Volume 2 Light Novel illustrations

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Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.16.56Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.17.05



The translation for the image below:

Race: [Beast] Demon Lord

Rank: S

Name: Marchosias

Level: ???


Physical Strength: S

Endurance: A

Agility: S

Magic Power: A

Luck: B

Special: A

*The stats depend on the power of her [Monsters of the Covenant]



Beast Transformation/ Awakening/ Demon Lord Book/ Storage/ Discharge/ Synthesis/ Dungeon Creation

Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.17.19


Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.18.31

Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.18.47

Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.19.05

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    Choose which one is for you!

    And yeah, you will probably be judged.


  4. Here is an image I don’t have the guts to post in my blog. It’s kind of nsfw so click at your own risk. It’s the hot spring one: http://imgur.com/VMru1GK

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