Chapter 1: After the fighting has ended

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I returned to my residence and tackled on the gathered paperwork. I had been gone for only a day but a fair bit of petitions and contracts had been delivered already.


As I was going through those, I thought about the thing with Fel.

It seemed that, while Awakened, I had fondled with her tail and even stole a kiss. Worse, it also seemed that I had promised to do something even more amazing. Normally, going further could only mean one thing.


On the topic of doing such a thing, the question of how to do it floated in my mind.

The easiest would be to [Awaken] and let what would happen, well, happen.

To be frank, I did not have any experience whatsoever on such things. My Awakened self might have been able to toy around with Fel but for my normal self, such things were of course impossible.


“But no, I can’t do such a thing. Obviously.”


And so, I expelled such thoughts from my head.

Alright, I’ll just pleasure her as though I’m pleasuring Kuina. She is Kuina’s younger sister so she’ll most probably love that too.



After doing the gathered paperwork, I wrote letters for [Time] Demon Lord Dantalian, [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth, and [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas.


What I wrote about were the details of the previous campaign.

I wrote about Marcho being reborn via [Rebirth] but then, I left out the part about my proposal to her.

Actually, [Time] and [Dragon] probably already knew everything that was in my letter but still, considering that they helped, it was my obligation to properly report to them about what happened.

After I finished writing about all that, I mentioned that I was going to hold a feast three days later and that they should come if they were able to. I also asked, in the case they could not make it to the feast, when it would be most convenient time for them to be visited and be given a better report and a better thanks.

I suggested a feast because I just felt that it was important to have everyone be together in one place.


In the letter addressed to [Time], I wrote that Fel was well, whereas in the letter addressed to [Wind], I wrote that Rozelitte and her powers were incredibly useful.


Once I was finished, I had the letters be delivered by the blue bird that Stolas had entrusted to me.


Pretty soon, we will have to say goodbye to Rozelitte and Fel.

I thought so and felt a little lonely. Parting with Fel was going to be particularly sad since she had made such good friends with Kuina and the others. They will be pretty sad about saying good bye to her too, I thought.

But then again, not having Fel by our side and missing her, [Time] was also on that same boat. And so, I decided to send her off with a smile instead.


I then released the blue bird to sky. And now, I wait for their answers.



Sometime later, I crossed paths with a blue bird and it had delivered a letter from the [Dragon] Demon Lord.

Written in it were things about the Demon Lords that had attacked Marcho.

The ringleader, the [Black] Demon Lord, had received the [Dragon] Demon Lord’s assault and then retreated to the inner most part of his dungeon and fortified his defense. In addition, it seemed like the humans who followed that Demon Lord’s religion were incited by the assault and thus were preparing for an assault of their own against the [Dragon] Demon Lord’s dungeon.


The [Dragon] Demon Lord had written that he had no intentions of falling to some humans so I didn’t have to worry. Still though, in case he needed some assistance, I was going to help.


Aside from the [Black] Demon Lord, six other Demon Lords participated in attacking Marcho. One of them had led a charge against Avalon but was killed by the [Time] Demon Lord who was protecting my Avalon. Meanwhile, another two of the six were killed in the explosion of the MOAB.

It seemed that the dungeons of those three slain Demon Lords, devoid of a leader and proper chain of command, were unable to offer any decent resistance and had their crystals broken by the Demon Lords in the [Dragon] Demon Lord’s faction.

As for the three surviving Demon Lords, it seemed they managed to return to their dungeons and defended it. As for how, apparently, when things were turning sour for them, they immediately pulled out all their forces from their Marcho’s dungeon and diverted it all to the defense of their own dungeon.


The fact that the ringleader and half of his performers were, at the moment, alive and well wasn’t very good news since they could attack Avalon at any time.

I had to prepare for any attack at any time but considering Marcho’s monsters were now under my command, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard.

Plus, I remembered about the two Demon Lords that were killed. While I was in an Awakened state, I was able to use the unique skills of any Demon Lord I had slain.

For example, I was made aware last time that I could use [Evil]’s ability to make female monsters pregnant and thus create new monsters. I had no intention whatsoever of using such an ability in my lifetime but then, the abilities of the two I had just killed were another matter.

I still didn’t know what the new abilities were though and whether they could become a war potential. I wanted to try them out but I was anxious on using [Awakening] and losing myself again. I guess I need to do some special training with it while having Kuina and the others watch over me.


“Okay, that’s enough for now.”


I said so out loud and rotated my shoulder.


I’m beat. It seems my monsters were too but I personally am tired from the last war. I guess I’ll go take a breather and walk around the city.



In the shops of Avalon, my monsters were having more fun than usual in their shopping.

It seemed that the bonus money they received had loosened their purse strings.

This wasn’t the first time my monsters contributed to the local economy though. In fact, through the salaries they received for their work, they did so regularly.

I was able to give them salaries thanks to the silver coins made from the unused silver from my [Mine]. The bonus money also came from there.


“Ah! Oto-san, here!”

“Master, this way.”


Kuina and Fel waved their hands at me and invited me to come over. Each one’s tail—a fox tail for Kuina and a wolf tail for Fel—were swinging energetically. Seeing them like this, they looked nothing but true sisters.


The two were munching on some meat skewers which was Kuina’s favorite.

If I wasn’t mistaken, the lamb was softened and marinated on yogurt, spiced to remove any unwanted smell, and then grilled. Considering that its price was reasonable, it tasted good, and there were plenty on one order, I too liked it.


“Oto-san, say AHH”


Kuina said so and then brought a skewer near my mouth. In response, I smiled wryly as I opened my mouth. When I did so… another skewer was thrusted upon me.


“Eat Fel’s too.”


The meat were cut into large portions so when they both tried to feed me, my mouth became full and I found it hard to just chew.

Nevertheless, spitting them out was a big no so I powered through and chewed.


“T-thank you. It’s delicious.”


I said so and patted both Kuina and Fel’s heads. Their fox ears and wolf ears felt pleasant to touch.


“Yay ♪”

“Yeah, that’s right, be grateful.”


Kuina and Fel said different things but they were both pleased.


“The two of you are going around and trying out the food, right?”

“Yup! Actually, we invited Rorono-chan and Aura-chan too but they said they had something to do and went ahead to the workshop and the orchard.”


Kuina looked somewhat lonely as she said so.

What those two were doing while they were away was probably on her mind.


“I see. Then, can I go around with you? I’m in the mood for some good food.”

“Yeah, absolutely! ♪”


Kuina took my left hand and, when upon seeing that, Fel took my right.

And so, there I was, with a beautiful girl in each arm.

Looking at me like that, the citizens of Avalon began to whisper among themselves.

I was sure it was just my imagination but I thought I heard the words The Great Lolicon Demon Lord.

After all, the humans that lived in Avalon had no idea that I was a Demon Lord and also, I was most definitely not a lolicon.



The three of us together, we came to nearby bar where tables and chairs were laid outside, ready to hold meetings and celebrations.

And there, we found R’lyeh Diva and the Ocean Singers drinking merrily.


They had bravely ordered a cask full of alcohol and pretty much the entire menu. Enjoying their drinks and food, they were making quite an uproar. It seemed like they were the rowdy sort, with the sound of their laughter resounding in the air.


“Ah, Patron! Come! Kuina and Fel, come over here too. We’ve ordered a lot of delicious food, see!”


R’lyeh Diva noticed us and heartily called out to us.

When I looked at Kuina and Fel, their eyes were already on the delicious-looking food and their mouths watering.

Like that, we accepted the invitation.


“Then, I guess we’ll partake.”

“It looks so delicious”

“I know, right?”


While swinging their tail energetically, Kuina and Fel rushed onto the table.

The Ocean Singers, looking and acting like they were the older sisters, pampered the two and offered them food after food. Both parties, the ones being fed and the ones offering the food, were in great delight.

Considering that Kuina had grown, it might have been weird to see the Ocean Singers treating her like so but to them, she would always be that little Kuina.


“Patron, here, drink, drink”


I, in a table slightly separated from the group, was sitting opposite of R’lyeh Diva.


“Yeah, thanks.”


The alcohol offered in this shop was wine made from grapes.

Before, these were outrageously expensive and hard to get but after the air transport via the Hippogriffs, they became cheap and easily obtainable.

Perhaps it was because of the shopkeeper’s taste but despite my drink being a young wine, it had a very deep flavor. It was good wine.


“I really wondered if I was going to die this time. Patron, you ask for too much.”

“Sorry about that. I’ve depended too much on you and I’m reflecting on that. Some of the things I’m thinking about is increasing our fighting force on the other dimension. No matter what though, I won’t let you be in such an unreasonable situation again.”

“Oh, that’s what I was going to request so I have no issues.”


I smiled wryly at that.

We then drank our drinks together and having finished it, we poured another.


“Say, Patron.”

“What is it, R’lyeh Diva?”

“Make my name cute and not uncool, okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’m quite confident in my naming sense, you know? Kuina, Rorono, and Aura are happy with their names, right?”

“They are but if it’s them, so long as it’s a name they got from you, patron, they’ll be happy. But then again, who am I to blame them? …Ah, no, scratch that, I’m not being myself. This is not my character!”


She said so while swinging her head and her blue hair in denial.

Such a reaction was unusual for her.

Like so, we chatted idly.

When I noticed it, even the Wight and Dwarf Smith couple and Kohaku the Byakko had joined the drinking party.

Hey, wait a minute! Did Wight just say they’ve made a child together!? A child? They made one? I know it’s not impossible and depends on the compatibility between races but still, the dragon race truly are impressive.


“Geez, are you that bored talking with me that you keep on looking away?”

“It’s not that. Here, let’s drink some more”


For a moment, I thought I saw R’lyeh Diva look upset but maybe it was just the effects of the alcohol.

When Wight says something like that, it’s only natural for that to grab one’s attention, right?

I argued so in my head but in my experience, such a reply would only make her unnecessarily angry. And so, I just obediently apologized and complied.

After that, R’lyeh Diva livened up and then put on a serious face.


“Say, patron, you know, before, I thought you were weird in a lot of ways. But now, I think I’m quite fortunate to have you as my patron. If ever I was created by a different Demon Lord, I think I probably won’t be able to smile, laugh, and even drink like this with everyone.”


R’lyeh Diva said so as she tenderly looked at the Ocean Singers as well as Kuina and Fel.



“Really. So, to thank you for that, I’ll be singing a special song dedicated to only you, my patron.”


After saying so, she stood up and began singing.

It was a gentle, calming song.

The fatigue I felt from the previous fight seemed to have vanished. It was as though the sea had drowned my stress.

I had heard her sing before but her songs usually were more upbeat, more energizing.

After hearing this song, I was sure that this was the song of the true-and-without-pretense R’lyeh Diva.


LNvol6 (6)


Everyone kept silent and listened to her song. There were no noise, no distractions, only the sound of her song.

It was so moving, so powerful that it gave such an impression.

And then, after a while, the song ended. Right when it did though, it was replaced by the thunderous sound of applause.


“How is it? My song, I mean.”

“It was the best. I’d like to hear it again.”

“If you say it like that, there’s no helping it then, right? I’ll sing it to you again. While we’re in bed.”



In reaction to R’lyeh Diva’s joke, the surroundings went into an uproar.

Kuina and Fel in particular made their face swell and marched toward us. I tried to pacify the two and even handed Kuina some wine, saying that it was alright considering she was an adult now.


I enjoyed the drinking party for a little while more and then headed back home.



I was doing some left over work in my room when I heard a knock on the door.

So, the time has finally come.


“I’m coming in. Master, I’m here for my reward.”


The one that came was the thin-nightdress-wearing Fel.

I felt dizzy. As though I had just spent a long time in a hot spring.

There’s no escaping now.


“Glad you came, Fel. I’m going to reward you plenty.”


While swinging her tail, Fel leapt into my chest.

I prepared myself to give her her reward and then smiled and extended my hand toward her.


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