Light Novel is out!!!

Prologue: The things that have changed


The Light Novel has been released!!! Yay!! Go and support Tsukiyo Rui-sensei, the author we revere.


I’ve revised the wording on the Creation medal. It still means the same, just, hopefully, clearer. Also, I think it will be better if you skim through my translations of first 5 or so chapters.


『[Creation] medal. A rank. Enables the synthesis of monsters using the [Creation] medal and two other medals (an original medal is required). It’s possible to transform the attribute of this medal to one that the maker desires and to then synthesize it. Additionally, the outcome is chosen from the all the possible outcomes. ※An attribute that has once been transformed into can never again be selected.』


And regarding the page with the character illustrations, it has a lot more spoilers than I initially thought so I’m only gonna translate that by the end of the third volume.


Lastly, do you guys want Kuina to stop saying Oto-san? Like maybe go for Dad instead? Before anyone proposes it, I’m gonna reject Daddy right here and now.

5 responses to “Light Novel is out!!!

    • As far as I see it, Kuina talks in a cutesy manner, even ending most of her sentences in nano(なの). Father is Otou-san right? I think she’s deliberately not using that.

      Plus, I kind of want Otou-san(お父さん) to be exclusive to Elder Dwarf.


  1. I like Oto-san. It’s sounds cuter to me, but that may be may weeaboo streak talking.
    I hate it when translators don’t include honourifics and such and force english terms, even if they don’t convey the same meaning. And people who want it all in english hate me right back. But I’m okay with that.

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  2.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year
    Keep using Otou-san please


  3. Typo?
    Additionally, the outcome is chosen from the all the possible outcomes.

    Additionally, the outcome is chosen from all the possible outcomes.

    Thank you kindly for the chapter as well. :>


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