Epilogue: The Demon Lord’s Urban Development!

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Due largely to the efforts done by Tenko, now named as Kuina, we somehow were able to defeat the Emerald Dragon and achieve victory.

The Emerald Dragon’s strength was completely out of our expectations.

An A rank monster under the influence of [Berserk] rivaled even an S rank so I was proud of my companions that defeated it.


Together with the end of the [War], we were transferred to the white room wherein our dungeons, mine and Stolas’s, once faced each another.

I then requested to the Succubi to transfer all my monsters aside from Kuina, Elder Dwarf and Wight back to Marchosias’s dungeon along with the Golems and guns.


After the clean-up was over with, we were transferred to the room adjacent of the dancing hall.


Stolas and her [Monsters of the Covenant] who had finished their clean-up ahead of us were already in the room.

Conversing with her were two other Demon Lords.

One was an old man past his prime. The other was a brown skinned beauty with a wolf’s tail and ears… or in other words, Marcho.

I don’t know if their talk has finished but the old man and Marcho started to leave.

Both of them waved their hand at me and said their congratulations.


I looked at the girls and I felt warm again.

For some time now, Tenko who had completely recovered from her wounds thanks to the powers of the Demon Lord of [Time] was sticking close to my left hand.


“Ehehe, Oto-san! Kuina is Kuina!”

“Yeah, that’s right. You’re Kuina.”


I was finally able to give her a name.

Had I known she would be this happy, I would had given her a name much sooner.



“Kuina…… what a lovely name. How envious.”


Elder Dwarf gazed at Kuina with eyes full of envy.

Kuina, meanwhile, was shaking her fluffy fox tail.


“Elder Dwarf too will have one sooner or later.”

“I’ll do my best and be recognized by Master. I won’t lose to Kuina!”


Elder Dwarf’s eyes were now full of motivation.

I haven’t given her a name not because I haven’t approved of her, but only because I haven’t thought up of good name for her. Though I probably shouldn’t say such right now.


Wight watched us, seemingly pleased.

This guy was an adult. His mental age might just be more than mine.

I’ll be sure to assign him to more important tasks from now on.


With us behaving so, Stolas approached and suddenly lowered her head.


“I’m sorry. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for looking down on you.”


I was taken aback. I honestly never expected her to meekly apologize to me like this.


“No, don’t worry about it. I mean, in the first place, I purposefully brought along the Skeleton to make you put your guard down.”

“Even so, I’m sorry. Also, this is my medal. Please treat it with care.”


After she once more lowered her head, Stolas handed over a medal.


<<[Wind] medal. A rank. Bestows the ability to manipulate the wind to the created monster. Greatly enhances Agility. Grants minor enhancements to all other stats besides Endurance.>>


It was a pretty good medal. It was strong even if it only gave the ability manipulate the wind but then on top that, it further gave not only a major boost to Agility but also enhancements to all stats other than Endurance.


“I gratefully accept. With this, my [Monsters of the Covenant] will be complete.”


As a matter of fact, I had already determined what monster I’ll make with [Wind].


“……if it’s at all possible, can we be friends? You’re the only one from our generation that I can approve of so I’d like us to cooperate with each another from here on.”


Stolas said such a little awkwardly while her face reddened.

Friends, huh.

Stolas would surely become an influential Demon Lord someday. Moreover, although she had too much confidence on herself, the fact that she could honestly apologize like that meant her personality wasn’t all that bad.


“I’d also like to ask you of the same. Let us persist so that we can both become good Demon Lords.”

“Yes. Please take care of me.”


I shook hands with Stolas.

I was glad I was able to make my first Demon Lord friend.


“And then, this is from [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth-sama.”


She said so and slipped something into my hand.

It was…….


“A [Dragon] medal?”


<<[Dragon] medal. A rank. Grants the ability to create dragons. Greatly enhances Physical Strength, Endurance, and Magic Power. It can grant the characteristics of a Dragon to the monster about to be created. It is possible to create a monster with the [Berserk] status if and only if an original Dragon medal is used during synthesis. Monsters born with the [Berserk] status are robbed of their intelligence and reason but in exchange, all of their stats except for their luck are given the maximum enhancements.>>


[Dragon], huh. The one that had driven us into a corner back then.

I understood now that [Berserk] was optional.


Even if [Dragon] was used normally to create a monster, it was still easy for the medal to produce a strong monster.

But then, a small temptation was born within me.

If, for example, a monster born from [Creation] and two other A rank medals had the [Berserk] status, just how strong would it be…?

Stolas coughed and I calmed back down.


“Thank you but is it really alright for me to receive such a strong medal?”

“Yeah. Astaroth-sama himself told me to do so. Besides, I have also received a [Beast] medal myself. [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth-sama and [Beast] Demon Lord Marchosias-sama are close ever since, you know, and it seems they want their children to be the same. Also, a message from Astaroth-sama: Thank you for teaching my daughter defeat. My child could now grow even stronger thanks to you. Please take this medal as a token of my gratitude.


The [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth, huh? His appearance suggested he was a kind old man but he was in truth, purely a gentleman.

I’ll ask Stolas to let us meet next time.


“Also, take this child.”



It was a small blue bird that looked like a dove. It was a D rank monster.


“This child can deliver letters for us. It has already memorized my magic power so just attach your message to its foot and then send it off. I will do the same.”


She took out another dove monster.

That one perched on my shoulder.

And then, after jerking its head once or twice, it returned to Stolas.


“This child has memorized your magic power so I can now also send you letters. Let’s write to each other lots, okay?”


Stolas said so somewhat happily.

To which, I smiled back in return.

But then, both my arm felt heavy.





Kuina held my left arm as Elder Dwarf held my right.

I guess they were afraid of their father being taken away.

But such fears were groundless. Really, how adorable these children were.




“Ahh, one other thing. There was also a message from Marchosias-sama.”

“From Marcho?”

“Yes. Yeah, no, you see, you were attracting too much attention to yourself and talks of analyzing your abilities, counter-measures against them, and many other things like that were all over the place so you can see, right, why I tried to divert their attention. Just that, they got more fired up than what I expected, so yeah, I didn’t mean ill by it. That’s all I have to say, okay. Also, congratulations!


I didn’t fully understand her message but, for the meantime, I took it as her congratulating me.

Stolas and I talked with each other for a little more and then parted.

A Succubus working for the estate then came and instructed us on what to do.


Several minutes later, we would be commended on the dance hall, and it would seem that due to the fact that the war this time was a step more impressive, Stolas and myself were to receive an additional reward from the Creator himself.

Kuina then opened her mouth.


“Oto-san, now that you have the [Wind] and [Dragon] medals, you’ll be making a little brother or sister for us, right?”

“Yeah, I will. But I’ll only be using [Wind], though. I’d like to think some more on the [Dragon] medal.”


The [Dragon] medal was a double-edged sword. I’ll have to think carefully before I use it.


“Is that so? What kind of child will you make with [Wind], then?”

“I was thinking something that wasn’t only strong but will also be able to help me accomplish my dream.”


“Yeah. It may not sound convincing but I, you see, don’t really like fighting all that much.”


It was undoubtedly my true objective.

But if I wasn’t strong then, the Heroes and all the other Demon Lords would prey on me.

And thus, I strived to be strong but in all honesty, I wanted to avoid any fight if it could be avoided.


“But if that’s so, then you won’t have any food to eat and you won’t survive.”


The food she was referring to were the emotions of the human beings.

A Demon Lord lives on by dining on a person’s emotions. So other than to obtain DP, a Demon Lord attracts people into his dungeon in order to live.


“I understand that and that’s why I’m gonna build a town. A town wherein each of its citizens were fully happy. Of course, in order for the crystal to not be broken, I’ll also build a highly difficult dungeon but on top of that dungeon, I want to build a big happy town.”



I had been continuously thinking up of ways to accomplish such.

And the first thing I should do was to create an environment that the humans could live in.

A fertile land, a reliable water source, an easy access to other towns, and many other issues.

And in order to resolve those issues, I made monsters.


“That sounds fun.”

“Yeah, it sure is. By the way, for the new monster I’m gonna create, I’m gonna use [Wind], [Person], and… [Planet].”

“I’m looking forward to what our little sister will be.”

“I still don’t know if it’s going to be a girl.”

“Well, if it’s truly a monster created by Oto-san, it gotta be, without fail, a little girl.”


What an awful and damaging comment.

Though I couldn’t answer back due to results thus far.


While we were doing so, we were called into the celebration party.

We entered the dance hall and thunderous applause greeted us.

Words of admiration for us echoed.

Among those, however, I heard the word Lolicell.

…No doubt the culprit was Marcho. So that was what those words meant.

I’ll be sure to question her later.


And then, the stage rose, and the rewards were given. We feasted so much we might just die.

My first [Evening Party] thus concluded.

From tomorrow onwards I would be: building my dungeon and town, use [Synthesis] to create a new candidate to be my [Monster of the Covenant], think up of ways to make full use of the reward I’ve gotten from the Creator.

There were countless things I had to do.

But even so…




“My lord”


With great followers by my side, my Demon Lord life was the happiest.




As you might have guessed, I’ve changed Quina into Kuina. Until we hear anything official that says otherwise, I’m gonna keep using Kuina.

Phew, a volume done!


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  1. “Yeah. It may not sound convincing but I, you see, don’t really like fighting all that much.”

    ah yes, he has perfect memories on every weapon on earth just because he’s simply knowledgeable. Yes definitely.


  2. Aldon Ong said:

    Planet medal? Earth-chan!!

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  3. Kuina is much better for a Kitsune.
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  4. “Yeah, it sure is. By the way, for the new monster I’m gonna create, I’m gonna use [Wind], [Person], and… [Planet].”
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    • daiyuhao said:

      Could be Sylph; end up with a spirit that governs the planet’s wind?


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  8. An A rank monster under the influence of [Berserk] rivaled even an S rank so I was proud of my companions that defeated it.

    Nonononono, you’re telling me that was an berserk A rank? Was it a static level one which means it was way higher in level than them? Otherwise I’m not buying that they had so much trouble in taking it down with their armaments and rank at S…’

    Kuina held my left arm as Elder Dwarf held my right.
    I guess they were afraid of their father being taken away.
    But such fears were groundless. Really, how adorable these children were.

    No matter how I look at their actions and the image, that’s just two girls in love who doesn’t want their love interest to be aimed at by someone else. Sigh. Stop teasing me like this, decide whether to make them into lovers or parent-daughter. Daughters and parents doesn’t act like this, I can somehow buy that the mc is a creepy daddy type, but the daughters clinging to him and acting like this is way too much to just call parental affection, it’s just surreal.


    • zezeze000 said:

      Eh, Procell is as much a Creator God as he is a father to them. And while they are his daughters, they’re also his adherents.
      So their relationship isn’t exactly mirrored in reality to begin with and it certainly has a lot more flexibility.
      Besides that, while his daughters/adherents certainly are fathercons, has he actually done anything out of line thus far?
      He strokes/pats their heads when they serve him well, and will mess with Kuina’s tail and ears, because fox girl.


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