Chapter 18: I can now bless people freely, right?

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Once again, I moved some of the earthen walls and then built new ones so that the new area would be surrounded by walls as well.

I also built terrace houses and wells.

Given these, the new villagers should have decent shelters.


I still had points left, so I decided to build a church, as the guide recommended.


<<150 village points will be consumed to build a church. Proceed? *[Yes]||[No]>>


I selected Yes.

Afterwards, a small church appeared. Small compared to other churches, at least. In our tiny village, it was just about the right size.


“Luke-sama, is this…?”

“Yes, Millia, it’s a church.”

“…I wonder what it is; somehow, I have this feeling that I should go pray in this church.”


As though something was guiding her, Millia entered the church.

Of course, I followed behind her.


Within was as normal as a church could be.

Millia continued walking until she reached the altar further inside. She then knelt down and prayed.


With bated breath, I watched her for a while. Before long, Millia lifted her head up and opened her eyes.


“Luke-sama, I’ve received the Gift. [Oracle], I mean.”

“Wow, great!”


In my awe, I accidentally let out a shout, which echoed in this empty place of worship.


“Now that I have this, I can bless people freely, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. I think we should I go call in someone with a potential Gift right away. …unless of course, if you prefer to take a rest first?”

“No, that won’t be needed. On the contrary, I insist that we do this as soon as possible.”


I haven’t had a chance to use Villager Appraisal on the newest group, so I didn’t know yet how many of them had Gifts or the potential to have Gifts.

Out of all the villagers I had used it on though, there were 13 people that could receive Gifts. 5 of those 13 weren’t adults yet, so only the remaining 7 were the options right now. By the way, because the strain on the body was so heavy, it was generally advised to wait until reaching adulthood before trying to receive a Gift.


“What do you mean, village chief?”


The people I called seemed to be puzzled, so I began explaining.


“What? I, I can have a Gift?”

“But I thought only some nobles can receive a Gift? As far as I can tell, our people have been nothing but farmers for generations…”


I quickly denied their false information.


“Certainly, lineage plays a large role in the likelihood of receiving a Gift, as well what kind of Gift they would receive. However, social status doesn’t play a role at all in those things.”



They were not fully convinced.

Oh well, I guess it’ll be quicker to convince them with results than with words

And so, I asked Millia to begin giving each of them a blessing. She began with Balrath-san, Belrith-san’s brother.


“Balrath, you have received the Gift of [Sword Techniques].”

“What is this sensation? Something, I can feel something flowing into my body.”


Name: Balrath

Age: 32 years old

Village Bond Level: High

Suitable Occupation: Soldier

Gift: Sword Techniques


Through Villager Appraisal, I confirmed that the parentheses around his Gift were removed.

It seemed like he could now use the Gift.


“Balrath-san, please have this sword.”

“Are you sure about this, village chief?”

“Absolutely. I’m sure you and your Gift will find more use for this than I ever would.”


Our village couldn’t make our own swords yet. So, other than the two swords that Selen wielded, the only sword we had was the one I brought.


“How… even just holding a sword properly was something I’ve never been able to do before, but now, it feels like it’s part of my hands.”


After he received the sword, Balrath-san wonderingly said so.


“Thank you, village chief. I might not be young anymore, but I promise you I’ll train as much as I can to become strong enough to protect the village.”


Balrath-san declared so.


After him, Millia also blessed the others. In addition to the first ones I discovered—[Comprehension of Concoctions], [Labyrinth Exploration], and [Literary Talent]—there were [Master Farmer], [Green Magic], and [Spear Techniques].


I had never before heard of [Master Farmer]. Much like its name implies, it was a Gift that pertained to agriculture. However, since it belonged to a 20-year-old man who was already working in the fields, there was nothing special that needed to be done.


[Green Magic] was a Gift that concerned wind and weather magic. If the user has become skilled enough, they would be able to summon rain freely. …that’ll help us farm, right?


[Spear Techniques] was the [Sword Techniques] for spears. The one who got it was a 15-year-old man. He was young, so whether we assign him as a guard or as a hunter, he would likely flourish.


TL notes: I changed swordsmanship to sword techniques in anticipation of Gifts of unusual weapons. I mean, whipmanship sounds weird, right?

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    Thanks for the translation!

    Yeah, the nobles aren’t going to like this place one little bit. Especially once word gets around to the common people that there’s a place like this where they can get free quality housing, plentiful food, freedom from casual tyranny and the possibility of awakening a Gift? The only people who won’t desert the nobles are the ones too scared of reprisal or too sceptical to believe it. And I’m sure his half-brother will be the first to come over and try to trample them. Fortunately they’re too busy fighting among themselves to pay much attention and probably won’t realise the danger until they suffer significant loss of manpower. It will happen though. It’s practically inevitable.


  5. Man, I can already tell this village will anger whole countries. Hope MC’s got a plan for that


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      It’d be really cool if there’s gonna be something like a tower upgrade that will automatically attack invaders or something. Like in WoW The frozen throne.


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