Chapter 22: Dungeon Conquest

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~Back to Procell’s point of view~


“Let’s get started soon.”


I stretched and then decided to begin our conquest of [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas’s Dungeon in earnest.

Until now, I was just watching the situation in the white room that adjoined the both of our Dungeons.


“Oto-san, it was boring—”


Tenko puffed her cheeks.


“Yeah, sorry. I just thought it was better to attack after their numbers have been reduced. Plus, if there was someone the Golems couldn’t handle, we would be able to provide backup sooner if we were here.”


[Wind] Demon Lord Stolas was angry. Furthermore, she had the kind of personality that didn’t want to lose. If things were left as they were, she would charge her army one after the other… piling up sacrifices in the process.

I wasn’t really keen on attacking her Dungeon while providing support on my own so it was better to invade after she had used up some of her fighting force.


I didn’t have to worry much about her conquering my Dungeon either since I had seen her army as I stood in this white room and she didn’t have any monsters that were resistant to physical attacks like the slimes and ghost-type monsters that I worried about. She also didn’t have any monsters that could be used as shields.


In the first place, [Wind] was an attribute geared towards stealth and mobility.

[Wind] monsters would tend to be highly mobile yet have low stamina. To be frank, they who couldn’t make full use of their speed in my dungeon were easy pickings.


The Browling D2 .50 caliber.

Overall length: 1560mm

Weight: 38.0 Kg.

Caliber: 12.7mm x 99

Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute

Effective range: 2,000 meters


Armed with the heavy machine guns, the Mithril Golems were capable of doing a barrage of 12.7mm bullets all from two kilometers away.

In other words, the 2-kilometer straightforward rooms in the dungeon I made meant that the moment the enemy stepped foot on the room, it had also entered the range of the heavy machine guns. Furthermore, the lack of cover and hiding spots have made my dungeon a nightmarish one.


The Mithril Golems possessed stamina and physical strength higher than a regular A rank monster but they were slow and their overall fighting capabilities were low.

However, if they were to wield heavy machine guns, none of those weak points would matter and they could, instead, make full use of their high offensive capabilities.


The normal firepower of an aircraft armament .50 caliber, the great physical strength of the Golems, and enchantments of the Dwarf Smiths, all of it combined would result in a firepower would exceed even that of a superior A rank’s.

The enemy would have to be an S rank monster to be able to withstand that kind of firepower fired ten times in a second.


“Oto-san’s dungeon is really simple but it’s so strong. It’s amazing!”

“It’s actually more complicated than it looks.”


It might have looked like a straightforward cave but there were nuances to it, even if only a little.

The floor was subtly inclined with the slope getting steeper the closer it was to the entrance. It looked leveled but an inclination of even 1° would produce a height difference of 3m between the entrance and exit.

Even if a rifle’s bullet could travel at three times the speed of sound and at a mostly straight trajectory, it would still be pulled down by gravity and therefore fall 20-30m lower before it could reach two kilometers. The inclination of but a few degrees would provide that height.



The Golems would be shooting downhill so it would be easier for them but for any attack coming from the entrance, that elevation would work against it. And even if trajectory was to be employed by aiming upwards, the ceiling with a height of only 3m would hinder such plans.

Any attacks bound by the laws of nature and gravity could never reach the Mithril Golems.

That’s even if the heavy machine guns the Golems were using were stolen and then used against them.


And by deploying two Golems, any downtime would be eliminated and thus giving the guns ample time to cool down.

Furthermore, a huge amount of land mines were planted some distance away from the Golems and near them were full of neurotoxic gas traps.


“Master, the first room has been cleared.”


Elder Dwarf who could share senses with the Golems whispered so.

I was a little bit surprised, I never expected them to reach the second room.


“Hee. And afterwards?”

“They died immediately on the next room. Clearing a room and then letting their guards down, how foolish.”



Even if they were able to clear the first room, the second room was set up exactly the same.

The third room as well although it was the most difficult one. It was the last room so all the Golems, armed with special weapons unique to them, were deployed.


According to Elder Dwarf’s story, Stolas used her considerably powerful monsters as shields and then forcibly cleared the first room but it would seem the same move couldn’t be played again. If so, then, clearing the rest of the dungeon would be impossible.


“But Master, the [Dragon] monster we’ve been worrying about still hasn’t made its appearance. Maybe it’s been tasked to be on the defense.”


Marcho taught such to us.

Stolas’s parent was the [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth, arguably the strongest Demon Lord.

She had also taught me that like my [Creation] medal, his [Dragon] was a special medal able to do special [Synthesis].


Marcho then said “It’s really hard to handle but in terms of just its fighting capabilities, it was the strongest. Saying anything more than that would be cheating so I’m gonna stop now”.


It was hard to imagine that that medal wasn’t given to Stolas.

Was she conserving her strength? Or was there a reason she couldn’t use it? Was it too big and couldn’t fit into my narrow dungeon?

Any which way, I had to remain vigilant.


“Then, let’s go!”

“Yay! ♪”

“Understood, Master.”

“My lord, let us show them the might of your Undead legion!”


And so, at last, we began our conquest of the [Wind] Demon Lord’s castle.

The [Wind] Demon Lord had tasked a considerable amount of her fighting force to attack my dungeon.

Her defense was now sparse.

There was an hour and a half left. That much should be enough to complete this conquest.



“Fuhahaha, how is it, my lord? The power of the undead legion!”


The skeletal monster that wore an elegant robe like those of a noble’s, Wight, laughed out loudly.

He commanded the twenty Undead monsters and exterminated the enemies.

I heard that his skill allowed him to instantly train the Undead so I bought a Skeleton for each spare assault rifle I had.


The first room was a valley.

One wrong step and we’d fall down to the bottom.


Within the valley, Stolas’s winged monsters circled in the skies.

The lack of footing was not an issue for them.

The problem for us was that they were diving in from our blind spots. Furthermore, they refused to come anywhere near us aside from when they attacked. An ordinary monster would probably be at its wit’s end figuring out how it could beat them.


“My lord, there are no blind spots for the Undead legion. Let me show you that our 42 eyes sees all.”



That was if their enemy was ordinary.

Wight was connected to all the twenty Skeletons and saw what they saw.


He had instructed the Skeletons to look at all directions and thus, eliminated the blind spots.

And then, by Wight’s command, the Skeletons displayed their terrific coordination.

On his signal, the Skeletons immediately opened fire and gunned the bird monsters down.


“You’re doing great, Wight.”

“I’m honored to have received your praise, my lord.”


He, in his elegant as ever movements, thanked me.

Though his stats were low, his performance was excellent.

Even as he thanked me, he remained wary of the surroundings.


“Tenko-sama, may we borrow your strength?”


Wight suddenly raised his head and then faced Tenko.




Tenko nodded her head in assent.


“Tenko-sama, in 60° south of east, in 3… 2… 1… now!”

“Here I go.”


In time with Wight’s signal, Tenko drew the trigger of her gun.

Tenko’s remodeled large caliber shotgun was fired. The shell split into countless pieces and hit the fast-flying enormous green eagle-type monster.

The formidable enemy was a B rank. It had endured the 5.56mm bullets of the Skeletons. Additionally, it was able to avoid the bullets after seeing them.


Wight splendidly assessed the situation: he had determined the Skeletons wouldn’t able to hit the quick enemy nor would they be able to take it down with their firepower, and thus asked Tenko who wielded a high caliber shotgun to lend them a hand.

This showed that I could rely on him.


“As expected of Tenko-sama, to fell that formidable foe in one blow!”

“Just leave it to Tenko!”


She took it down without any problems whatsoever. She was in a good mood.

The truly excellent one though was Wight. How I wished he was born an S rank.

Did she want to be praised? She, in a very obvious manner, went near my right arm so of course I stroked her head.

Her soft and smooth hair and fox ears felt pleasant.


“Yay ♪! Oto-san’s hand’s so big!”


Elder dwarf looked envious as she restlessly looked around. I guess she wanted to perform a feat and be praised as well. But it also seemed that she couldn’t make herself to just ask for it.


Well now, we should go push on as we were doing thus far.

We could see the exit for the first room.

It might not go as smoothly as before, we must brace ourselves.


In case you haven’t seen my post or the picture itself, here are the illustrations for Marcho, Tenko, and Elder Dwarf.



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