Chapter 86: What is this, some kind of harassment?

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Villager Appraisal 2 provided significantly more information than the base version.

Even as the village chief, I didn’t think it was right to look often at the villagers’ very private information. And so, I decided to only use it when truly necessary.


“What’s wrong, Luke-sama?”



but what did it mean when it said she loves young boys? Ah, no, I feel like it’s better if I don’t investigate the matter further…


“Anyway, you need something?”

“Yes, I’d like you to come with me. There’s something I’d like to you show you.”

“…something to show me?”

“Yes, this way please.”


The place Millia led me to was the plaza in the center of the village, which by the way was next to playground I just built.

In that plaza, there was something huge that was covered by an equally large cloth.

Is that what she wants to show me?


Other villagers were there as well, likely invited by Millia. Even the dwarves who usually stayed in the dungeon showed up.


“Please take a look.”


As though Millia’s words was the cue, Goate-san used his strength to pull the cloth all at once.




What was revealed was a stone statue that was over 3 meters tall.

Its left hand was at its waist, its legs were a little bit spaced apart, its chest was puffed up, its facial expression looked as though it was staring off into the distance, and its right arm was stretch toward where it was looking.

It was like a statue of some hero of legend. I’ve never heard of legends about this one though. After all, this one had my face.



“Amazing! It looks exactly like Luke-sama!”

“What a gallant figure…”


The villagers seemed exhilarated for some reason. As for me, I was simply confused at what was happening.

Huh? What is this, some kind of harassment?


“I’ve had this made for today. Many skilled people—most being dwarves—have worked on it, and I must say, they’ve perfectly captured your gallant appearance.”


When I looked at the dwarves, they looked satisfied and proud of their finished work.

It didn’t seem like they built this just to harass me.


“Why build this though…?”

“Congratulations, Luke-sama! Today, exactly one year has passed since the village was built! It was one year ago that Luke-sama started to bless us with his magnificence!”


Millia explained so to me, in a way that was almost like a declaration.


“Oh, that was today? It’s been a year already, huh…”

“Yes! Back then, it was just the two us. The empty wasteland in front of us, Luke-sama said to me without any trace of anxiety or despair, ‘Indeed, there is nothing here, but that’s actually better for me. Because like this, I get to build everything myself.’


I did not say that! I won’t ever say anything like that!



“The way Luke-sama thinks is truly, entirely different from us ordinary people!”

“Yeah, he’s definitely a hero…”


To the words that Millia claimed I said to her back then, the villagers became excited.

There’s no way I can deny it now…


Only Selen, who has known me a long time, had the face that said that doesn’t sound like him.


I hang my head, but Millia only continued to speak.


“There’s one more thing we prepared to commemorate this day.”

“Another one!?”


When I heard that, I unintentionally shouted.


“I present to you a record of your magnificence and glory.”


“It’s written by Totoru who has the [Literary Talent] Gift. Of course, this is only the first volume; we plan to make more volumes. The first volume covers in great detail Luke-sama’s childhood, making it a must-read.”


…but I’m just the chief of a village? Isn’t this kind of thing for people who’ve accomplished great things in their life? Plus, isn’t this supposed to be written by a pupil or descendant when the person in question has passed?


“At the moment, we are in the middle of preparations for the mass-production of the book. Once we have those, even more believerrr–aherm, ahem…even more people will know of Luke-sama and this village.”


Did she say believer just now…?


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