Chapter 84: Your life should remain mostly the same

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“Alright, I’m done! Thanks for cooperating!”


Like that, the village was now closer to the dungeon.


“Next is, the underground tunnel…”


I descended to the underground tunnel where the dwarves lived.


“Just what are you planning, moving the village near the dungeon?”

“Whatever it is, I must say, his Gift is as unbelievable as ever…”


Despite their shock, Selen and Philia-san followed after me.

After hearing their question, I answered.


“I’m going to connect the dungeon to this tunnel.”


“Right about here…”


We walked until the edge of the underground tunnel. Once there, I proceeded to extend it for about another 10 meters, stopping only when we reached a cavern.


“This should be inside the dungeon, right? Ari, you there?”

“Somebody’s made an infiltration route!?”

“Hey there. It’s only us, no need to worry.”


Ari the fairy came flying in.


“We just came to connect your dungeon to our underground tunnel.”

“I did not get any of that at all…”


We left the perplexed Ari for now and headed back to the underground tunnel to talk with the dwarves. Thankfully, they have already gathered because they wanted to know what was going on.


“I’d like to ask everyone to live in the dungeon over there starting today.”

“I-in the dungeon…? Could we have done something again?”

“No, no, it’s not like that.”


I explained the situation to the anxious-looking representative of the dwarves, Dolan-san.


“I see…just living inside the dungeon is enough to make it grow…”

“Yes. You’ll still be living in that apartment building you’re living in now; I’ll just move it. Also, I haven’t talked with the dungeon master about the details, but I’ll make sure monsters won’t be disturbing you. If you want to go up to the village, you’ll just have to pass through this tunnel. In other words, your life should remain mostly the same.


Yes, the idea I thought of was to move the dwarves into the dungeon.


“Certainly, they always did prefer living somewhere dark and underground, so they should have no problems moving here.”

“So that’s why you moved the entire village…”

“Yeah. Moving the dungeon didn’t seem possible, so I did this instead.”


Simply staying inside a dungeon didn’t have any special negative effects, like their stamina being drained away. On the other hand, people staying in the dungeon was enough for the dungeon master to earn dungeon points.


“What a great idea! If there are more than a hundred people constantly staying in the dungeon, I’d be able save up lots of points in no time!”


When I finally informed Ari about the plan, she excitedly shouted so while twirling around in the air.


“We’re happy to be of some use…”

“Thank you very much, Dolan-san. Alright, now that it’s all settled, I’ll go move the apartment building here.”

“You have my word that monsters won’t come here!”


Like that, the dwarves’ lives of staying inside the dungeon began.


There was another benefit to the village and the dungeon being this close: it made hunting easier.


“If it’s not asking for much, could you make lots of minotaurs?”

“Sure, that’s no problem! Feel free to hunt them down!”


Alright, we can now get minotaur beef anytime.


By the way, Ari the dungeon master apparently couldn’t step out of her dungeon.

When we asked her to enter the underground tunnel, it was as though an invisible wall was preventing her from going further.

Ari was quite disappointed at being be unable to go to our village.


“Can I ask you to come visit me instead? I’ve always been alone in here, and I have nothing else to do but sleep!”


That must really be boring…


“O-okay, sure.”

“Yay! I’m so happy! But you know what, I’d be even happier if you also brought along some hunks!”



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  1. someloserweeb said:

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    • Dungeon is a place. Since it has been acquired by the protagonist and more over the dungeon is also the dungeon master herself, the dungeon master can’t be a villager. She has been acquired by the protagonist as the Novel universe considers her as a plot of land.


  2. What would you even do with hunks? Leer at them creepily? Us their ****s as a stripper pole? Yare yare, first a perverted maid then perverted elves and now a peverted fairy. Most of the women in this are pervs!

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