Chapter 307: So why is it us who are getting the benefits?

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“With all that weight, it won’t be able to resurface once we drop it into the sea, will it?”


Through the use of 3D Reposition, I could move the Behemoth somewhere else. I was thinking of bringing it to the sea and drown it there, but I reconsidered after realizing I wouldn’t have any peace of mind until it was confirmed dead. It being a legendary monster, there was a real possibility that it wouldn’t die from drowning. It might even have some kind of resuscitation ability.


“Then, how about if we keep attacking it until it’s dead?”


I made the facilities inside of it move up and down; I had it make loops; and even scatter to different directions. Each time, the Behemoth cried in anguish.


“I, I somehow kinda pity it now…”

“Against the chief-chan, even legendary monsters are nothing.”


That was all fine and well, but the Behemoth was still alive.

It really did have incredible endurance.


“How about if I sharpen the facilities?”


I used Facility Customization to compress each of the facilities within and turned them into spear-like structures.


“And if I move it this way…”



The Behemoth cried out remarkably louder.

Good, it sounds like it’s working.


I had stabbed the Behemoth with the sharpened facilities. As to be expected, its insides were much softer than its exterior.

I stabbed it up, down, left, and right many times over. Until, finally, its cries no longer had any strength to it. Its snout dangled down limply, and a large amount of sand was being discharged from its mouth and said snout as though it was frothing.


“Is it dead?”

“Nope, I can still feel some life from it. But it’s so weak, I’d say it’s nearly there.”

“Then, let’s deal the finishing blow.”


I made one of the rampart-turned-spears rotate and then made it drill itself into the base of the Behemoth’s neck.

After a while, the spear tore through hard meat and skin. As soon as I saw a part of it exit the body, I made it stop. I mean, just the sight of it seemed so painful.


“It looks like it’s finally dead now.”


 ◇ ◇


“The Behemoth was once slain by a hero. However, it is also said that when its corpse was left as it was, it gradually revived itself. As a solution, those ruins were built and had a powerful seal applied to it. Supposedly, even if the Behemoth had fully revived within, it wouldn’t have been able to see the light of day ever again.”


The legends passed down in the Enbala kingdom made it more plausible that the Behemoth would someday resurrect itself again.

And so, I thought our village should take care of the gigantic remains of the Behemoth.


“““Whaatttttt’s thaattttttt!?”””


When we brought back the giant elephant to the village through air travel, the villagers were more shocked than when we brought back the giant shark.


“As long as we dismantle it, it shouldn’t revive, right?”


I thought so and asked the village craftsmen to work together to dismantle the Behemoth.


Due to its size as well as its incredibly tough skin and flesh, the task of dismantling it was bound to be more than challenging, but the village’s amazing craftsmen gradually disassembled the monster.

Unfortunately, the flesh was too tough to be used as an ingredient in cooking. The skin and bones, however, could be used by the dwarves as valuable materials for weapons. Moreover, the internal organs were used by the elves in making medicine.


 ◇ ◇


“Why is there a ridiculous monster here!?”


After seeing the gigantic elephant monster lying on the ground, Dora the dragon girl shouted so in shock.

The giant shark she saw in the village before was as large as her in her dragon form, but the monster before her now was nearly 10 times larger than that.

Most shocking of all was that this monster was defeated and being dismantled by the humans.


“Humans really are scary…I have to make sure to never antagonize them…”


 ◇ ◇


By taking back the oasis from the sand raiders and also defeating the Behemoth, peace was restored to the desert kingdom of Enbala.


“We owe all of this to you. Truly, thank you.”


As a show of her gratitude, Queen Maribel wanted to give me a reward in the form of a treasure that was passed down in the royal family through the generations. I politely turned it down.


“You don’t have a need for the treasure, I see…then, how about peerage?”

“I don’t need any other titles.”


The king of Celtia once offered me a non-inheritable noble title, but I made my refusal clear by stating that I could only ever be a village chief.


“But then what could we do for you!? If we don’t offer you a reward of some kind after all you’ve done for us, our kingdom’s honor would be stained!”

“Hmm. Then, is it alright to extend our underground railways all the way here?”

“Your underground railways…?”


At first, it would just be to increase the interactions between the wasteland village and this kingdom. However, if all went well, that would eventually lead to active trade between Enbala and Celtia.

Moreover, if we were to dedicate a line from the capital of Celtia to the capital of Enbala, then one would be able to reach many of Celtia’s major cities in just a few hours.

And once word of those things about Enbala get out, then it was likely that the other desert nations would want to trade with Celtia as well. If we were to extend the railway system throughout the desert in accordance to that desire to trade, then that would lead to the desert nations to interact with each other more.

The desert merchants who had to brave the dangerous desert each day would surely weep in joy after finding out they could now travel to and from safely and quickly.


“…wait a minute. The whole point was to reward you, so why is it us who are getting the benefits?”

“It’s best not to worry about the minor details.”

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