Chapter 15: Black Dragon of Death

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Still holding Wight in my arms, I revealed the power given to me by the Creator. That power being [Rebirth].

It was the reward I got from the side show with [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas.

Its effects allowed me to return a monster back into being a medal and use it in a new [Synthesis].

By doing so, the monster’s soul would reside within the newly created medal. This meant that it was possible to carry over Wight as he was along with his level to the new monster. In Wight’s case, he was created as a B rank monster with a static level so he would be reborn at level 56.

Kuina, Rorono, and Aura haven’t reached level 56 yet so in a sense, it was fortunate that I had created Wight to have a static level back then.


At the same time as I uttered the words of power, Wight who was on the verge of death turned into particles of light that then gathered on the palm of my hand. Those particles felt hot, almost like they could burn my hand. But from the particles of light, I could feel Wight’s presence as well.

Finally, the particles settled down and manifested itself as golden medal.


That medal was [The Dead] medal.

When turning a monster into a medal via [Rebirth], the created medal isn’t necessarily any of the medals that was previously used to create the monster. In Wight’s case, he was created using the [Death] and [Person] medals but what came out of [Rebirth] was [The Dead].

It was an entirely new original medal that represented the monster itself.


And so, I tightly grasped that medal in my hand. From it, I felt strong power and emotions, as though it was Wight himself.


“Wight, I’m going to grant you a new body; I’m going to grant you your wish.”


He wished for a strong body not for himself but for me and my subordinates. In accordance to his desire, I took out the [Dragon] medal. Out of all the medals that I have, it was the best one in creating monsters with a strong body.

After that, I added in another medal: [Creation].


Because Wight expressed his selfish desire to become my monster in the truest sense, I was going to use my own medal in this [Synthesis].

So, in my hand were the [Dragon], [Creation], and [The Dead] medals. With all three gathered, it started to heat up.

Now, let’s begin.




Light shone from my closed hand and it grew stronger.

What floated in my mind were the countless number of possibilities.

I chose the option to make the new monster be able to level up. Even though I chose this option, due to the [Rebirth]’s effects, instead of starting from level 1, Wight’s initial level would be level 56.


Next, the [Dragon] medal had a special ability called [Berserk]. What this does is robbing the monster of its reason and intelligence in exchange for power comparable to a monster a rank above it.

If I added [Berserk] to a potential S rank monster, I might be able to make be the strongest monster.

However, I did not choose it. I liked Wight’s personality and did not wish to rob that away from him.

And so, the option for [Berserk] vanished.

Right when I thought so far, so good, I heard Wight’s voice.


The light coming from [The Dead] medal grew more dazzling. The medal then pulled in the [Dragon] medal toward itself. Next, the [Berserk] option that just vanished resurfaced.

As for the [Creation] medal, it began to transform. From among the countless futures, one future became more prominent. The image that floated in my mind was that of a jet-black dragon keeping the strongest power under its control with its bravery and willpower.


“Wight, are you guiding this?”


It felt like that to me.

[Creation] transformed and what it transformed into was [Hero].

A [Hero].

A being that kills Demon Lords.

A being that ruled over valor and fortitude.

A Champion with excellent wisdom and superior martial arts.

And so, the [Dragon], [Hero], and [The Dead] medals combined and began to form a monster.


There existed the concept of compatibility among medals. The [Hero] and [The Dead] medals, unsurprisingly, had the worst compatibility. The [Hero] and [Dragon] medals weren’t any better either. In almost all cases, their powers will contradict one another, making it hard to create a strong monster.

However, there was a possibility wherein these three miraculously worked in perfect harmony with one another. That possibility existed once every 1000, no, 10,000… that chance existed only once every 100, 000,000 Synthesis.

With my power, with the [Creation] medal, I could just choose the one possibility I want from the countless number of possibilities.

I reached out for the possibility Wight pointed out and grasped it!


Its vague outline grew clearer but then, a dark, ominous haze enveloped around it to mix the power of [Berserk] into the forming monster. Black patterns emerged on the monster’s whole body and then vanished.

In the next moment, the monster itself appeared.

It stood on two legs and had gallant wings on its back. It also had fangs and claws and a massive figure.

The pupils of its eyes showed an ominous dark crimson.

It transcended even S rank; it was the ultimate monster.

The name that came to my mind was…


“The jet-black dragon Siegwurm”


It was Wight’s new form.

It was misfortune personified. It was the dragon of calamity that guarded the gates of hades which ruled over the living and the dead alike.

I looked at Wight’s eyes and believed he would hold the power of [Berserk] at bay.

In return, Siegwurm, looked at me and roared. I felt fear that seemed to freeze even my soul.

Its eyes devoid of any emotion and its thoughts seemingly devoted only on eliminating the enemy before it, it raised its hand overhead.

I did not close my eyes or even took a defensive stance. The reason for that is because…


“I believe in you, Wight.”


I refused to believe Wight’s consciousness would be overwhelmed by [Berserk].

When Siegwurm’s hand was just about to hit me, it stopped.

Reason and warmth now dwelling in his deep red eyes, he spoke.


“Forgive me, my lord. I was half-asleep and acted carelessly.”


In a tone that feigned innocence, Siegwurm… no, Wight said such.


“So you’re fully awake now then?”

“Yes, my lord. Having flesh and blood feels rather nice, isn’t it? The pleasant wind; the fresh scents; and the different hue of the surrounding.”


He said so as he smiled.

And then, his form changed from that of a gigantic dragon into that of a gentlemanly, middle-aged, white-haired man. All that said, he still didn’t look quite human due to the dragon horns and tail on his body.

On his body, he wore a jet-black butler uniform.

That appearance suited Wight so much it almost made me laugh.


“Are you in that form instead of your original form because you’ve suppressed [Berserk]?”

“Not quite. It seems [Berserk] has an On and Off mode. The more I release Berserk’s power, the closer to a dragon my form becomes. When fighting seriously, it will be better to have no friendly units nearby for I might not be able to control myself. Moreover, if I use Berserk mode for too long, I will not be able to turn back. I guess I will be able to fight at full strength for about 3 minutes or so.”


As expected, we couldn’t receive only the good parts of this increase in fighting strength.

However, it was reassuring that Wight had the power that exceeded even S rank.

In the first place, Wight had the power of an S rank monster even in his dragonewt form so situations where [Berserk] would become necessary were probably going to be few.


“So you turn into a dragon by going mad?”


When I heard Wight’s explanation, I was reminded of a hero’s legend. In that legend, he defeated a dragon and by bathing on the gush of its blood, the hero himself became a dragon.

The Black Dragon of Death—what Wight became upon his rebirth—probably was a monster similar to that legend.


“Here is your order, Wight. You are to defeat with your own hands the monster that previously defeated you. That will be my last command in this [War]. Now, to your duty!”

“Certainly, my lord. Let me demonstrate to you this new power.”



I looked at Ancient Elf’s direction.

The fight progressed with her on the dominating side. Overwhelming her enemy with her speed, she did not worry about the enemy’s ability to read minds. It wasn’t only due to her speed either; much like the Byakko’s reading of minds, she deployed a barrier of wind which sensed her enemy’s movements. In addition, it also accelerated her movements, thus allowing her to act before the Byakko could even do his next action.

However, having lost her main weapon, her offensive capabilities had fallen and she was not yet able to land the decisive blow.

In that moment, Wight appeared.


“Ancient Elf-sama, please leave this to me. I have been ordered by our lord to take care of this from now on.”


Seeing Wight who became a dragonewt, Ancient Elf was round-eyed and then smiled.


“Wight-san, you’ve become very cool. Although, there’s this mysterious and uncomfortable feeling to it, isn’t there? Well, it suits you well. Ok then, I’ll leave the rest to you. You’re the star of the show now. I guess that makes me the opening act, doesn’t it?”

“You have my thanks, Ancient Elf-sama.”

“Don’t worry about it. Also, please call me Aura from now on; that’s the name master has given to me.”

“Certainly, Aura-sama.”


As she said those words, Aura turned her back against the Byakko and then lined up beside me.

With the two of us, we watched over the Byakko and Wight’s fight.

In that moment, new actors entered the stage.


“Oto-san, we’re back!”

“Kuina, wait for me. This baggage is heavy and I can’t catch up to you.”


It was Kuina and Rorono. The two have returned after breaking [Viscosity]’s crystal.


“Kuina, Rorono, what the heck is that?”

“Ahm, well, as we were on our way back, we suddenly met them so we defeated all his followers and ran off here. We thought of whether or not to kill him but it seemed there was an amazing monster ahead so we thought it was better to let him live and be a convenient hostage.”


Kuina puffed her chest as she replied so.

At that, Rorono stared at her and spoke.


“From the beginning of the fight until its last moments, Kuina just slept through it.”

“Ah! Rorono-chan, don’t talk about that!”


The one on Rorono back was the [Steel] Demon Lord Zagan. To prevent him from using magic, cotton was stuffed into his mouth. And to prevent him from escaping, his whole body was tied up.

I couldn’t help but pity him for being defeated only in passing. He really couldn’t be blamed though; there was no way to come out safe after being in a fight with these two.


“It seems you’ve safely broken the crystal in that dungeon. Good work and thanks as well for this gift. You two did well.”


When I brushed their heads, Kuina happily swung her fluffy fox tail while Rorono narrowed her eyes.

Like that, my three [Monsters of the Covenant] and I turned our gaze toward Wight.


Wight and the Byakko faced each other. They exchanged words for a while and then clashed into one another.

After their clash, black haze then wrapped around Wight’s body; it seemed as though [Berserk] mode was turned on.

From his butler form, he transformed into a gigantic black dragon with shining deep red eyes.

He then headed to the sky and roared. Upon doing so, numerous undead appeared from deep underground. Judging by their appearance, they seemed to be strengthened multiple times.

The Byakko, in order to get out of reach of those undead monsters, leapt high into the sky and then sunk his fang into Wight. However, instead of piercing Wight’s scales, his fang was the one that was damaged and broken. This broken fang that dropped into the ground turned black and rotted.

Wight as the black dragon of death was clad in miasma; just by touching it, his opponent’s life was snatched away.




Wight aimed at the Byakko that became defenseless in the sky. He swung his arm and dove downward into ground. Upon impact, the ground shook and a crater was made. The ground started to rot while the surrounding trees simultaneously withered.

At the center of the crater was the Byakko, barely breathing it seemed. On top of his earlier injuries, all of his bones seemed to be broken now, rendering him completely unable to move.

At that, Wight voiced out a victory roar. He then undid [Berserk]. The black haze cleared and he returned to his dragonewt form.

Such overwhelming strength.


“My lord, I have now accomplished all of the tasked you’ve given.”


He said so after coming all the way to where I was and elegantly bowing.

For the popular and resourceful Wight to have gained even fighting strength, he was truly very reliable.

It would seem he hadn’t lost his ability to command the undead. I have decided then to let him command the undead as usual in his dragonewt form and only make him fight as the black dragon as a last resort.


“Thanks for your hard work, Wight.”


Wight smiled at my reply. I was a little pleased to now be able to tell what exactly he was feeling.


“No, it is all thanks to the new power you have given me, my lord. …it’s a little hard for me to ask but on top of my request from the beginning—for you to be the one to officiate my wedding ceremony—may I ask for one more reward?”

“It depends on what you’re asking for.”

“Will you consider scouting a monster? The monster in question is the Byakko. I will handle the negotiations so please consider it.”


It would seem Wight respected his formidable enemy and deemed him capable. Furthermore, he asked if I was willing to make that enemy my own power.

At any rate, scout him, huh? This way of thinking couldn’t belong to any other monster than Wight.


“Alright, do what you must. Also, you may use the [Steel] Demon Lord’s life as a bargaining chip.”

“Thank you, my lord. I’m glad negotiations will be easier.”


Upon saying so, Wight first walked toward the incapacitated Byakko and began to talk with him a while.

The Byakko then nodded with satisfaction.

Maybe it was because they fought with all they had that they were able to communicate with each other so well.

At any rate, Rorono dropped down the [Steel] Demon Lord she was carrying in front of Wight.

When Wight poured magic power into his hand, it alone turned into a dragon’s body part—a dragon’s paw and claw to be exact.

Afterward, he removed the cotton stuffed into Zagan’s mouth so that the Demon Lord may be able to speak.


“[Steel] Demon Lord, won’t you transfer the right of control of the Byakko Kohaku-dono over to my lord? Kohaku-dono himself have consented to it.”


For the right of control of a monster to be transferred, there has to be consent from the Demon Lord owning that said monster. Unless Zagan agrees, there was nothing that could be done.


“Wh-who would do such a thing?”

“That’s unfortunate. Then, let us begin our negotiations.”


With his claws, Wight lopped off Zagan’s right arm.

Zagan, half-crazed, held his blood-spurting arm as he rolled around.

However, he was interrupted from doing so when Wight easily picked him up by the nape of his neck. Upon doing so, Wight stared straight into his eyes and threatened him.


“Next will be your left arm. If you transfer over the right of control, I will spare you at least your life. So, how about it?”


As things were, the Byakko was to disappear along with Zagan’s crystal and Wight found that to be regrettable. However, by transferring the right of control over to me, Byakko will remain alive no matter what might happen to the crystal.

Perhaps it was because Wight was greatly exhausted at this point but the negotiation was being extremely harsh.


“Who the hell would listen to a monster like you?”

“Hmm. Off with your left arm then.”


And so, Zagan who started to spout abusive language got his left arm lopped off.


“GYAAAAAAAA! You bastard, you bastard, you bastard!”

“I may have gone a little bit overboard; you might die at this rate. Allow me to administer treatment.”


In what seemed like an application of an ability of his, Wight regrew Zagan’s arm. However, it was different from Zagan’s previously human-looking arm; it was grotesque.

As far as Zagan was concerned, that was far more terrifying than when he lost his arm.


“Do you understand? You are currently being turned into an undead. Unless you decide soon, the process will reach even your brain. When that happens, you’ll be nothing but a mindless beast starved for blood and flesh.”


Upon hearing so, Zagan’s eyes and nose began to shed tears and snot due to his immense fear.


“Stop, stop it, this, this arm, it isn’t mine, I give up, I give up, so stop it already.”

“Certainly. Then, please begin the transfer of the right of control.”


Zagan finally broke.

When Wight dropped him down into the ground, his undead arm came off. The wound has closed so it was unlikely he would die from blood loss.

Wight then pushed him in the back until he was right before me.


“I, [Steel] Demon Lord Zagan, hereby transfer the right of control of this Byakko over to the [Creation] Demon Lord.”


With those words, the transfer began. All that was left to conclude the transaction was for me to nod.


“I, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, hereby accepts [Steel] Demon Lord Zagan’s offer.”


Thus, Byakko became mine.


“Enough already. I, I surrender.”


Like that, Zagan who became pale-white surrendered.

In that moment, his crystal appeared before me and I broke it.


<<Children of the Planet, this marks the end of this war. Against [Steel], [Evil], and [Viscosity], [Creation] has come out triumphant. This war was indeed magnificent. It has been a while since a war has entertained me this much. I will prepare a special award for the radiance [Creation] has shown us. Also, I have found numerous deficiencies in the rules and will revise them in time. I will relay the changes to all new Demon Lords at a later point.>>


He said deficiencies in the rules but he most probably just found it more interesting that way and therefore purposefully overlooked them.

Like that, I was able to understand the irresponsible train of thought of the Creator.


At any rate, the war came to a close with our overwhelming victory.

My three [Monsters of the Covenant] hugged each other and cheered. Whereas Wight smiled with satisfaction.

Upon our return to our city, I intended to give all my monsters a reward. I also planned on giving Wight who became a black dragon of death a name.

Deciding so, I patiently waited to be transferred.

Author’s afterword: The war has finally concluded! Thanks for reading this far! I am happy to know you’ve enjoyed this war volume.

TL note: I used Hero for Yuusha (勇者) and Champion for Eiyuu (英雄). Both of these can mean hero but I decided on those terms based on the context of this chapter.

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