Chapter 309: What, the sword’s moving!?

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The other cut of organ flesh regenerated itself up to a size it would have been if it had fused with the burnt cut.


“That means as long as there is a part that can regenerate itself, the Behemoth could resurrect itself, doesn’t it……”

“Indeed. On the other hand, thanks to this property, we can indefinitely make use of Behemoth materials.”

“I see.”


Obviously, not only its meat and internal organs but also its bones, hide, and other parts also had this property.


“Moreover, we also discovered that the Behemoth’s internal organs could be used in making that concoction, the elixir!”



The elixir was a legendary medicine that could regrow lost body parts and cure congenital disorders plus various illnesses. The elves had accidentally discovered how to make it some time ago, but in fear that war would break out specifically for the elixir, we decided to hold off on the manufacturing of the elixirs.


“If I’m not mistaken, didn’t we say not to mass-produce it because, even though we knew of the recipe, we would need a large amount of materials…?”

“That’s where the Behemoth materials come in. Not only will it make the whole process easier, it will also allow us to mass-produce elixirs!”

“We can mass-produce them…”


We were afraid a small supply of elixirs would cause others to compete over it, but if we could mass-produce it, would that mean wars wouldn’t occur…?


“Nah, it’s better avoid making unnecessary friction.”

“But Luke-dono! Even if other kingdoms were to attack us, our village right now can easily turn the tables on them!”

“Do you really want to mass-produce them that much?”


I stared directly at Leonius-san, but he slowly turned his gaze away.


“Well, you can’t, alright? I mean, I don’t mind if you make some, but keep their numbers low and absolutely keep it a secret, you hear?”

“Understood. *(even though I want to mass-produce them and make a grand sale…even though I want to mass-produce them and make a grand sale…even though I want to mass-produce them and make a grand sale… haa, haa)*

“You’re breathing quite heavily though! Are you sure you’ll be able to restrain yourself!?”






“Chief Luke, we were able to make some fantastic weapons with those Behemoth materials!”


Dolan, the leader of the dwarves, excitedly informed me so.


“Believe it or not, the weapons we made gradually repair themselves!”


The dwarves, being great smiths, were given the Behemoth bones and hides.

It would seem that weapons and equipment made with those materials had a self-repair property.


I followed Dolan-san to their workshop. There, Dona, a girl with the [Weapon Craftsman] Gift, pointed my attention to a certain weapon.


“Mhm, observe,”


Dona hit a sword on the desk with a hammer and broke it into two.


“Normally, repairing this would have been hard, but now, even if we just left it be, it’ll repair itself…”


Dolan-san said so, but that didn’t mean it would repair itself right away. We still had to wait a while.


“Mhm, this would take about a whole day.”

“It’ll take some time, but it’s amazing, so please watch it!”


They don’t intend to make me watch it here for a full day, do they? I’m unfortunately not that free, so I’ll just have a body double…


At that moment, I had an idea.


“…uhm, how about we pour some potion on it? It might not speed it up, but let’s give it a try first, shall we?”


And so, we applied some potion onto the broken sword.


“What, the sword’s moving!?”

“It’s, it’s repairing itself so quickly!”



Without anyone putting in any force, the top and bottom part of the broken sword moved closer to each other and joined together. We continued to watch as the gaps between the pieces gradually disappeared and the blade returned to its original form.


“What? What’s the meaning of this? Potions only work on living beings…so, does that mean this sword is alive…?”


It would seem our village had given birth to an absurd sword.

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