Chapter 10: The Nearly-Completed City

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After my audience with Marcho, we began our move out of her dungeon and into my city. All in all, it took us four days to transport all the Golems, weapons, and explosives.


Halfway through our move, Succubus informed us that Marcho had given us permission to make a Transfer array in the [Crimson Cavern] so that we might use it to level up. At the same time, she had also permitted us to break the crystal being guarded there.


That dungeon was currently known to make nearly 40 new monsters each day. My main monsters were able to level up—as opposed to static levels—so for us, it was the ideal hunting ground. It was, at the moment, far more beneficial for us to use it keep it as a steady hunting ground than to break its crystal.


Additionally, I had a surplus of unused original medals because I didn’t have a single [Creation] medal to synthesize them with. These were the [Dragon], [Time], and [Water] medals. After I had used these up, I intended to seriously conquer that dungeon. I believed we could do it so by then.


Anyway, at the moment, we were diligently building the many infrastructures in my city.

For the last four days, Elder Dwarf had built about 20 houses for the humans to live in.

That was astonishing but there were still the wells, the outer walls, the farmlands, the waterways, and many more that needed to be developed.


“Master, the construction of the waterways is going fine. It can be completed by the end of the day.”


As I was thinking about those things, Elder Dwarf spoke to me.

She held a notebook PC on her hands, displaying some plans and their progress reports. I decided to peer down on them.


“Looking good. I want the city finished after three days’ time. It will be hard but I believe you can do it.”

“Yes, understood. We will do our best.”


Elder Dwarf nodded her head in agreement.


“You’ve left the building of the walls to your followers?”

“There’s no problem even if the outer walls are somewhat crude so they should be more than enough for that.”


The outer walls that would surround the entire city was being built at the same time as the water ways.

Elder Dwarf and the Dwarf Smith, together with Ancient Elf and the High Elves,—or the monsters that could use earth-type magic—had already piled up earth and stones atop each other. They had also slightly fortified it.

The duty to form the walls and to further strengthen then fell to the Dwarf Smiths.


If the walls were to be built without the use of magic, it would have probably taken years to finish.


“Yeah, they do have strong magical powers after all.”

“They’ve surpassed me in terms of levels. It’s unfair.”


The Dwarf Smiths were able to level up and they were now close to their maximum level. The reason for that was the war I had with [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas.


To be precise, it was because the ownership of the Mithril Golems who had defeated Stolas’ followers was transferred to the Dwarf Smiths. That meant that all the experience points that was supposed to go Elder Dwarf were also transferred to the Dwarf Smiths. The reason I did so was because Elder Dwarf was to go with me at the time and was therefore too far away to receive her follower’s experience points.


“Elder Dwarf, youcan level up bit by bit. Once the city’s stable though, let’s go level you up in earnest.”



Elder Dwarf silently burned with enthusiasm.


I then looked around: the Golems and Skeletons were restlessly working all over the area. They were probably under Wight’s orders. Leaving it to him was the right choice.


In order to ready the farmlands, the Golems vigorously ploughed the land while the Skeletons removed the pebbles and other unnecessary things. They—not familiar with the concept of fatigue and thus worked for 24 hours straight—were a valuable part of my forces.


“Elder Dwarf, I’ve forgotten to tell you but I intend to make the Golems another selling point for this city. So, I’m gonna have to ask you to increase their production.”


The Golems were made only through Elder Dwarf’s skill. She could only make one of them each day but in return, she had never failed to do so.


“Master, the Dwarf Smiths are able to make Golems too so I had gotten them making some as well. However, the ones they make can only be as strong as C rank monsters.”

“So that’s why there’s so many of them right now. C rank is strong enough. Their quantity is more important for now. Elder Dwarf really is smart.”


In my city, the Golems were to serve as its heavy machinery as well as its guards. And now, they would also be another of the city’s selling points.

In this world and at its present age, farmers would sometimes rent some horses to make their job a little easier. But the horses took time, effort, and money to be looked after and were thus considered to be luxuries. Golems, on the other hand, were both stronger and easier to use than a horse. So, if the farmers heard that they could utilize the Golems free of charge, I imagine they’d be very fascinated.


The Golems also appealed greatly as guards. In this world where monsters ran rampant, being safe was the first step toward a great life. That was why almost all the cities were surrounded by walls with guards posted on them.

A city with a Golem—that had the strength of a B rank monster—guarding it would be appealing to most people. Appealing even more would be the ability for anyone to rent one of these Golems to guard them whenever they went to another city.


According to Marcho, a first-class adventurer could single-handedly defeat a D rank monster while a seasoned veteran could handle as much as a C rank one.  B ranks onward, however, were mostly beyond the capabilities of a single human except for the Champions and the Heroes that could take on even an A rank monster.

The Golems that could take on even those seasoned veterans were going to guard my city 24 hours a day each day without any need for sleep. Furthermore, the Golems didn’t require any sort of upkeep for me to pay.


Most of all, their presence would encourage public order. It was, after all, impossible to keep public order in a city which has immigrants as its core without an armed force dedicated to keeping it. Any fellow that would aim to disrupt the peace of a city where the Golems were spread out to protect it would be a very reckless fellow.


“But master, is it fine to just casually show something like a monster-made Golem? The fact that this city is part of a dungeon might be found out.”


Her concerns could be called valid but for this particular instance, it was not needed.


“It’s alright. Other than being monsters, dwarves are also known as demi-humans. So there’s no need to hide.”


Monsters that looked like humans were often assumed as beings called demi-humans.

Long ago, the monsters made by a Demon Lord went outside of their dungeon, bred, and increased their numbers. They then established themselves as one of this world’s races.

For that reason, if we told the humans the plain truth which was that our city’s dwarves were of a superior kind and they were the ones that made the Golems, they would think nothing of it.


“I’m relieved, then. I’ll go and make a lot of Golems.”

“Yes, please. Oh, those guys should be coming back anytime now.”


As I said so, Kuina, along with Ancient Elf, the High Elves, the Mythological Foxes, and the crow monster appeared from a house built a size larger. That house that will shall serve as the city head’s house was where the Transfer arrays were located. The arrays lead to the places we were able to instantly travel to like: the [Crimson Cavern] which was our hunting ground; to Marcho’s dungeon; and to the nearby city of Eclaba which we shall visit more often.


Kuina spinted toward our direction.


“Oto-san, we did our best today too.”


She then jumped into my chest. The smell of gunpowder and the smell of battle came from Kuina.


“Good job, Kuina. Ancient Elf, the High Elves, and the Mythological Foxes are steadily growing.”

“They’re not as strong as Kuina but they’ll never lose to any normal enemy.”


They were just born so they still had low levels. For that reason, led by Kuina, they went to the [Crimson Cavern] to raise their levels. Each day, they hunted the red-hot monsters there as quick as possible and then returned here to continue on their daily tasks.

Developing the city was important but training them was equally as important.

I usually went with them but today was too hectic so I didn’t have the chance to go. After all, whenever a monster of a party that belonged to a Demon Lord defeats a monster or a human, the Demon Lord can get the DP. However, this transfer of DP, like the transfer of a follower’s experience points, had a limit area of effect. In other words, unless I went with them to the dungeon, I would not be able to get any DP. As of late, I was gaining approximately about 1,000DP daily.


“With everyone equipped, they sure look tough.”

“Uuugh, the Mythological Foxes are mean. Kuina has recommended the shotgun to them but they still chose the easier-to-use assault rifle.”

“I understand their choice though. It has better range and better clip size too.”

“But then, it lacks some BANG so that’s no fun.”


The Mythological Foxes equipped themselves with assault rifles while the High Elves favored the anti-materiel rifles. At first, Kuina tried to make the Mythological Foxes use the shotgun but it seemed they found it hard to use and opted for a gun similar to Elder Dwarf’s M&K MK417, the MR762A1, instead. It was easier to use; had a caliber of 7.62mm; and had high offensive capabilities so it was very versatile.




“How did it turn out like this?”


The Mythological Foxes and the High Elves were all beautiful girls. They might be a bit inferior to Kuina and the others but they were plenty cute. Their appearance suggested they were in their mid- to late-teens. Now that I had reached this point, I guess that meant that I really was cursed.


“My master, we’ve returned. Just as I thought, shooting this beast is fun. I pull the trigger and it goes BOOM! I can get addicted to this!”


Ancient Elf got close before I knew it.

She was ecstatically hugging her anti-materiel rifle as she uttered those subtly eerie words.


“Wow that does sound super fun.”

“It is! The more I shoot, the more intense the sensations become. More, I want to shoot more!”

“The Maelstroms only produces a monster a day so do it in moderation. Besides, don’t you have work to do?”

“Oh yeah. I love this gun but I love nature more. Ah, the water ways are almost done.”


Ancient Elf then walked over to Elder Dwarf and they discussed various things. Afterwards, they walked along the waterways as they used magic at each vital point.


Where Elder Dwarf’s earth magic lacked, Ancient Elf made up for.

And then…

The two of them turned around and firmly held their fingers up.

Was it finished?


“Should we let the water flow now?”

“Yes, let’s.”

“According to my calculations, it’s perfectly fine.”


The two gave me such reliable replies.

And so, Ancient Elf activated her magic.

The waterways would basically use underground water and rain water as its sources of water.

In case of a water shortage, Ancient Elf and the High Elves could just make it rain a moderate amount to compensate. So in truth, a water shortage was absolutely never going to happen in my city.


The conduits that held back the waters were opened and the water powerfully gushed forth.

A clear stream of water then flowed through the farmlands the Golems and the Skeletons were working on. With this, the crops should grow well.


Also, we were now ready to accept farmers at any moment.

Our city now had fertile farmlands and reliable sources of water. By tomorrow’s end, the planting of the seeds, the acceleration of their growth via Ancient Elf’s powers, and the promotion of our lands that promised an abundant harvest could all be done.


I then looked toward the inner part of the city and saw the city’s symbol.

The splendid apple tree bore numerous red apples that needed to be picked soon.


There were a lot of things that needed to be done.


“Everyone, I have another job for all of you. After it’s done, let’s go take a bath at a hot spring and then eat a meal.”

“Yay ♪! Looking forward to the hot spring!”

“That sounds nice. I’m glad it’s made.”

“It was surprising when the hot spring appeared, wasn’t it? It might be an effect of the Mine floor adjacent to this one. Let’s work a little bit more so that we can enjoy the hot spring!”


And like that, the development of my city continued.

The sense of accomplishment at its gradual completion felt great.

I was also looking forward to the hot spring that would wash the day’s fatigue away.





TL note:

  1. MR762A1: This is the real world name of a gun.
  2. A static level B rank monster is born at around level 50-60. But since the Dwarf Smiths can level up, their max level is adjusted to somewhere around level 60-70



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