A Volume done!

Epilogue: The Demon Lord’s Urban Development!




A note though, I’ve changed Quina into Kuina. Unless something official says otherwise, I’m gonna keep using it.


A reminder also that the light novel version for this is about to release on the 15th! Here is a link for more information. I’ll put on more details after its release. Unfortunately though, I don’t think I’ll be able to immediately purchase it. Being the holiday season and all means a lot of unexpected expenses, you see. If you’re gonna buy it, please do share the character illustrations with us!


6 responses to “A Volume done!

  1. Putting my comment here to increase the chance that you’ll notice it. Although your translations are generally quite good, you have a tendency to improperly use “neither” and “nor”. Because these words are the negative forms of “either” and “or”, the ‘double negatives’ rule – aka, two negatives in a sentence make a positive – applies to them. Therefore, you often end up with sentences that state the opposite of the intended meaning.

    Ex. “And they weren’t simple corpses neither” should be “And they weren’t simple corpses either”

    Generally, “nor” doesn’t appear a lot in the English language. Its most common usage is with the “Neither….nor….” sentence structure.

    Another noticeable but infrequent error is your usage of plural and singular words. In particular, you don’t recognize a grouping of multiple nouns as something that should have a plural verb associated with it.

    My Ex. “Jack and Jill runs up the hill” should be “Jack and Jill run up the hill”

    Don’t be confused when there are clauses in between the noun and the verb. The above rule still applies. The sentence should still sound fine if you removed all the extra clauses.

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