Chapter 131: Then, I’ll build one for you

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<< Ta-ta-ta-dah! Congratulations! Because you now have more than 30,000 villagers, your village has become level 9!>>

<<30,000 village points have been acquired as level up bonus.>>

<<You can now build more kinds of facilities.>>

<<Maximum village area has been increased.>>

<<The village skill [3D Reposition] has been acquired.>>


By adding the residents of the North as my villagers, my village leveled up.

The new facilities that I could build were as follows:


Freezer (100pts): a facility for keeping the temperature of things like food low, and thus preserving them. It’s possible to adjust the temperature.

Brothel (200pts): a facility for sexual services. Has contraceptive effects. Has an effect that prevents the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases.

Art gallery (300pts): a facility for preserving and also exhibiting works of art. Prevents the deterioration of artworks. Has security features. Improves the villagers’ artistic sensibilities.

Office building (400pts): a facility for officework. Has ten floors. Improves work efficiency, productivity, and also fortune.

Dam (600pts): a facility for river management as well as irrigation. Automatically adjusts the volume of water.


…I feel like the scale of what I can build has gone up by a lot.


In addition to those facilities, I also got [3D Reposition] which was basically a superior Reposition.

Until now, I could only move facilities along the ground. For example, if I wanted to move an apartment building to the other side of a public bathhouse, there must be a route for the apartment building around the said public bathhouse.

Through 3D Reposition though, I could simply move the apartment building over the public bathhouse.


“Which is to say, the apartment building’s going to be up in the air…right? I can tell, even by just imagining it, that that’ll be a sight to behold…”


   ◇ ◇ ◇


While making our way through the other major areas in the North.



“Y-yes. Heavy rains can make the nearby river overflow and submerge this whole place. While a rain like that come only about once every decade, the fact remains that each time it happens, the village and the fields are devastated…”

“I see…”


Sincerely expressing their troubles to Mitchell-san was a certain village chief. That village chief seemed to have come here when he was made aware that the new governor was coming to inspect the nearby area.


Wow, it looks like a chance to build the facility I just acquired is here right away.


“I understand your concerns, I really do, but sorry mister village chief, the cost of building levees of that scale is…well, you know…”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”


“I can build a dam upstream.”

“A dam?”


As though he didn’t recognize the word, Mitchell-san tilted his head.


“Basically, I’ll build something that will block off the water upstream and form a kind of lake. That facility can also discharge water downstream at a controlled rate. Like that, not only will it help in defending against floods, it’ll also help in times of drought.”

“T-that kind of thing’s possible? I mean, I understand the theory, but to do it in that scale…(*surely, even Luke-sama will find it difficult…)”

“Just leave it to me.”

“(*why does he look so confident!?*)”


At that point, the village chief from earlier timidly posed a question.


“Uhm, Sir Governor, might I ask who that person is…?”

“Huh? Oh, did I not say already? Well, he is none other than Luke Albert-sama, son of Marquis Albert.”

“M-Marquis Albert’s son!?”


The village chief then hurriedly knelt in place.


“There’s no need for that. More importantly, may we ask you to guide us to the river?”

“O-of course!”

“Great. I’ll build a road as we go.”

“Huh? A road’s being built on its own…”


After a while of travelling via carriage, I finally caught sight of the river.

It was quite wide and imposing, making it easy to believe that it could submerge the area during a heavy enough rain.


“O-our village’s on the other side.”

“How do you cross the river?”

“Mostly through boats. As you might expect, it’s hard to build a bridge over a river like this…”

“Is that so? Then, I’ll build one for you.”


<<Bridge: a bridge made of reinforced concrete. Durable. Resistant to deterioration. It’s possible to select the type and form of the bridge.>>


In order for the bridge to withstand the surging of water, I planned on using Facility Upgrade to reinforce it further.




Seeing a bridge suddenly appear in front of them out of nowhere, Mitchell-san and the village chief’s jaws dropped.



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12 thoughts on “Chapter 131: Then, I’ll build one for you”

  1. Thanks for the chapters! It’s been a little while but I’ve caught back up. Do you think that it will be possible for Luke to have themes for buildings at some point? Like the building is built with a specific architectural style that fits blends well with the surrounding city?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dinkytinky said:

      I mean woth this kind of ability conquering the world is a piece of cake. Rapid travel, no major supply issues. Talent acquisition.
      The biggest danger is traitors, greed, and jealousy


  2. Where is the king? The prince or princess? Where is the royal family? Where is that cocky Marquise? I’m waiting to see their jaws drop

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  3. well….. this was fun for awhile but now its kinda just the same thing on repeat….

    “OH wow! surely you cant do that!? Oh wait! you can!? please let me serve you so that i may benefit from your power!”

    Then a new person comes on the scene….

    “OH wow! surely you cant do that!? Oh wait! you can!? please let me serve you so that i may benefit from your power!”

    “Is this the seat that sprays water up my butt? Oh wow, thats nice! I would like to stay here as to enjoy this more.”

    lol i mean its kinda funny but its not much of a story.


  4. thediabolicalgenius said:

    How aware is 12yo Luke of what a Brothel is? Does he know what “sexual services” are? Will he discuss with people back home? What will they tell him?
    I can picture the maid saying that he should build one for the villagers, but forbidding him from ever going near it~
    Thanks for the translation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a medieval setting. Kids get married at 12! If not younger! They know what sex is, or at least the basic mechanism. It would be stranger for Luke to NOT know what a brothel is.


  5. Thanks for the new chapter!

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  6. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Everyone: * concerned about the flood*
    Me: BROTHEL !!!

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  7. thanks for the chapter

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  8. thanks for the chapter!!!! the village kingdom is already expanding at an unbelievable rate!!

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  9. Thank you!

    If his father gets wind of all this and does not use it to his advantage, he’d be an absolute idiot. But no doubt after Luke has become a king he’ll still refer to himself as a village head.

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    • Luke’s father is a battle-hungry fool if not an idiot.

      Rather than accepting the Duke title and using the royalty’s influence to help stomp out all the rebellions in the territory he recently conquered, and THEN maybe turn on the crown, he insults and antagonizes the messenger, and openly rebels against the crown. So now he’s got enemies within and without, and has to fight on three fronts, the two duchies and the crown, and he still hasn’t fully pacified the territory he conquered yet.


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