’s shampooing and brushing.


Suddenly, a blue bird entered from the window.

In its leg were letters which were surely replies to the message I had sent.


“Fel, it says here that the [Time] Demon Lord will be participating in the feast.”

“Wow, Father’s coming here!?”


There was undeniable joy in her voice.

As I thought, she truly loved him.

In reaction to her words, I smiled and then stroked her head.


There was also a letter from Marcho and she wrote that she could attend the feast as well. Aside from that good news, she had mentioned another one which would most probably make Rorono happy.


Okay, I’ve finished giving Fel her reward. Next up will be to give Rorono hers. Has she decided on one though? Alright, I’ll go check on that while also telling her of Marcho’s good news.



I parted with Fel and headed for Rorono’s workshop.

Just like with me, her workshop’s workload had piled up during her absence. There were also the tasks of repairing the golems and firearms that were broken in the most recent fight as well as replenishing our stock of bullets.

If it were just normal bullets, I could replenish our stocks myself through my [Creation] but since the ones we used were special bullets like mithril and orichalcum bullets, it was necessary that she be the one to make them.

She was just too serious. Even if I said that it could be done later, she probably wouldn’t rest until a minimum amount had been done.


However, there was something quite depressing in only one person not taking a day off. And so, I had decided to give a separate day off to her sometime in the future. If she still refused to take a break then, perhaps a command to go with me on a trip would do the trick.

In the chance that a trip was what she wanted as her reward, I planned on taking her along in a gourmet tour.

She’s quite the glutton so she should like that.

As I thought of such, I entered the workshop.


“Rorono-sama, you’re being too reserved if all you ask for is to be patted in the head! Be bolder! A woman has to be brave!”

“Yeah, yeah. Learn from that girl; she already has a child in tummy, see?”

“You’re not gonna lose to her and Wight-sama, right?”

“That’s it. I have a good idea for your reward. Why don’t you ask Procell-sama to give you a baby?”

“””Oh yeah!”””


Rorono’s subordinates, the Dwarf Smiths, surrounded her and were teasing her.

As for Rorono herself, her white skin was totally red and her head was hung low.

Such was most probably the result of her asking them for advice regarding her reward.

…but, of course, a baby was out of the question. I intended to grant her only what one would grant their daughter.


“Rorono, are you here?”


I loudly said so. When I did, Rorono and the Dwarf Smiths all looked in my direction. After seeing me, the Dwarf Smiths then hurriedly returned to their workstations, leaving Rorono behind.

It’s probably better to pretend I didn’t hear their conversation just now.


“What can I do for you today, master?”

“I came here to know whether or not you’ve decided on what kind of reward you want.”


The Dwarf Smiths then pricked up their ears and listened closely.

Rorono, with her face still red, said the next words with a trembling voice:


“Father, I want a baby.”


You’re going with that!?

I felt my face stiffen. Meanwhile, the Dwarf Smiths squealed in glee.


“Is that a no?”


With upturned eyes, Rorono whispered so.


“Yeah, it’s a no.”

“Is it because you dislike me?”


Anxiety in her eyes, she looked at me.


lnvol6 (8)


“No, it’s because Demon Lords can’t produce children. I’ve told you I’ll grant whatever wish you want so long as I’m able to do it but, sorry, this is one of the wishes that I can’t grant.”

“Mhm, okay. A pity.”

“Moreover, even if I could, I won’t do that to you, my daughter. It’s not that I dislike you, but rather it’s because I love you.”


Depending on their compatibilities, monsters could reproduce with their fellow monsters. However, the same couldn’t be said about Demon Lords; whether it be with fellow Demon Lords or with monsters, we just didn’t have the capability to reproduce.

…that was technically the truth. The exception, however, was the [Evil] Demon Lord and his ability, [Mating]. And now that I had absorbed his abilities, I too was very much capable of producing an offspring.

I chose to stay silent though; believing there was no need to bring it up.


“Understood. I’ll think of another wish then. I’ll have it ready before the day ends.”


A bit of sadness could be heard in her voice as she said so.


“Thanks. Oh, one more thing: I have good news. Marcho said that she had collected all the bodies of the broken golems within her dungeon. I’ve already sent a group of Darkness Dragons and Mythological Foxes to retrieve them.”


For monsters, after a certain amount of time upon death, their corpses would turn into blue particles of light that would then soon vanish. For golems though, considering they were ultimately just creatures of magic and spells, their bodies didn’t vanish.

That meant that so long as their base form was still intact, their bodies could be recovered at a later time.



“Yeah. It might not be enough for everything but we’ve got enough to fix the golems.”

“I’m so glad! I can now repair those children sooner.”


Full of joy in her voice, Rorono said so as she embraced me.

Thinking that she truly did love those golems, I smiled wryly.

When the Darkness Dragons arrive, I’ll make them deliver the recovered bodies to her immediately.


However, as her father, I wanted her to think more about herself. The reason I wanted her to think of her own reward this time was to make her herself know what she really wanted.


I talked with everyone for a little while and then left the room.

I had work ahead of me. Distinguished Demon Lords were coming in response to my invitation and for that, preparations must be done to ensure Avalon could welcome them as best we could.





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