Hey guys! How are you? I’m doing fine. More than fine, actually. Lots of events happening and to happen. Unfortunately, that means less time for my hobbies, including translating. What I’m trying to say is that the next release will be later than usual, even if the usual is late enough as it is. I’m sorry about that.


Anyway, for today’s illustration, we have something from Volume 6 Chapter 1: After the fighting has ended

LNvol6 (6)

Volume 6 Light Novel Illustrations


And since this is the end of the volume, I’m now going to release the volume’s title. Ready? It’s titled The [Creation] Demon Lord’s Graduation. It kinda doesn’t fit, right? I mean, graduation for Demon Lords means transitioning from new Demon Lords to young Demon Lords. That doesn’t happen in this volume. And if it means just the being independent kind, well, Procell’s been like that for quite some time. The word used can also mean outgrowing something. I guess that can apply to outgrowing the threat of the [Black] Demon Lord, but that still seems like a stretch. Well, anyway, there you have it.