Chapter 87: …this is almost like fiction…

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Deep in the forest full of monsters, a large creature rests.

Having an overall length of over 50 meters, it was undoubtably the king of the forest.

No one and nothing could harm it, so it has been like that for a long time.


It constantly absorbed nutrients from the ground, so it didn’t even need to go find food. In fact, it usually stayed where it was, either sleeping or simply resting.




All of a sudden, its body quivered as though it felt something.

The unpleasant sensation told it that someone has invaded its territory. Yet, there was no one in the vicinity.

For the first time in the thousands of years it has stood at the summit of the forest’s hierarchy, the creature remembered what danger felt like. The creature felt that if nothing was done, its very existence might be at risk.


For some reason, it felt that the source of the unpleasant sensation was somewhere south of the forest. And so, the creature roused itself up and moved toward it without a care for the trees, the monsters, and the animals that were in the way.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


It was the anniversary for the foundation of the village, so we held a celebration party after Millia gave me those things.

Although I say a celebration party, it was just the usual party we have where we eat and drink together. Nothing really fancy.

Of course, as usual, the dwarves whose personalities change drastically whenever they drink were asked to celebrate underground.


The next morning.

While many of the villagers were still sleeping because they drank and partied so much, I woke up at the usual time. Which was no problem at all, given that I didn’t drink any alcohol.


“I’m scared to read it, but I have to check…”


While sitting down in a bench in my home’s yard, I looked at the excessively ornated book that I stealthily borrowed from Millia. It wasn’t just heavy, it was thick as well.

Written in the cover with large characters were the words “The Legend of Luke-sama”.

Yes, this was the book Millia had arbitrarily commissioned for the anniversary celebration.


It would be horrible for me if this book was mass-produced and read by many. However, because Totoru said he did his best to write it, I couldn’t simply throw it away.

Either way, I should check out its contents first. It might even be good, despite the title. At least, I’m sure they won’t write any lies. Right?


   ◇ ◇ ◇


Yup, I was so naïve.

Instead of not having any lies, it was actually full of lies….

Especially the parts I supposedly said.


“Indeed, there is nothing here, but that’s actually better for me. Because like this, I get to build everything myself”

“Orc King! Your fate was sealed the moment you decided to attack my village! Eat this! Building Pressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

“Your lineage, your age, your gender, or even your race, none of those things matter here. Every single one of you is my precious villager—my family.”


“What is this…this is almost like fiction…”


I had no memory of ever saying those words.

Moreover, my character in the book sounded so pretentious.

And my move already has a name; don’t go giving it a name of your own!


“Yeah, I really can’t let this be mass-produced. I should go talk to Millia–”


Right when I said so, my Intruder Detection gave off an intense alarm.

Intruder Detection was a village skill that would alert me when something hostile or with malicious intent would enter its range. It worked not just against people, but monsters as well. However, because of the maximum area of the village has grown a lot, it was activating nonstop.

Which was to be expected since just in the forest, there were countless monsters already. For that reason, I limited the range of Intruder Detection to be up to the forest’s entrance only.


Something has now entered that range.


“And this reaction…isn’t this more intense than with the orc king…?”


While I shivered at the thought, I looked northward.

I saw it right away.

It was a creature larger than even the monster-infested forest’s trees.

It was…


“…a dragon…?”



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12 thoughts on “Chapter 87: …this is almost like fiction…”

  1. Dragon, kita!


  2. Guilherme Franco said:

    Oh boy! Here we go again.


  3. The Legend of Luke Sama Vol. 2
    Luke encounters the dragon!
    “Bow your head to me you big lizard or feel my wrath! You shall serve as my underling or you shall die!”
    all praise Luke Sama tamer of the great dragon and god king.

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  4. Thank you!

    A village with thousands of people and a guardian dragon is still a village, right? I think we’re going to need a name change soon.

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  5. Thanks for the new chapter!

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  6. I have a small rant.

    So, I wanted to mount my monitor in an arm mount so that I can easily rotate the monitor and use portrait mode. That way, I can read a manga page without scrolling down, among other things of course.

    I then found out that my cheap samsung monitor’s default stand was screwed from the inside, and that the only way to attach the mounting peripheral on the monitor’s back was to pry it open.

    I can’t believe this stupid design. If they moved the holes slightly higher, this wouldn’t have been an issue because I can live with the small part of the stand still attached. That or maybe don’t screw it from the inside!

    Given my luck at life in general, of course I damaged the monitor. It now has a thick black line. To be clear, I take responsibility for breaking it. I’m sure a more careful person would have done it without issue. That said, there shouldn’t have been that risk in the first place.

    I hope their other models don’t have this issue, but I for one am avoiding their brand when it comes to monitors from now on, no matter how cheap theirs might be.

    Thanks for listening!

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    • Did it not occur to you to not mess with it in the first place, and that it isn’t worth the trouble? Or at the very least, watch and reference a demonstration on YouTube? I don’t mean to criticise you so sorry if it sounds like it.

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      • It did. I guess I just hyped myself for that new setup too much. I did watch a youtube video, and I saw that the circuit board wasn’t going to meddled with, so I thought it was safe enough to continue.

        I think it’s more than fair to criticize me on this one.

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    • That sucks buddy, I have a cheapo HP monitor and also was a pain to mount it on an monitor arm… at least cheap HP monitors don’t have the VESA screw holes, so you gotta purchase an adapter that goes where the usual base goes, and that one has the screw holes… so in nutshell, avoid cheap HP’s cuz you’ll need an adapter haha (or at least read the spec to see if they have them in newer models lol)

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    • i feel your pain. i had two samsung monitors and both of them got busted, at first it was just one or two lines but now the backlight is fried and i’m stuck with just one screen like a normie


    • Idle fish said:

      When you buy your next monitor/tv, make sure it is complient with the VESA standards, that way it will be compatible with any 3rd party mounting solution.
      Sadly, to this day there still are products wich are not VESA complient, though the majority of newer tv and monitor models tend to be.

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