Chapter 311: That’s just the start!

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“There sure are a lot more of them now.”


We had made one corner of the village into a vast farmland for our livestock.

That area, which was filled with barns and pastures, now had noticeably more livestock.


<<Animal barn: A shed for the use of livestock. It speeds up their growth, preserves their health, and strengthens their reproductive abilities.>>

<<Public park: an area where villagers can relax and do some recreational activities. Preserves the villagers’ health and also improves their village bond level.>>


The pastures I mentioned were just repurposed public parks, by the way.


“Well, rather than say there are more livestock, I guess it’s better to say there are more animals mixed in now.”

“Ahh, Chief Luke, thanks for all your hard work.”

“Thanks for all your hard work too, Neruru.”


Neruru was a girl with the [Heart of the Animals] Gift. She was the one managing this place.

Of course, because she alone couldn’t do all the manual work, she had lots of caretakers acting as her support.


“We seem to have so much more animals, don’t we? Other than the livestock, I mean.”

“Yup! We probably have over 50 specie now!”


Initially, we had nothing but the typical livestock: cows, chickens, sheep, and horses. Nowadays, there were a whole lot of other animals like dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, bears, and deer, just to name a few.

Many of these animals weren’t suited to be livestock to begin with, but those that could normally be kept as pets could no longer be due to their new size. This state of affairs was apparently because merchants were fascinated by how big all of the animals raised here could be and thus brought some here and left them in Neruru’s care. Naturally, those animals also ended up growing so much larger than usual.


“Don’t the cats look more like tigers, and the monkeys more like gorillas…”


The bear was over 10 meters in length too, making it almost like a monster. That bear was just a cub when it was brought to the village, but it grew that big already.


“Does the bear not attack the other animals though?”

“Nope! It’s a very good kid, you know!”


Neruru declared so while embracing the bear around its stomach.


“Yup, we’ve been training them properly, after all!”


At that point, a young man brimming with confidence appeared. He was small, had close-cropped hair, and overall gave off a rather homely impression.

He was Hassen. He was a native of the Kaion duchy and moved here after hearing the rumors about the village.


“Every animal here listens to what Hassen says!”

“All thanks to the Gift I received after being blessed!”


The Gift he got was called [Training]. He had always liked animals, and with this power, it was no wonder he was working here.

By the way, it might be called [Training], but it didn’t specify that the targets it could be used on had to be animals. For that reason, it could probably be used on humans…but he had never tested it out to my knowledge.


*(It seems the person himself thinks it can be used only on animals, so better not suggest otherwise, just to be safe.)*

“Hassen, show that to the chief!”

“Ohh! Right!”


While I was thinking like that, I was brought to another location.

The two of them talked with one another for a while, and when I thought to ask them what they were doing, Hassen whistled.

The animals from all over the pasture then gathered to our location. They even formed neat lines.


“Ehh, they’re all lined up so nicely. Like they’re in the army or something…”

“You’re up first, dogs!”


Hassen then gave signal after signal, to which the giant dogs did something for each one. They sat, rose up, and then lied down.



“That’s just the start!”

“It’s the others’ turn now!”


It was one thing for dogs to learn to do tricks, but the other animals—the cows, chickens, cats, and even rabbits—also did tricks upon being signaled by Hassen. Some joined in the jumping rope being held by two monkeys, while some others spun a ball on their heads without it ever falling. There were even some that made use of their cries to make it sound like they were playing some melody.

Gifts were amazing indeed…this was a show that was worth paying for.


I guess I should make that zoo some time soon. If we hold a show with these animals every now and then, we would probably get another attraction for the village.


“We’re also training some aquatic creatures!”

“Please take a look at them too, village chief!!”


…and maybe also an aquarium.

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