Chapter 308: That can’t be mere coincidence

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“Luke-dono, we’ve discovered something astonishing!”


That day, Leonius-san hastily ran up to me.

He was Philia-san’s father and the elves’ former patriarch. For the first time in decades, he and his wife were expecting another child. In fact, the child should be born soon.


“Hmm? Have you found out what the baby’s gender is?”

“How can we find that out before the baby’s even born!? No, this obviously about the Behemoth materials we obtained!”

“The Behemoth materials?”


After defeating it in the desert, we brought the Behemoth’s corpse to the village and dismantled it. Its internal organs were handed over to the elves. Elves were our forefront experts on making medicines such as potions, so we all thought they would be able to make good use out of those materials.


“Before using it in potion-making, we decided to investigate the materials for things like its properties and such…upon doing so, we came to know of one such unbelievable property.”

“A-and that is…?”

“Please follow me to the workshop so I could explain better.”


We thus headed to the elves’ potion-making workshop.

<<Workshop: A workplace that can be used for things like fine arts, industrial arts, blacksmithing, and dressmaking. Improves one’s creativity, one’s skills, and the quality of the product.>>


“Luke-dono, please observe. This is a portion of an internal organ from the Behemoth.”


Leonius-san said so as he placed a cut of organ flesh on top of a table used for experimentation.


“And this is another. Actually, these two were originally joined together. And when we place them near each other like this…do you understand now?”

“Woah…they’re moving!?”


The two cuts of organ flesh both began moving closer to each other, as though they were magnets.


“It’s easy notice now that they’re this close to each other, but they seem to exhibit this property of moving toward one another little by little even when they are apart.”

“So, you mean to say that if we left them be, they will stick to each other on their own?”

“Exactly. It’s our theory that once every part of the Behemoth have eventually fused together to the point the Behemoth is back to its original form, it will be revived.”


We had thought that dismantling the monster would be enough to prevent it from resurrecting, but that apparently wasn’t the case. It was, without a doubt, a frightening monster.


“That is not all that we have discovered.”


Just when I was wondering what that could be, Leonius-san produced out of nowhere a hammer and swung it down on one of the cuts of organ flesh.

When Leonius-san lifted the hammer, what was revealed was a flattened cut of organ flesh.


“Even when squashed like this, the Behemoth part will soon revert to its previous state if nothing else is done. And, when we sprinkle a little potion on it…”


Leonius-san then added a little bit of an elven-brand potion into the cut of organ flesh.

In what was almost a blink of the eye, I saw the squashed organ flesh revert to it original shape.

This was by no means an ordinary phenomenon. In most situations, if one were to apply a potion on a damaged part of a monster corpse, that part would not be restored to its original form.

Potions had no effect on the dead, after all. To say nothing of fixing a part that had been separated from the main body.


“Does that mean that cut of organ flesh is, by itself, considered alive…?”

“Yes. However, the real interesting thing is this…”

“There’s still more?”


This time, the cut of organ flesh that wasn’t smashed with a hammer was held over a flame.


“If we do this and then apply some potion…”


When that cut of organ flesh was burnt to the point that it resembled charcoal, Leonius took it out of the fire and applied some potion into it. Unlike before, it wasn’t restored to what it was originally.

This was apparently the way to make recovery harder.


“However, let’s look back on the other cut. Apply some potion on it again and…”

“How can that be…”


When the potion was poured on the unburnt cut, it slowly swelled and expanded until it was about double in size.


“Please look at it. Wouldn’t you say it’s about the same size as the two cuts from earlier? That can’t be mere coincidence.”

“So, does it mean if a cut of organ flesh senses that its counterparts are gone, it will regenerate itself as though those lost counterparts are now fused to it?”

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