Chapter 8: Who is the one that’s trapped

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“Master, if this dungeon continues to be as tedious and long, it’s probably better to take a break.”

“Yeah, okay, it was getting a bit tiring.”


Ancient Elf and I were conquering [Evil]’s dungeon. We had defeated the many monsters posted in the first room of the first floor and continued on to the second and third rooms. Upon exiting the third room, we made it into the second floor.

It had been complex in its own right thus far; traps were set all over the place and enemies were charging at us in single bursts. Despite that however, we were able travel comfortably thus far.


But from this floor on, however, it had gotten weird. It was nothing but an excessively long and complicated maze. Enemies or traps didn’t appear anymore. The ceiling was lowered and that prevented us from using the sky as a shortcut.


“As I thought, even if we follow the shortest route, we’d still be taking a detour to get to next room.”


Ancient Elf who had mapped the entire room using her wind sonar made an unhappy face. The room had been nothing but a long maze for a while now and I was convinced the [Evil] Demon Lord was buying for some time instead of trying to actively killing us.

That said, there was no way I would let my guard down. It was not hard to imagine that a dungeon designed to stall for time would have a nasty trap waiting for when the invaders got careless. Keeping that in mind, I have to break through this dungeon.


Peacefully coasting through the dungeon, I thought that if this dungeon operated normally, [Evil] dungeon should not have an awful lot of DP earned. Even if he only added stone labyrinths with no traps, the most he could buy should be three floors worth of such rooms.

When I spotted the end of the room, I was a little bit relieved.


“Finally, it looks like we can get out of this room” said Ancient Elf in a weary voice.


She was a strong monster and while the stress on her body was more than manageable, the stress on her mind was not due to her continually keeping watch with her wind. As it were, she was bound to have a lapse in her concentration.


“Just a little bit more; you can do it.”

“Yeah, I’m still alright. What worries me though is that even from some rooms ago, I get the feeling that I’m constantly being watched. It’s an unpleasant feeling like someone’s groping me all over. And yet, there’s no enemy nearby.”

“Maybe it’s the enemy Demon Lord taking a look at us through his crystal.”

“Uuugh. I don’t like the sound of that.”


Perhaps that unpleasant feeling of being watched was the cause for her getting tired.

From that information and the information gathered beforehand about [Evil], we had formulated a plan. If it went well, we would be able to conquer the dungeon in one fell swoop but the chances of it actually being put into motion was slim so we focused on normally going through the dungeon conquest.

Regardless, I wanted to make her more at ease even if only for a little so…


“Ancient Elf, let’s talk for a bit”


I decided to give her some kind of motivation.


“I have no doubt in my mind that Rorono had contributed the most when we founded Avalon,”


She oversaw the construction of the infrastructures like the waterways, the houses, and the walls surrounding the city. She had also manufactured the weapons that could not be found in any other city. All these brought many humans into the city. If we didn’t have her, it probably would have been impossible to have such a well-formed city.


“Yes, I think so too. But not only that, she’s also contributing to enhance our fighting force by developing our weapons. Rorono-chan’s amazing.” she said with a somehow envying face.


“Even I’m aware that I’m a jack of all trades. In terms of fighting ability, I can’t win against Kuina-chan; that girl’s on a level all on her own. Also, in terms of production, there’s Rorono-chan. My abilities are convenient but they can’t hope to compete against Rorono-chan’s. In terms of tactics and popularity, Wight-san’s the clear winner. No matter what field of expertise, I couldn’t become the best.”


In a way, her self-analysis was right but frankly…


“You are stronger than Rorono and Wight; better at producing things than Kuina and Wight; more popular than Kuina and Rorono, and more suited to be a commander too. In terms of an overall score, no one is better than you.”


She wasn’t the best but she could do anything and for that, she was helpful for me.


“I am able to invade this dungeon despite the absence of Kuina and Rorono because I’m relying on you. Also, despite your humility, the apples you’ve made have become materials that invited a lot of humans into our city. The farmlands that promised an abundant harvest have also attracted farmers that eventually became settlers. So be proud for you are amazing.”


Despite being slightly embarrassed upon hearing me, Ancient Elf smiled.

I then took out a ring from my pocket.


“My original plan was to give this to you after you’ve become my Monster of the Covenant. I have decided that Kuina, Rorono, and you, Ancient Elf, would be my [Monsters of the Covenant] and thus give you these matching accessories.”


It was a platinum ring engraved with the image of an apple—the symbol of our city of Avalon—and was decorated by a jade green gemstone. The warm and gentle light it reflected suited her perfectly.

Going along with her gemstone were the fire-red ruby for Kuina and the cold and sharp purple of the sapphire for Rorono.

Each of their rings suited the wearer’s personality.


“This makes me so happy, master, but I can’t possibly accept this; I’m still not one of your [Monsters of the Covenant], after all.”


After crying tears of joy, Ancient Elf said an apologetic but clear refusal.


“This is just an advance gift. For all your achievements thus far and for when you manage to break the enemy’s crystal this war, I intend to make you a [Monster of the Covenant]. To be able to lead the conquest of a dungeon by yourself is more than enough to be regarded in the same way as Kuina and Rorono—my trump cards—right? I’m giving this to you now rather than later to ensure that you’ll bring me victory.”


She was wide-eyed at first but then smiled. That smile wasn’t the same lonely smile she held earlier either but one of true happiness.


“Yes! I will do my best to live up to your expectations, master. I’ll definitely conquer this dungeon especially now that I’m reenergized.”


Looking at her smiling face, I was convinced I made the right call.


“Ancient Elf, give me your left hand.”



Despite her shyness, she extended her left hand over. I then reached for her hand and tried to put on the emerald ring. But then…




Ancient Elf briefly shrieked. Twisting around her ankle was… something… a purple tentacle of some kind extending from the wall…


“Ancient Elf!”


I hurried to grab her but was too slow. Connected to the tentacle was a purple octopus monster and it was activating some kind of magic. In the next moment, Ancient Elf and the purple octopus were gone. The magic must have been [Transfer], I concluded. So long as it was within one’s own dungeon, Transfer could be used to move to any desired location even without a prepared transfer array.


I thrust my hand forward in an effort to hand over the ring to her but only touched the empty air. The ring fell to the ground and made a clanking noise, as I collapsed into the ground myself.


“How, How!? Just how could I have not noticed it!?! I shouldn’t have let my guard down. For that matter, how did that monster get past Ancient Elf’s senses!?”


As much as I could without seeming too unnatural, I acted as though I was flustered, full of regret and didn’t understand anything that was going on.

It was an act with the [Evil] Demon Lord as the audience in mind. If he believed my act, he would be thinking something like he was lucky that his plan worked.

Combining the information of Ancient Elf being watched and the information we had gathered on [Evil] beforehand, I had reason to believe this trick would work but never had I thought it would go this smoothly.

In accordance to my plan with Ancient Elf, we had deliberately fallen into the enemy’s trap but from that moment on, I wondered what the enemy would do next.


Nevertheless, I would have preferred it if he could have waited for a moment longer; I really wanted to see the look on Ancient Elf’s face when I put the ring on her finger.

Or could it possibly have been because he saw that that he decided to start his plan?

I sighed as I picked the ring up from the ground.



“It worked! No way, I didn’t think it would go this well.”


Within the crystal room of his dungeon, he saw the stricken-with-despair Procell and snickered.

And then, by using his privilege as the dungeon’s Demon Lord to transfer to anywhere within his dungeon at any time he wished, he relocated to his private chambers in the second room of the first floor.

This chamber was totally gloomy and filled with ominous atmosphere. In addition to a bed, there were the many torture devices and the uncouth instruments lined up. While this chamber was mainly used for [Evil]’s hobbies, it was also for improving his fighting force; using the chamber many times over to pleasure himself with the women and making them scream. Remembering that made [Evil] Demon Lord Morax laugh vilely.


Ancient Elf’s ability to search for enemies was troublesome to Morax. By knowing of each of her enemies’ movements, an ordinary surprise attack wouldn’t work on her. But then, by observing her keenly, Morax found a gap in her ability. He had observed that the only information she could gather remotely were those that could be perceived by the eyes and ears. He was convinced of such after she repeatedly did not take notice of the monsters disguised as the walls. Confident he found the weakness, he enacted his plans.


“Gufufufu, first is to train you.”


He said, staring at the gigantic water tank in a corner of the chamber. The tank was filled with a pink-colored mucus. Within the water tank were the octopus monster which transferred there and the blond-haired beautiful elf.


“I wonder how long you will last”


The pink mucus’ true identity and effects included being a strong aphrodisiac, a muscle relaxant, a mind enhancer, a hallucinogen, and so forth.

Consuming some amount of it would immediately break any sturdy warrior.

By directly transferring to it and submerging Ancient Elf into the tank full of mucus, the octopus monster had safely rendered her powerless. So long as she was under the mucus’ effects, they need not be afraid of her, no matter how strong she was.


“Wonderful, simply wonderful!”


Submerged and wet, her clothes clung to her body and gave emphasis to her bodyline. Her face so beautiful, it terrified him; her large and nicely shaped breasts; her dazzling white thighs; the splendidness of her bodyline up to her buttocks… the [Evil] Demon Lord was already ecstatic.


Ancient Elf struggled within the water tank but the very sticky mucus made her actions meaningless. Its effects had also addled her mind enough for her to not be able to use magic.

Even if for some reason she was able to resist the mucus and its effects, the water tank was made of a special magical metal that would take a dragon to destroy it.

As a result of her futile struggle, she took in more of the mucus. Though even if she hadn’t, the mucus would seep through her skin and steadily break her.




After a while of struggling, she then became motionless. Either she ran out of breath or the mucus had taken effect. [Evil] endured the strong urge of taking her out of water tank and having his way with her right away, and instead waited for about a minute to ensure she was really knocked out and could not recover from the mucus’s effects.


Her clothes were opened and looked almost risky. The sight of that alone fueled [Evil]’s lust even more. That’s enough already, thought Morax before ordering his subordinate monsters to take her out of the water tank.


“Now, time let us enjoy ourselves. Well, truth is I know I shouldn’t be doing this because something like this would anger [Creation] but with such an exquisite product before me, how could I endure!?”


With her body covered in the mucus, each time she took a breath and thus making her chest rise and fall, his nether region reacted.

Such a fine female specimen… he had not and probably would not again see a woman as fine as her.

First, he effortlessly took off her outer garment. From then on was the fun; the powerful aphrodisiac and hallucinogens would soon take effect and make her lose control of herself, enslaving her to his desires. It was the same as always.


Thinking about it calmly, I don’t have to fear [Creation] anymore, do I? Especially now that his greatest fighting force has fallen into my hands. If I train her up a little, she’ll do whatever I say.


With a face full of lust, Morax creepily wiggled his fingers as his hands approached Ancient Elf. Just a little bit more and it’s the moment I’ve waited for all this time; just a little bit more and I could touch her.

Right when he thought his hands had touched her, she opened her beautiful jade green eyes and stared at him. Her eyes were cold and unfeeling, as though she was looking at nothing but an insect instead of a person. But most of all, her eyes weren’t those of someone under the effects of the mucus but rather someone fully capable of reason.


“Eh?” said Morax, dumbfounded, as he raised his hands up to his face, only to find them missing from his arm and turned into many tiny pieces. Soon after that, came the realization of the pain and then the screaming.


Ancient Elf then stood up and spoke


“Did you have a good dream? You better wake up soon though because I’m quite mad for you interrupting at the good part. Don’t expect me to show you too much kindness.”


Upon hearing those words, he felt anger enough to drive him mad.

As far as he was concerned, women were to be abused and dominated but here was one that was looking down on him instead. There was no way he could forgive such. He had decided he would violate her over and over and over again until she was completely broken. And after impregnating her a number of times that she was then useless, he would kill her in the most gruesome way he could think of.

Promising himself that, he took the monsters in his [Storage] out and ordered them to attack.



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