Chapter 310: Probably almost like the way plants are alive

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The potion we poured on the sword made of Behemoth material proved to be effective.


“This sword…is alive?”

“Mhm, seems like it. Probably almost like the way plants are alive.”

“Ohh, plants, huh…”


Potions took effect on plants too. When applying some of it to a damaged trunk, it would be mended.

At that, a question popped in my mind.


“Up to which point is something considered a living thing…? Are moss, bacteria, viruses…are microbes considered living things, I wonder?”

“Back terria? Bairuses?”


Dona tilted her head upon hearing my murmuring.

I guess it’s no use asking her that when doesn’t seem know about things like bacteria and viruses.


“At any rate, this material will be useful in magic swords.”

“You’re right! This will definitely overcome the magic swords’ greatest flaw!”

“The magic swords’ greatest flaw?”


Magic swords were special weapons which allowed one to fire off magic spells by simply swinging it. It was supposed to be a weapon of legend, but Dona had been producing them from scratch recently.


“Mhm. Magic swords break after repeated use.”

“Oh, is that so?”


It would seem that while they were powerful, they were also quite fragile.


“But with a material that makes it so that it automatically repairs itself, it can still be used after it breaks, is that right?”

“Mhm. Hence, why I tried to make one.”


Dona then said “ta-dah” but without a change in her expression as she pulled out a new sword from somewhere.


“You already made one!?”

“I really wanted to show it to the chief.”


The sword was apparently a magic sword made with Behemoth materials. It didn’t look much different from any ordinary sword though.


“Let’s begin our experimentation. First, we’ll use it until it breaks.”


When Dona swung the sword at a target, a mass of flames of over 2 meters in diameter flew at great speed.

The mass of flames hit the mark and exploded, sending out flames all over the surroundings as well.

Hot wind also blew my way and I unconsciously used my arm to cover my face.


“That’s so much more powerful than the ones I’ve seen before!”

“Mhm. I’ve improved its power. On the other hand, this one is going to break much more easily.”


After the 4th use, we noticed a crack on the blade.

…on the other hand, the target we were using was still the same one and not a single sign of damage could be seen on it. Which begged the question, just what could it be made from…?


“Maybe two more uses will break it.”


On the 5th swing, the crack grew larger. And on the 6th, the blade was smashed to pieces.


“It broke. So, at this power level, 5 or 6 uses is the limit.”

“We can wait for it to repair itself, but let’s use a potion for now.”


After gathering as much of the blade fragments as we could, we poured the potion on those fragments.

Upon doing so, the fragments began to slowly move toward the other fragments and fuse together. Eventually, the blade returned to its original form. In just about 5 minutes, the blade was repaired to the point where one might believe it never broke in the first place.


“Mhm, it’s restored. Now, let’s try using it again.”


Dona raised the sword and swung it once again.

Just like before, a large mass of flames flew out toward the target.


“It still works! Perfect. This material does indeed allow for a magic sword to be used even after breaking.”


In a rare display of excitement, Dona pumped her fists.

It would seem that at this was the moment, another terrifying weapon was born in the village.


“All that being said, it sure is hot here…”


Due to us experimenting by making large explosions of flames, the temperature inside the workshop had risen to a high level. Doran-san and Dona, who were likely used to the heat due to their smithing work, looked quite composed though.


“Then, let’s cool it down?”


Dona said so and swung a different sword.

Upon doing so, a fierce blizzard emerged and the whole workshop’s temperature plummeted in an instant.


“Cold enough?”

“…to produce those flames and that blizzard so easily…yeah, these are definitely weapons we can’t tell the public about…I don’t mind if you make some of them, but keep their numbers low, alright? And absolutely never sell them.”

“Mhm, understood. *(I want to make lots and lots of those magic swords though…I want to make lots and lots of those magic swords though…I want to make lots and lots of those magic swords though…haa, haa)*

“You’re breathing quite heavily; are you alright…? More importantly, are you sure you’ll be able to restrain yourself?”

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