Chapter 132: I do, so building things isn’t something I can do infinitely

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“A bridge…just like that…”


Mitchell-san said so in a daze.


“Ahm, Luke-sama? You seem to be using your Gift quite a lot…but don’t you need points to make those buildings?”

“I do, so building things isn’t something I can do infinitely.”

“Y-yeah, exactly.”                                               

“But, you know, with the number of points I have now, I can build about 10,000 bridges like this one.”



I had just obtained 300,000 village points as a level up bonus, after all. In addition, because I had over 30,000 villagers, I earned more 30,000 village points each day.


Of course, I still had plenty of necessary things to use my points on, so I shouldn’t waste it.

I believed a dam here was among those necessary things.


“Oh, thank you so much, Luke-sama! This’ll make crossing the river so much easier!”


The village chief said so while crying tears of joy.


Apparently, sahagins—which were mermen-type of monsters—were known to appear in this river. Each year, these sahagins attack and slay people who were simply trying to cross the river.

And because being in a small boat in this river was so dangerous, criminals were mostly the only ones tasked with rowing the boats.



After travelling upstream.


“Around here should be good, right?”


<<600 village points will be consumed to build a dam. Proceed? *{Yes}||{No}>>


After I selected yes, a gigantic dam appeared.


“…ha, haha…(*my word, isn’t this ten times larger than what I imagined it would be!?*)”


In front of the gigantic structure that suddenly appeared and stopped the flow of the river, Mitchell-san gave an awfully dry laugh.


Even though it just appeared, the dam was already at half of its capacity. I wonder where all that water came from…can it be that when it said that it automatically adjusts the volume of water, it didn’t mean that it regulates the amount it takes and discharges, but rather that it actually materializes and dematerializes water?

If that was true, no matter how much it rained, the dam would never ever get full.


As absurd as that was, I couldn’t rule it out as impossible.

After all, there seemed to be an endless supply of water from the water wells, houses, and the like. In addition, by using Facility Customization on a moat, I could make the water in it disappear instantly.


“Village chief, this should make it so that you won’t be troubled by floods anymore.”

“Thank you…thank you so much…!”


The village chief went down on his knees as though he was worshipping something and then expressed his gratitude.


At that time though, something made the nearby shrubs rustle. When I turned to look, I saw the figure of a bear nearly 2 meters tall.

As though it was thirsting for blood, saliva dripped from its sharp fangs.

It probably caught our scent and decided to emerge from the deep forest.



“A blood grizzly!?”


Those shouts came from the Mitchell-san’s soldiers who were accompanying us.


“It’s a dangerous monster! We alone might not be enough to…”

“R-run while you still can!”

“No, don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright.”



Ignoring the frightened soldiers for now, I went closer to the bear.




When it leapt at me, I constructed a stone wall. It crashed head first into that wall.

I then reshaped that wall into a golem through Facility Customization and made it hit the stunned bear.




Almost like it understood that it had no chance of winning, it escaped back into the woods while wobbling.


“A-a golem…? Is that…yours, Luke-sama?”

“Yup. It’s, let’s say, an advanced application of my Gift. Thanks to that, I can drive away monsters of that level.”

“(*Eeehhh…doesn’t that make his Gift not only powerful but also very versatile…*)”



“I think that’s about it.”


I had added the entire North to my village, made its citizens my villagers, and linked major areas together.

Due to the surprising number of requests for dams and bridges, it took longer than expected, but what matters was that life in the North should be a tiny bit more comfortable now.


“That said, this just barely covers the absolute basics, so if you think up of something else, feel free to contact me.”

“…thank you…thank you so much.”


In the end, even Mitchell-san thanked me as though he was worshiping something.

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