Chapter 19: His two beautiful wives

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My village’s population had risen to 173 people. And as such, the place became full of activity.

The days when it was just Millia and myself seemed so long ago now.


By my count, there was about 2 women for each man. Moreover, the young outnumbered the old. Perhaps it was because of the many young women, but the whole village somehow felt quite cheerful and vibrant right now.


“Good morning, Chief Luke. Fufu, today’s quite lovely as well, isn’t it?”

“My, Chief Luke, your skin’s always so soft. I’m so jealous.”

“I have no doubt that Chief Luke’s the cutest village chief in the world.”


I especially felt so whenever these ladies teased me.

Look, I’m aware that I’m not an authoritative-looking village chief, but…


By the way, most women over the age of twenty were married already.

That said, many of the husbands were forcefully conscripted. To make matters worse, a lot of the women had children to take care of by themselves.

They might be cheerful, but they surely had worries of their own. So, if they could have a bit of fun by teasing me, I was willing to put up with that.

Well, even without that reason, I might still not complain because I’m that bad at talking to older women… I mean, I still sleep between Selen and Millia, for crying out loud.


“But to have those two pretty ladies as his wives, the chief’s quite enviable, yeah?”

“You said it. Him being that young only makes him more amazing.”

“He looks so cute and innocent, but he must be quite potent down there, wouldn’t you agree? Hahaha!”


Before I knew it, the villagers had assumed that Selen and Millia were my wives. I couldn’t blame them for thinking so because the three of us did live under one roof, but still…

And for some reason, both Selen and Millia didn’t deny such rumors even after hearing them themselves. Thanks to that, even if I say ‘no, I am not married to either of them’, I would only be met with replies such as ‘oh, your face is so red, how cute’ or ‘ahh, youth’. They wouldn’t listen to me at all.






At the open space in the center of the village—otherwise known as our public square—the shouting voice of two men as well as the clashing of metal resounded.

The two men were doing some sword training. One of the two men was Balrath-san. The other was Perun-san.

Perun-san, age 26, was among the 76 latest additions to our village. Moreover, he was also blessed with [Sword Techniques].

Neither of them had any sword training before, but their movements were so good now, I could barely follow. As to be expected, the impact of a Gift was huge. Now more than ever, I understood the reason why people say that those without Gifts could never best those that had one.

…also, now more than ever, I wish I inherited father’s [Sword Master Techniques].


“Haa… Haa… Haa…”

“Hee… hee.. hee…”


Eventually, the two stopped trading blows. For a while, they just stood there staring at each other, their breath ragged.

And then, suddenly and at the same time, they undid their stance and sheathed their swords.

At that moment, the villagers watching them train clapped their hands.



“So that’s the power of Gifts… unbelievable…”

“Daddy, you’re so cool!”

“Our Papa’s just as cool!”


Among those watching were their children.

Balrath-san’s two sons were there, as well as Perun-san’s daughter.


Actually, all three children had the potential to have [Sword Techniques] as well. However, as they were still too young, they couldn’t be blessed just yet.

I look forward to that day though!


“You two sure have improved a lot. Alright, I expect you two to give your best as well in our hunt later.”

““Yes, Master!!””


The one who condescendingly said so to the two was Selen.

In addition to having [Dual Wield], she had received sword training from a very young age. For that reason, training the two fell on her.

Still, for the two much older men to call a 15-year-old girl ‘Master’, how do I say this, isn’t it a bit odd?



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