Chapter 14: Songstress of the Deep Sea’s Abilities

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I had finally made an intelligence monster with my [Creation] medal.

Made with [Water], [Person], and [Song], it was a monster that hid itself in another dimension by using water as its entry point.

It was a songstress of the deep sea, an R’lyeh Diva.


“R’lyeh Diva, the reason I made you is because none of my monsters are specialized in gathering information. And so, that will be you task as well as to guard our secrets from leaking to hostile entities.”

“Yeah, sure, that’s my specialty after all.”


She was strangely frank. None of my monsters so far was like her so I was a little at a loss for how to interact with her.


“There’s one thing that has been bothering but is it alright to ask?”

“Ask away. You are my patron; I will obey whatever my benefactor says.”

“You are a monster called an R’lyeh Diva……. But does R’lyeh truly exist?”


It was about the word R’lyeh that was nonchalantly in her name. It was the name of an underwater city that sealed a malevolent god.

If it’s as her race’s name suggests, it would mean that she was indeed the songstress of that malevolent god.


“Yeah? R’lyeh does exist. If you’re thinking of going there, I can take you anytime.”

“Is it possible that the evil god is there too?”

“Yeah, it’s sealed there. I can release it though. Should I? Well, the positioning of the stars aren’t ideal right now so it might weaken the malevolent god quite a bit. I’d rather wait for a more ominous time.”


I gasped unintentionally. The malevolent god she was referring to, the one sealed with R’lyeh, was most probably Cthulhu. If that one is real and is released, it could easily destroy the world. Not just cities and countries, the world itself. It was such a being.


“Okay but will this malevolent god listen to whatever you say if released?”

“Ahaha, no way that’s happening. It’s better to say I’m the one that’s going to be ordered around, I guess.”


Ahaha, she laughed.

Really, this girl, I thought inwardly.


“Then, let’s not do that, let’s not release the malevolent god for the time being.”


I quite liked this world and would rather prefer for it to not get destroyed.


“Yeah, I understand. For the moment, again, nice to meet you, my patron.”


She said so and then smiled.


“I’ll now be taking a look at your abilities.”

“Yes, yes, please do take a look at all of me. ♪”


Using my authority as her Demon Lord, I confirmed her abilities.

If a monster was of a low rank, any Demon Lord could view even the most detailed information about the monster. However, if a monster was of a high rank, unless a Demon Lord had great power, they would only be able to see the monster’s level. The exception of course being that if a monster was one’s own, one could see everything regardless.


And so, I looked at R’lyeh Diva and saw her status in my mind.


Screenshot (7)


Race: R’lyeh Diva

S rank

Level: 1

Physical Strength: C

Endurance: C

Agility: B

Magic: S

Luck: S

Special: S++


Shrine Maiden of a malevolent god

Songstress of Destruction

Dimension Manipulation [Water]

Ruler of Water

Beautiful Maiden of the Ocean Floor


Shrine Maiden of a Malevolent God: Provides a passive boost (Large) to magic power and magic power recovery. Also provides bonuses (Small) to all other stats. By wishing for even more power, it is possible to receive the malevolent god’s blessingcurse. Upon activation, all stats are doubled. However, activation also pollutes the mind and beyond a certain amount of pollution to the mind, the user is transformed into a different monster.


Songstress of destruction: Grants bonus appeal (maximum) to songs. Makes it possible for the user to put emotions and magic power into songs. Doing so makes it then possible to interfere with a B rank or lower target’s thoughts. The probability of working on an A rank or higher target’s mind would be determined by its magical resistances as well as its mental fortitude. If the resistances were overcome, its effect would be weakened by the values of those resistances. Additionally, with this skill, the user is also able to lift a special seal.


Dimension Manipulation [Water]: Allows the movement to another dimension through water. An S rank dimension manipulation skill.


Ruler of Water: Grant bonuses (maximum) to all magic that makes use of water.


Beautiful Maiden of the Ocean Floor: Through the skill holder’s beautiful face and oozing charisma, captivate anyone that looks. Grants bonuses to intelligence (large). Also improves friendly aquatic monster’s capabilities (medium) and the skill holder’s commanding prowess (large).


“Yeah, you certainly have a dimension manipulation ability.”

“Yeah, right? You, my patron, wished for someone like me so here I am.”


I smiled because she had the abilities I wished for her to have. Not just the dimension manipulation ability but also her complete mastery of water magic and her ability to boost friendly aquatic monsters would make her ideal to take the lead of the intelligence unit I was going to form.

Her overall stats were low but that was alright since she had a special role to do anyway. And her stats being low was in terms of being compared to Kuina and the other S ranks; compared to other mage-type monsters, her stats were stellar.


The problem however was the ability connected to the malevolent god. It sounded dangerous just from its name alone. Especially the part that by continuing to receive the god’s blessingcurse, she would change entirely.

Though I guess it would depend on how it’s used. After all, she would only transform if that power was used too much. It would probably be okay if she used it sparingly.


Other than that, an ability with another ominous name was her Songstress of Destruction. However, its effect of possibly being able to interfere with a target’s thoughts was convenient. Moreover, it was just the perfect ability for an intelligence officer.


“……yeah. I’m glad such an excellent child is born.”

“Yeah, right? Count on me, okay? ‘Cos I’m here to make you feel happy.”


I didn’t know if she was aware of my distress but she smiled at me nonetheless.

At that moment, Kuina came over.


“As we expected, it’s a cute little sister!”


As she her fox tail swung, she gave R’lyeh Diva a hug.


“I’m Kuina. Kuina’s also your older sister and next in command to Oto-san! So if there’s anything you’d like to ask, feel free to ask Kuina.”


Kuina immediately established her role as the older sister. She was basically a good kid so she most probably only wanted to be helpful and show her delight at the birth of the new monster.


“Hmm, so you’re the patron’s number one monster. You sure have amazing magic power and strength. Hmm, hmm, okay, I don’t mind being under you. Onee-chan, nice to meet you. Let’s support our patron together.”

“Yeah ♪! Let’s do our best for Oto-san!”


R’lyeh Diva casually said an alarming thing.

She must be the type to have high pride, I thought, oh well, as long as she properly recognizes Kuina’s might, it’s probably better to say she’s just frank.


“You’ve made another amazing kid, master.”

“Is something the matter, Aura?”

“Well, yes. Basically, I’m a monster that’s on the side of protecting the world and that child, on the other hand, is a monster that’s on the side that seeks to destroy it. So yeah, we’re at odds.”


Aura looked at R’lyeh Diva with such cautious eyes.

She was the keeper of a World Tree which governed over life so it really couldn’t be helped for her to feel such for someone related to a malevolent god who could bring the world to ruin.


“Well, more than whatever kind of being she is, I’d rather you view her as one of my important daughters instead. Whatever the weapon is, isn’t how it’s used the most important thing?”

“Understood but still, be careful, okay? Children like her often cause damage to her surroundings without knowing it. Instead of malice, it’s more often the case that they do so out of fear.”


Her warning made a lot of sense so I decided to take the proper precautions.


“R’lyeh Diva, sorry to do this so soon after your birth but here is your first command.”

“Very well, my impatient patron.”


It seemed she was hearing various things about us from Kuina but, upon my interruption, they ceased their conversation and looked over my way.


“We have prepared your welcoming party. First off, enjoy it as much as you can. Gathered there would be all of my top monsters. I’d like you to get to know one another for from hereon in, you too will be one of my top monsters.”

“Fufuu. For me to be suddenly one of your top ranking monsters sure shows your appreciation for my talents and that makes me really happy. Very well, I’ll comply without fail! I’ll also play one of my prized songs.”

“No brainwashing, okay?”

“Ahaha, there’s no way I’ll do that.”


Like so, we returned to our residence.

At any rate, I had successfully gained an intelligence monster. After testing her abilities out a bit, I intended to buy several monsters that were two ranks below her. By doing so, I would have made Avalon stronger once more.


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