Chapter 21: Private Talks

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Morning came. This day was the day of my meeting with the other new Demon Lord.

Lying on my bed, I opened my eyes and felt something warm on both my arms.


“…Oto-san, another cup…”

“…Master, brush my head…”


Hugging my right arm was the fox-eared beautiful girl Kuina and purring softly as she embraced my left arm was the silver-haired dwarf Rorono.


Both were wearing thin nightwears.

Kuina wasn’t just coiled in my right arm, her tail was wrapping around my leg too. It had such a soft feel to it.

I was using a king-sized bed so sleeping together with everyone was no bother.

The girls, soft and good smelling, were the world’s best hug pillows. I who was riddled with numerous worries was healed.


Ancient Elf was sleeping peacefully besides Kuina, by the way. Our sleeping arrangement each night was decided by way of rotation. Each night, the ones on my sides would change and it was only by chance that it was the two today.

I looked at my beloved girls’ sleeping faces and gently—so as to not wake them—brushed their heads. I once more I thought that I had to protect these girls and their happiness.



After eating breakfast, we made use of a pair of transfer arrays to go to an abandoned house in the slums of Eclaba city. Humans rarely came here so I figured that it was safe to lay down a transfer array here. After all, it was convenient in various ways to be able to directly move to the city.


“Kuina, you don’t have to be so vigilant like that.”

“No, today, Kuina is Oto-san’s guard and I can’t let my guard down. Even if the Demon Lords and their followers are forbidden to hurt one another, there’re a countless loopholes to that!”


What she said was certainly true.

For example, one could summon wild and rabid monsters and just relinquish his control over it. By doing so, those monsters were no longer treated as his followers and even if those same monsters ran amok and fought an enemy Demon Lord, the Demon Lord that summoned them would not be at fault.

Additionally, one could hire powerful humans and make them attack the enemy.

I had just thought of it but evidently, there really were a lot of loopholes to the rule.


Truth be told, Rorono and Ancient Elf also wanted to come but I instead asked them to stay and take care of things while I was gone.

There was also the possibility that the other Demon Lords had something planned and thus I wanted to reserve the majority of my fighting force to the city. And of course, there was the fact that the girls had their own jobs to do.

I brought Kuina along since guarding me had been her role all along.

She was highly versatile: from doing intelligence gathering—by making use of [Transform]—to head-on confrontations. Whenever going out of the city, Kuina was the best choice to act as my guard.


“Alright, I’ll be relying on you then.”

“Sure, I won’t let them lay even a finger on Oto-san!”


Thus, Kuina became even more pumped.

I smiled at her and then proceeded to head to the café that was the designated meeting place.



With the aroma of good coffee drifting through the air, the specified café seemed like an extremely high-class store despite coffee being a luxury in this city.


When I approached, a light-brown-haired young man on a terrace seat waved his hand.

He fashioned a stylish jacket from which I could feel magic power similar to my Demon Lord clothes, convincing me beyond doubt that this man was the Demon Lord that invited me here.


Nevertheless, he certainly had adapted to the city. I had heard from Marcho that there were many Demon Lords that were fond of indulging themselves in amusement mainly intended for humans but he blending right in in the city must be a special case altogether.


“Hey, glad you came. I’m the [Steel] Demon Lord, Zagan.”

“I’m the [Creation] Demon Lord, Procell. May I ask why you’ve invited me here?”


Unintentionally, I didn’t have the chance to make his acquaintance on the [Evening Party] so we first introduced ourselves.

According to the intelligence I had gathered, I had a rough idea on the ranks of the medals of the Demon Lords in my generation and I knew that his [Steel] was a B rank medal.

In a straightforward fight, there was little to no chance for me to lose against him.


“We met for only one purpose: to discuss [War]. Let me say this beforehand though: I am allied with two other Demon Lords. In short, the three of us are ready to [War].”


Is this the source of his confidence, I thought.

If they were to challenge me despite knowing of my strength based on the exhibition on the [Evening Party], they needed to at least be this prepared.


“I see.”

“You’re not surprised?”

“I have anticipated this much. So, did you come here today to use your superior numbers as a shield from me? Or do the three of you perhaps intend to declare [War] on me here and now?”


For his sake, I hoped Zagan understood that if they were to indeed go to [War] against me, even if their alliance won, their losses would be too great.

Considering that, it was then fully understandable if he made use of the might of their alliance as a shield to avoid [War] altogether.


“Pfft, ahahahaha! You really are something. Such confidence despite it all. But then again, if you were disturbed by this, negotiations would have easily broken down.”


[Steel] Demon Lord Zagan distorted his handsome face with a smile.


“[Creation] Demon Lord Procell, you’re strong. So strong that even against three Demon Lords, you still feel like you have a chance to win. A chance, but not a certainty… on the contrary, don’t you feel like the odds are stack against you? Anyway though, personally, if against you as the opponent, I need to be prepared to suffer some loss, something I would like to avoid if at all possible.”

“I wonder. Well, let me just say that I think even against a single enemy, you can never truly be certain you will be the one to win.”


I knew I mustn’t let my pride get the better of me for I still had no idea where he would spring his trap.


“That’s a good mindset, isn’t it? But what if I told you there is a sure way to gain victory?”

“And that is?”


I grew even more suspicious. He was talking to me as if I no longer was an enemy but rather an ally.


“The two I am allied with, I told them I should first talk to you and convince you to surrender. If in case you didn’t accept, they will declare [War] on you immediately. They’re prepared to transfer here at a moment’s notice. So just to be safe, will you surrender?”


Well, I’ve expected as much from three people teaming up.


“I have no intention whatsoever.”

“Seems about right. Then, my only choice now is to call the other two, isn’t it? But then again… after the two had declared [War] on you, I’m thinking I could declare [War] not on you but on the other two.”


I was a little surprised but then, I understood what this guy was suggesting.


“It would become a two on two rather than a three on one, right? This way, there’s hardly any chance for us to lose. After all, the other two are weaker than you… and I put together. It’s all but certain. Also, like this, we both would be able to clear the condition to break the crystals of other Demon Lords. On top of not needing to participate in another [War], we can also gain new medals.”

“But why would you do such a thing?”

“Because it’s much more profitable for me. We were afraid you, the strongest of our generation, would wage [War] on us so that’s why we came up with this plan but even if the three of us did defeat you, only one of us will be able to break your crystal. The other two will still have to go to war.”


I wasn’t aware of that rule. I knew only of when the victory conditions, like breaking the crystal, were met. If it truly were so, then his words made sense.


“Rather than fight a formidable enemy such as yourself wherein I would undoubtedly lose numerous monsters, I would much prefer to ally with you and defeat a weak enemy. Even you must see that this is much, much better than fighting us three. As a precaution for me though, I would like you to promise that you will not go to [War] against me, at least for a duration of a year.”


Such was [Steel] Demon Lord Zagan’s proposal. To be honest, I was surprised he went with a third option rather than the two I had thought up.

It was perfectly reasonable too. I had no doubts I would profit should I side with him.


Confident I would say yes to his proposal, Zagan kept smiling.


“I see, I get it. Then, [Steel] Demon Lord Zagan, about your proposal,”


Thinking of only the profits to be gained, I had no reason to refuse it but……


“I refuse.”


I was completely against it.

I didn’t know if it was because he was so surprised but Zagan was wide-eyed.

He was surprised even though it was obvious there was completely no way for me to accept his deal, all because of one glaring detail he overlooked.


And so, I decided to begin the real negotiations.


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62 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Private Talks”

  1. “Both were wearing thin nightwears.”


    “I looked at my beloved girls’ sleeping faces and gently—so as to not wake them—brushed their heads. I once more I thought that I had to protect these girls and their happiness.”

    Protect them you say? How? By making them fight close to death and treating them like slaves? He hasn’t fought in a single battle once this whole novel, how is he protecting them?


  2. Fire Tiger said:

    In my opinion the best part of this story are the demon lord medals and the system of combining them to create the unique monsters. Although I like a good city building story, I’ve seen it done much better in other stories. But the concept of the unique attributes and the resulting combos is quite nice.


    • Ya, think to fuse 3A medals will give such an IMBA subordinate. He still have his [Creation] and [Time], I think [Dragon] and [Water] will used soon


      • I’m kinda curious if it’s possible for him to use 4 medals. When synthesizing a new monster it seems like the creation medal merges with one of the medals, basically turn it into an S rank, so it still ends up merging 2 medals to make a monster. What if he merged a creation medal into 2 medals then? What if those 2 medals were already S rank? Maybe Kuina has a chance of being reborn into SSS rank.


      • zezeze000 said:

        I wonder what conditions would be necessary to make an EX-tier monster?


  3. all i could imagine his face would be like Jojo ” DAGA KOTOWARU “

    Liked by 3 people

  4. He likely wants to negotiate for Zagan’s original medal. The month is almost here so he may wish for that. Also, if Zagan is this smart, there is no guarantee that he hasn’t allied with another demon lord (other than the 2 he mentioned) and will attack once the war with the aforementioned 2 vs Procell is done.

    Honestly, there is also the fact that it isn’t 3 v 1 as Zagan originally stated, but 3 v 2 the 2nd being the wind demon lord. And with 2 powerful people those 3 will be FUCKED UP. Factor in that Procell’s dungeon is purely made for war while the others must balance attracting adventurers and being strong which means that Procell can advance quickly through the lower floors (which will be weakened to attract people) means that he is in a much better position. There is no reason to take the deal as Golems can be made per day by Rorono (Elder Dwarf), therefore his defence is really tight.


  5. Guessing it’s about the fact that he’s way higher ranking than this little dipshit steel B rank noob. That b ranked dude also has seriously misunderstood something if he thinks three newbie demon lords will not get instantly mowed down by the mc.

    If you want such a deal, you need to understand that he’s the top dog and he needs better terms. He can’t just get into an equal deal like this with someone below him, that’d be freaking retarded. It’s like admitting that they’re as powerful. That B guy needs to add some stuff to the deal(like a medal or two) and accept some conditions before this goes through, the mc needs to earn more than him if this is going to happen. Foolish bastard.


  6. Gin Wolfstein said:

    I would love to see a steel loli be an automata or a doll…
    Thanks for the chapter

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  7. thediabolicalgenius said:

    “Thinking of only the profits to be gained, I had no reason to refuse it but……

    “But I refuse!”

    I didn’t know if it was because he was so surprised but Zagan was wide-eyed.

    “One of the things the Creation Demon Lord loves best is saying ‘No’ to people who think they have an absolute advantage!””

    There. That’s how it should have been, with Procell striing a dramatic JoJo pose. You can just picture it can’t you?

    And going back to the beginning of the chapter, he wakes up feeling something warm and soft on his arms, opens his eyes and sees the girls clinging to him dressed in negligee, you immediately think “typical harem protag who’s heroine have sneaked into his bed and will panic”, but instead he quite calm and reveals they arranged to sleep together from the start. He even calls them hug pillows. They even have a rotation system!
    Good show Procell old boy, good show. Now if he’d only stop the whole “they’re just like my own daugters” and admit to that raging boner he must have woken up with, we’d be cookin’ with gas…….

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    • Oh, someone with the same mindset as me. I’m getting sick of the author playing the daughter and family card while clearly making the mc act in perverted ways with them, hugging them closely, almost getting boners, almost assaulting the elf that hugged him from behind, describing their “soft, good smelling bodies”. Yet he’s like “Nah, they’re my daughters, but I guess it’s totally normal that I get turned on by them all the time”. The “daughters” aren’t better either since they also play the “daughter” card, calling him father, while blushing and sticking close to him like this, along with comments like only he can touch them all over their bodies.

      The author is trying to go with a incest+lolicon+parent complex setting here, way too hard. He keeps trying to make us believe that he treats them as daughters and they treat him as father, yet they’re all clearly getting sexual pleasure from their own acts and doing ambiguous things while also getting turned on, the author even goes out of his way to mention how he almost gets a raging boner in the bath, but they’re his daughters. The daughters go out of their way to stick really, really close to him and wants him to touch them all the time. I mean, this is at the level of lovers already, just give up author, you tried and you failed at making this believable. Just wake up and recognize that it was extremely badly written if you want to aim for such a relationship.

      Decide on one or the other, it doesn’t work like this >.<


      • thediabolicalgenius said:

        Okaaaaaay, I understand the frustration but I think you’re taking it a bit too far.
        There’s nothing unbelievable about people feeling conflicted about thing like this. Procell is just torn between his physical desire for the charming young ladies close to him, and the sense of responsibility he feels as the one who brought them into the world. No different than how a decent, upstanding teacher would feel about being attracted to a young female student, he’d feel the desire yet at the same time would feel that he’s in a position of authority and responsibility over the girl and that he’d be taking advantage of his position by acting on it and doing something immoral. The idea that she feels the same desire and actually wants him to do it only makes it harder to resist so he goes into denial and keeps tell himself it’s not sexual attraction, just the affection felt between a teacher with his favourite student an student with her favourite teacher. Or in this case the affection felt between the one who brought them into existence and who they serve, and the girls who were born to serve him. As for the father daughter thing, it’s quite common in japan for young girls dating older men to call him Pa Pa (engrish), mainly with schoolgirl compensated dating. Even outside Japan it’s practically a cliche for girl to call her lover Daddy when they’re having sex. It’s hardly that strange a dynamic.
        I can’t really support using this situation to justify calling bad writing just because you’re frustrated at how it isn’t developing into sex any time soon.

        The author is probably doing all this deliberately you know? Creating this sort of situation where the protag is torn between his desire for his girls and his conscience is probably because she doesn’t want it to turn into a situation where a male protag in a web novel creates/buys girls and has them turn into a full harem (sex and everything) just like that without much real effort or sincerity on his part. At least if that sort of relationship does occur, she wants it to happen after they’ve developed a strong relation and bond, where you can feel that he’s not taking the girl for granted. She doesn’t want the girl to feel cheap or easy.
        At least that’s the impression I get. I’m still hoping it happens sooner or later and do feel a little frustrated, but I’m not going to bash the writing over it.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Lim Cheng Yi said:

      I agreed, FFS which dad sleeps with his daughters in nightwears.

      Just be honest that you want to bone those lolis.

      Calling them your daughters just makes it so much more disgusting.


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    the obvious way of dealing with Lolicell is to use ghosts and other physical immune.

    but the other way is to bump up defence to a ridiculous level and becoming bullet resistant (no such thing as bullet proof, only resistant…), something that Steel sounds about right for.

    granted, Lolicell will still win, since he can just use higher calibers and throw more bullets at him, as well as bombs and rockets, but Steel is in a better position than most to do damage to him


    • Yeah, his medal being B rank does not automatically equate to a low end unique skill.


      • was thinking mainly that Steel sounds like a medal that naturally creates monsters with a sky high defence, but yeah, that to.

        expecting him to have something like “steal coating” that raises defense and offence massively.


      • I really dont think steel = high defence u know. From all the previous demon lords it means its what element that they rule over. For that particular demon lord it probably means that he has control over steel just like how Lolicell allows him to create things.

        Putting it another way is that he can probably craft steel equipment and outfit his monsters just like Lolicell can create. Its also possible he could create guns assuming that he understands how they work.


      • wind gave high agility with low defence. fire increased offence, whereas earth gave defence boosts.

        the medals certainly have high influence on the stats, and solid one like earth and steel has been stated do work with endurance and defence.


      • A steel monster would certainly be strong against slashing attacks and to a certain degree, piercing but it would be weak to impacts. Procell has already trained his griffons in dropping bombs and the Ancient Elf is wielding an anti-material rifle made specifically for tearing through metal objects and has been improved with mythril rounds, Rorono’s enchants and Ancient Elf’s magic.

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      • Yeah, he would still be able to deal with it, but it would necessitate the stronger monster to act, since the standard 5.56 are to weak to tear trough steel plates. Granted sufficient thickness, obviously.


    • “Your steel is no match for my jerking off to thinly veiled references to real life guns I have exhaustively researched!”


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    “You wont be able to attack me, but I can attack YOU!”

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      Ah, I didn’t think that Steel could have been planning to destroy both crystals. Besides that though, there just isn’t a good reason to accept the deal as is. 2 enemies compared to 3 is of no difference for Lolicell. Not to mention he is allied with the tsundere girl. The only reason he should agree to an alliance is if he can extort some medals or something from Steel.

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      • Add in the audacity of Steel to ask/demand a non-aggression agreement without throwing in something or anything.

        Liked by 2 people

      • To begin with, that non-aggression was one sided in that it was only Procell who couldn’t declare war on Zagan, Zagan declairing the war himself was still viable. That said you really shouldn’t trust someone who’s first conversation with you is about betraying people.


      • the 2v3 where the 2 is the strongest 2 out of ten competitors isn’t that bad.

        i doubt that there are anyone stronger than Lolicel And Sylvie. except possibly whomever Time was raising (he is about to die, and is as such expected to raise someone new)


    • more like “I don’t care if you all want to line up, it only means i will get the ability to make more medals.”

      He is extremely confident in his defence. and he has every right to be, his monsters has first hit while defending (due to attacking way out of range) and hits like trucks. every one of his monsters hits like their top ranked monsters, and he has only spent points on skeletons and b-ranks. And about a full third of his non skeletons keep spamming create c-rank golem (something that they can only get by using medals), giving him mobile gun turrets in mass. as well as what ought to be about

      Not to mention that he isn’t creating a traditional dungeon, but a slaughterhouse. Their dungeons are designed to allow for challengers by necessity, his isn’t.

      As for offence… He has monsters 2 ranks above what they have, the envy of every single demon lord. Ronoro instantly defeats all traps. they have earth radar. an x-ray sniper. offensive weapons that are improved versions of designs by the greatest destroyers in known history. 3 ruler of element class monsters, making him unrivaled in magic. he BUYS monsters that are the highest rank they can make (unless their parents gave them A rank medals, in which case they needed luck…)

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      • Couldn’t enemy units wreak havoc on his income by just….making monsters rampage through his city? Golems or no, they just have to make it an unappealing/unsafe seeming place to live, and suddenly no peasants, no farmers, no civilians, the lifeblood of his city/dungeon dries up and he’s forced into fighting off adventurers for DP. Especially during this immigration period which is pretty make or break for him, and especially since he’s going for a nontraditional model and making a brutal murder dungeon targeted at other DMs.

        Like if he can’t count on the city income, then bam, needs the normal adventurers income, but if the dungeon is made to destroy high tier dungeon lords, then…it’s way too hard for humans. Which in turn means he has to waste more resources, either in an uphill PR attempt to get people to come (with additional resources allocated to countermeasures in his cities, though really, there’s nothing stopping enemy DMs from ganking his civilians endlessly just to fuck him) or giving up on his original idea and shifting into a traditional “farm adventurers, balance difficulty and appeal” balance.

        Though I guess this is mostly daughteru fetishbait/pedobait anyways so we’ll never actually deal with legitimate problems because plot lol


      • Oh hey the author sorta addressed this except not at all

        “…use [Floor Swap] to move my city underground at the start of the fighting. …I concluded that I needed to preserve 1000DP at all times in order to use [Floor Swap].”

        Like okay “welcome to the new city BTW I’m not a sage like I claimed, I’m a titan going to war with other demigods and this promised land is actually about to become a warzone. Don’t worry though, I’m gonna keep you safe by sticking you in a safe place, uhhhh this will probably happen endlessly for as long as this city exists and I am not defeated.”

        Like every time you force him to swap the city he wastes 1000DP and either way, it kills off most desire for to immigrate there.

        “Hey man, you want to move to Marvel New York? You can see Iron Man sometimes! Yeah lots of property destruction, and a weekly alien invasion / supervillain / megalomaniac and you’re probably a redshirt who’s gonna die and insurance premiums are through the roof, but, uh, it’s NYC man! If Tony thinks you’re cool he might stick you in a box to keep you safe but uhhhhhhh idk man”

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      • Nobody said it was a foolproof plan. In fact, many characters would even suggest it’s not worth it. How he is going to handle it is what we, at least me, are about to find out.


      • yeah, this is one of the danger of the town, him not being trusted enough. As for the need to reveal that he is a demonlord…. can’t he just bluff his way into saying “Look at my bad ass protection spell”.

        guess he might give slight reassurances with half truths such as saying “ok, so one of the main reasons why i built my town is that my super rare demihuman race is empowered by the feelings of those that surround me (also why i said that i was greedy for something other than money, and why your taxes are so low). so as long as i am surrounded by a large population of people that are happy, i can draw upon truly immense powers, allowing me to better protect those that i care about. so you can see why your happiness and safety is really important to me. the leader of those guys that are attacking me comes from a race that draws power from peoples deaths and despair. You can draw your own conclusions to what they think about me from that.”

        All sort of true. would even pass if someone could use a detect falsehood spell or circle of truth spell, if they have those.

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      • Other demon lords are forbidden to attack another’s dungeon unless a war is started. So they can’t unleash a monster so easily on the city.

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      • Now, letting monsters wreak havoc on the way to city is another problem that is entirely valid. But then, do they have enough manpower so far to send monsters there, instead of storing up those monsters in case of a war? They are all beginner demon lords, they’re all short on DP and medals, even Procell is.


      • Not to mention that he sends c–b rank escorts with the travelers . and that attacks on the travelers is an attack on adventures going to times place. Meaning, they just attacked one in the top 3… procell just became the least of their problems…

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    For a review of the rules:


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