Chapter 85: Am I supposed to climb and then play at the top?

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Since spring began, we saw a faster growth to our village’s population.

Apparently, rumors of our village have spread so much, even those who lived beyond the North of the Albert territory were migrating here.


<< Ta-ta-ta-dah! Congratulations! Because you now have more than 3,000 villagers, your village has become level 7!>>

<<700 village points have been acquired as level up bonus.>>

<<You can now build more kinds of facilities.>>

<<Maximum village area has been increased.>>

<<The village skill [Villager Appraisal 2] has been acquired.>>


The new facilities I unlocked thanks to the level up were as follows:


Store                                     50

Restaurant                          100

Playground                         100

Graveyard                           200

Hospital                                500


“Stores and restaurants, huh…those will be useful.”


As our population grows, the more business there would be.

In fact, a few merchants have settled here already. However, what they were using as stores were sheds that I customized. It was fine for now, but I might not be able to keep up later on.

So, it would really be helpful if the stores were ready-made. Of course, some stores might need some modifications, but it would still mean less work for me.


The same could be said for restaurants, naturally.

At the moment, we had a tavern-like place that made use of the outdoor kitchen. It offered free food and drinks, but with the future in mind, we should probably turn it into a proper commercial establishment.


“Next…what’s a playground?”

<<A facility that has various equipment for children to play with.>>

“I don’t really get it…so I guess I should make one and try it out.”


And so, I built one in a vacant space.

What appeared was a flat ground that had many mysterious things I had never seen or heard of before.


“What’s this? Am I supposed to climb and then play at the top? …Ahh, maybe I’m supposed to slide down from here.”


When I climbed one of the mysterious objects, I saw an inclined plane that could fit exactly one person. This plane continued until it touched floor.




When I tried to go down the plane, I slipped down with great speed.

However, because of the sandpit in front of the plane, it didn’t hurt even though I still was going fast when I hit the ground.

Yeah, children will like this.

Just when I thought that, some children rushed over.


“Mister chief, what ya doing?”

“What’s this?”

“Ooh, fun!”


The playground seemed to be popular with the children.

Adults liked it too. Before, the children played here and there, but now that there was one place they gathered, it made watching over them so much easier for the adults.


…if I was still a kid, I maybe would have played with them…but no, I’m the village chief, yeah, I don’t have such free time…yeah…


“Moving on…next are graveyards and hospitals…both will surely be necessary later on.”


Our population was quite young and healthy, so no one has died of natural causes so far.

Now that the graveyard and the hospital were available though, it almost felt like a sign that things were about to change…


The village’s maximum area has increased yet again. Now, not only the wasteland, but a good part of the forest to the north as well as the mountains to the east were part of our village. For convenience’s sake though, the “village” I refer to in conversations with others was just the part where people lived.

By the way, whenever the village would expand, it would expand radially, with the center being the place I first made it. Each level up doubled the current radius, which then meant that the village’s area was quadrupled.

In reality though, instead of being shaped a circle, the village as a whole had a distorted shape. This was because the village couldn’t expand into places where there was already an owner—unless Territory Take Over was used, of course.


“And then, for the village skill this time…Villager Appraisal? No, it’s Villager Appraisal 2, huh.”


The village skill I got this time was apparently a superior version of Villager Appraisal.

Millia had come along right at that moment, so I tried it on her to see the difference between the versions.


Name: Millia

Age: 21 years old

Village Bond Level: Ultra-high

Suitable Occupation: Priest

Gift: Oracle

                Strength: E

                Endurance: E

                Dexterity: C

                Agility: D

                Magic: D

                Luck: B


                Height: 166cm

                Weight: 52Kg

                Bust: 91cm

                Waist: 68cm

                Hips: 93cm





I can see even those details about her body!?


Formerly a maid of the Albert house. Given her performance and her background of being from a low-ranking noble house, she was a candidate to be a future head maid in the Albert house. However, she gave all that up and followed Luke. The thing that majorly influenced her decision was her love for young boys. She’s relentlessly aiming for Luke’s chas––


S-stop, stop, stop!

I couldn’t help but shout when information that I shouldn’t see continued to flow into my head.



TL note: In case you don’t remember, a circle’s area is calculated by A = π r2, where r is the radius.

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