Chapter 17: It is recommended that you build a church

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“How are things, Donga-san? Is there anything not to your liking?”

“Hello, village chief. No, we have no complaints at all. How can we when on top of the delicious food, you also provide us with great shelter. Not to mention, we don’t need to worry about all the fighting going on. This place is like paradise to us. All of us are truly grateful.”


A few days had passed since Donga-san’s group arrived.

They seemed to be pleased with their life here in the village, so I as the village chief was happy as well.

Yes, Donga-san and his group were our newest villagers.


There were 44 of them, bringing the total number of villagers to 97. Just a few short of a hundred.

I needed to prepare things for them first though, such as building new terrace houses.

Fortunately, we had an abundance of crops from our harvest, so our food supply shouldn’t be an issue for a while. Just to be on the safe side in the future though, I decided to add 4 new fields.


Much like with Berith-san’s group, majority of Donga-san’s group were women and children. Even among the children, there were more women than men.

I had used Villager Appraisal on them, and designated each of them a job they could do. That said, there were only a few types of jobs available at the moment, so their current duties were likely not the one most suitable for them.

Also, I found out that there were 6 of them who had the potential to have Gifts. Much like before, they needed to receive a blessing first before they could use those Gifts, so it felt like wasting resources, which in turn made me felt frustrated.


Anyway, around the time when Donga-san’s group were beginning to grow accustomed to their life in the village…


“Village Chief! There’s a group approaching the village. They look like refugees as well!”


Another group had come. This time, there were 70 of them.


“What will you do? I know you want to accept them, but that would put us over our current capacity…”



Selen said so, and I couldn’t help but agree.

Because the points I earned daily had increased, there was no problem point-wise. In terms of food too; on top of the grand harvest, Selen and the others were diligently hunting for food as well, so we had a surplus for now.

The issue was space. There just wasn’t enough left to build additional terrace houses, much less fields.


Maybe we can ask households with only a few members to share a unit. Or maybe…


<<If the number of villagers exceed 100, your village will level up again, thus increasing its maximum area.>>

“Oh, is that so?”

<<Yes. For that reason, it is recommended to accept them as villagers.>>


I’ve always wondered this, but on what criteria does this guide bases its recommendation? Moreover, how does it know my exact situation?

At any rate, I did as was recommended and accepted the new refugees as villagers.


<<The 76 people represented by Leon are now villagers.>>

<<Ta-ta-ta-dah! Congratulations! Because you now have more than 100 villagers, your village has become level 4!>>

<<400 village points have been acquired as level up bonus.>>

<<You can now build more kinds of facilities.>>

<<Maximum village area has been increased.>>

<<The village skill [Intruder Detection] has been acquired.>>


Just like the guide said, my village leveled up and expanded its maximum area.

I was somehow able to sense how big my village was now. However, it would seem that the village was now double of its size when it was level 3.

Does that mean that my village doubles in size each level up? Huh? Then it’s possible for it to expand to an absurd degree, right? Hmm, yeah, yeah, no way that’s gonna happen.


Leaving that aside, I checked out the new facilities I could build.


Store:                                                    80

Workshop:                                          80

Public Lavatory:                                80

Rehabilitation Facilities:                 100

Church:                                                150


A store should be a building where a merchant can run their business. Meanwhile, a workshop should be a kind of atelier for craftsmen. Okay, but then what is a public lavatory? Also, a rehabilitation facility?

What I was most curious of all though was the church.


<<It is recommended that you build a church.>>


Almost insisting, the guide recommended so.

Even so, without a priest, there was no meaning in particularly having one. We could use the building for something else, but because it required 150 points to be built, there were far better alternatives.


“Why do you recommend that?”

<<If someone with the potential to receive [Oracle] prays in a church, it’s possible for the Gift to be received.>>

“Huh? Wait, are you saying we don’t’ have to go to another church?”



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  1. laharl8080 said:

    phew, with this he is safe for awhile against the church (religion group).
    the next definitely public lavatory.
    i wonder he will got public bath at level 5 since hygiene is top most priority.


  2. Tutorial : build a church
    Mc : why ?
    Tutorial : deus vult.
    Mc : what ?
    Tutorial : Then retake Jerusalem !
    Mc : wait 2 sec please !
    Tutorial : DEUS VULT !!!!!

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  3. What a useful tutorial system.


    • It’s the voice of his gift… which is connected to an elder god who wants him to gather as many souls as possible for it to symbioticly use.



  4. Muito Obrigado por este capítulo.


  5. thediabolicalgenius said:

    I called it. His village levelled up, church appeared as an option, will let an Oracle get the Blessing automatically. I knew it would be like that.
    I’ve read way too many webnovels………


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    That automatic church a convenient facility.

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